Notes on 11-30-14 Imminent Threat

Another attack, another Spider, enough already, this message was confusing and we are determined to get some clarity assuming we have time to do so. Last time Spirit predicted an ‘imminent threat’ it happened 3 days later. Take caution, either way expect something to happen very soon.

“An attack is imminent! Its coming now.. 3”
I had a visual of the number 3 in a square.
Each time I asked ‘where’ it was a different answer making it very confusing.
‘Canada Ontario’
‘UK.. England’
‘Previous prediction.. look at our past workings’

The Previous Predictions:

Notes on 6-29-14  “3.. Boston.. college.. attack.”

Notes on 9-24-14  “Turkey they have plans to attack you in the worst way, prepare yourself.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of massive smoke everywhere, nothing was in view except the smoke. (Smoke in the past represented destruction) I had a visual of terrorist holding a string of VX nerve agent, the visual showed small neon green gum ball sized spheres attached to a metal plate. They had several strands. They showed a man drop off a box in a busy city, there was a fountain in the background and then he put on a helmet and walked away, then smoke exploded everywhere. The visual switched and “Intelligent Agents” as spirit called them cleared a path of rubble.
I asked where?
They implied Turkey and said the word ‘Capitol’ as the first target, but they had a second plan for Qatar over the sea. They also had separate plans that did or did not involve VX with:
Russia, plan unclear
Amsterdam or Netherlands, I had a visual of a young man kicking a soccer ball
Boston or the North East US, but they had issues finding the best path through.
They showed a man on a bike or moped bike, waiting to cross a desert border. I assume that is Turkey
“Such an absolute horror
Stuck, Stuck
They acted like wild animals
Turkey now thrusted into war”

Other possible places based on historical predictions would be Norway or the Netherlands, click on this post for details: Terror Attack Warning  And Notes on 11-12-14 Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack

101 thoughts on “Notes on 11-30-14 Imminent Threat

  1. There seems to be a new trend for them. They show an event through a prediction and then remind us of it as the timing draws closer. They did that for Kansas too. Now this terror threat, but we have so many different predictions its difficult to say which.

    1. Ok, here goes…. Could the “black spiders” be Turkish terrorist who migrated to the UK, then to Ottawa and from there into the US?
      Maybe, the reason they mention all these diff cities and countries because these terrorist are EVERYWHERE and find it easy to enter diff countries because they have the ability to do so…. The world is very fluid, and the fear of targeting a group of people is greater than our fear of being attacked is.
      I am wondering if these terrorist are hiding within the Fergoson protestors not only in MO but all over the US. Didn’t Boston just have a huge protest this past week? Sorry for the long post.

    2. Eric does it seem that there is a three month interval inbetween these terrorist predictions? 6/29/14, 9/24/14, 12/??/14. I still have the “three is key” stuck in my head… I can’t really say why. It does seem as though the three in the square would be a date.

    1. hey anthony,
      all of us have different gifts of how to accomplish the same goal. Sort of like the former TV show ‘Heroes’ where every character had a different superpower talent. Definitely use your way and see what/where it leads as it may help Eric and all of us fill in those holes. For some people, ‘signs’ may be when one mentions a particular random thing like “pastel m&m’s” and then an hour later you happen to look down on the ground and see a pastel m&m during a season when m&m does not make them. Another person may only have the gift of seeing auras whereas another may have the gift of perception of a stranger. Being aware of our surroundings,we are able to be in touch with those protecting us from the other side. Or this is just my humble opinion.
      Speaking of weather, I watched the PBS documentary series called Dust Bowl on Netflix last night. It reminded me so much of how Mother Nature is correcting itself from the mistakes we humans have made. Humans were the cause of the Dust Bowl and if it weren’t for Roosevelt assigning a guy to go back to teaching old ways of farming, the Dust Bowl would have never died down and our entire nation would have eventually been like the Sahara as the Sahara used to be fertile. It made me think that the Egyptians may have over populated and extended their crops as we did just before the Dust Bowl. And must of Egypt was buried in feet of sand to be lost forever. Just an interesting thought.

      1. Funny, I was just talking about m&m’s about half an hour ago – the context was the Santa commercial whereby the m&m’s and Santa faint when they bump into one another. Funny commercial!

      2. Thank you Jon for the insight. I watched that Dust Bowl on the Weather or History channel previously also. It was great! I can’t imagine living through that. Unbelievable film footage I thought.

    1. Thanks for the article Colin. I noticed it speaks of the likelihood of terrorist cells using women. It reminded me of Spirit saying previously that “Vickey is the enemy”. I am pretty sure that was the name. I will need to look back through and find the specific post though. Perhaps another one of us remembers?

  2. Perhaps it will occur in multiple places at the same time? Sometimes terroirist attacks are time to occur simultaneously in different locales.

  3. Eric,

    I’m tired of “spiders” too but like you always say, they are necessary in hopes of change. however, what would you think about having one positive prediction day a week where you ask spirit for some good news coming up, sort of like a mental cleansing for you, us, and everyone involved?

  4. I see. but just like the other day when you said about the epidemic which may come in 2 years, could you ask Spirit, “Spirit, can you tell us the BEST events that will come to the world, we are given such terror can you show us some hope for the years to come to the world and its people?

  5. i had the dream about the bridge. its two school buses one at each end targeting support beams. This was awhile ago. Seems someone who was planning this stopped and now back on.

    1. I also have visions of bridges going down a little while ago.
      It also looks like we are being but on alert nationally. There was a plane issue the other day where a bomb threat was called in.

      Eric why did you stop doing the you tube clips? Might be an easier way of getting the message out there these days since people are always on their phones and searching for a video to watch. Might get the right people watching.

      1. We actually have plans, just thoughts right now, of working on videos that show each message back to back, exactly like they present it, as a message from Spirit, to do that I would need someone very creative to make it and more money to put it together. So don’t discount it just yet, but that’s an expensive project.

      2. I wonder if anyone in this group has those kinds of expertise in the video making department that could help you out with that..maybe someone who is on the west coast around you. I wish I could offer but I know little about video stuff and I’m not close at all on the east coast. You do this stuff for us for free it would only be right if we could help you out…anyone on here good at making this sorta thing happen?

      3. I wonder if anyone in this group has those kinds of expertise in the video making department that could help you out with that..maybe someone who is on the west coast around you. I wish I could offer but I know little about video stuff and I’m not close at all on the east coast. You do this stuff for us for free it would only be right if we could help you out…anyone on here good at making this sorta thing happen

      4. have you ever checked Eric you can hire people to do video editing for cheap from like $5-25

      1. Anthony, updated
        info 2010,2012. 2 foiled attacks planned for Chicago..
        Willis tower.. Very close to what “we picked up” interesting confirmation.,Will they try again?
        See.,Subsequently, two foiled bomb plots in Chicago were orchestrated by undercover FBI agents posing as terrorist co-conspirators: The 2010 Wrigley Field backpack bombing attempted by Sami Samir Hassoun; and a 2012 Jeep-bomb attempt by Adel Daoud.

      1. Star 48, I think one of the Jan dates celebrates Muhammed’s birthday. Didn’t Eric’s prediction of Assads downfall/demise mention it would happen during a celebration/festival for Muhammed? …

        1. Hi Omarie,
          checking the Muslim calender for 2015. Jan 3,2015 is His birthday.. 5 days later the Shia celebrate.Milad un Nabi(sp?)
          Hope this helps..Blessings

  6. Calling all my angels and guides. Arch angel michael and arch angel metatron. please create hail over cities that are being targeted to pin point locations over the next three days. Create other unusual weather disturbance to help from a sign above FOR THE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.. Bring people planning attack to higher authorities. let it be written. let it be done.
    We’ve been told that five planes are being targeted in a high profile hit before Christmas. They’ve been waiting for the big one,” a high-ranking airport security source told the Sunday Express

  7. For prediction 17: The Bridge Attack. They mention a bridge on the west Coast around the anniversary, and number 25. Could this be refering to Jesus “celebrated’ Birthday for Christians?

    1. This is an old school prediction so don’t put to much into the numbers. Now days numbers are usually pretty dead on like the 55 / 55% for Scotland vote, back then they weren’t very accurate and had a tendency to be overly cryptic.

  8. Could the details of some type of terror attack happening while fireworks are going off during a celebration under, “Terror Attack Warning”, be referring to the New Years Eve Celebrations which are coming up? Did we have the number 31 in a square recently?

    1. I mentioned this a while back, when I went back and read previous posts
      to see if anything popped out, when I read the post refering to fireworks ect. New Years Eve came to me.

  9. There is an American psychic named Elizabeth Joyce who said on a Hamilton radio station (I believe in the fall sometime, day after Ottawa attack) said there was another attack coming before the end of the year. (RCMP has changed it’s mind about releasing to the public Bibeau’s personal video he made on his phone) Wondering if connected. She said there is a ‘cell’ in Ottawa and the authorities are watching them and will end up hunting them down.

  10. Eric just curious if the Spirits have mentioned anything on earthquakes lately. For some reason I kept thinking of earthquakes when I’d go back and look at the previous predictions for researching this Post here. Then I saw the 10/4/14 prediction for an earthquake in N California. The, “Wed”, “1 left”, makes me think of Wednesday the 3rd of Dec.

  11. Erics visions regarding terrorist acts. The stadium…bleachers…fireworks…boston…black socks…white ball rolling from one metal pole to another. July 4th 2015 is a home game of the Boston Red sox-fenway park. There’s your fireworks…there’s your white ball rolling in the field (it was hit outfield and rolled on field). Fans looking up and cheering. The black socks? Black represents death:(

    1. The ball already happened. The rolling ball between two polls followed by an explosion, take a look at: Suicide Attack at Volleyball Tournament posted Nov 23rd. Very ugly, it could be the bleachers too but there are no details that say one way or another. But you could be right for firework explosion.

    1. Exactly! There is a new one now! A giraffe. Any thoughts on that location? I have learned its not always symbolic so I should have noted what type of bird, because they talked about a large earthquake by the ‘pineapple’ and I did not post it because I was hoping to ask for better clarity, but in the back of my head I am thinking about the letters p I n e… are they talking about the Philippines? Then the earthquake happened in the ocean around the Philippines. So another earthquake, its location, a picture of a Giraffe, his neck and head. I did ask whats with the complication and they did have a good reason, which was to create symbols for different locations, just like the Spider. Keep in mind I do distant predictions that aren’t posted so making a symbol for a location makes sense because what is currently Russia won’t be that in the far future.

      1. Eric, 2 possibilities – 1. North Island, New Zealand.
        2. Italy
        After looking at Google earth – searching at different angles.
        I would be interested in your thoughts…

          1. Eric, the shape of the land masses,,,long neck /head..
            You mentioned that some sprits have a differant idea ,eg phone/brick. Italy is known as the boot, (to us)maybe not for them.
            Also found earthquake notice. When I noticed in the picture ;it also could be neck and head off Panama . It just happened …
            . I used Google earth and looked at the earth landmass 360 degrees. (Italy/NZ) I would send you the perspectives ,,,I do not know how to do that.. (Old school/ still neophyte)

      2. Eric, I just saw the weather storm center description out in California happening now described as the “Pineapple Express”. This is a rare meteorological event. Stay safe.

  12. Eric,
    Just announced Boston College will play penn state in the Pinstripe bowl in Yankee stadium..dec 27th Boston college attack?

      1. Eric,
        again Penn state plays Boston college in the Pinstripe bowl dec 27 (around the sacred holiday) in yankee stadium (close to the twin towers) december 27th is a saturday (the weekend by weeks end) penn state wears black cleats and black socks,, please please ask spirits for clarification or anyone around NY please try to alert someone
        Dave says:
        December 10, 2014 at 11:02 AM
        I really think this might be it Eric, …can you PLEASE check? i think we can stop this..please get the word out

      1. Here are the email addresses for everyone involved in athletic adminstration at BC and PSU if we can all email them, be respectful and curteous with the subject Pinstripe bowl safety -terrorism maybe that will get a message across that they will at least be villgillant,,,,,

        We can stop this guys, we can accomplish the goal of this site, please help!

        1. Thanks for the info Dave. Also another possibility, I read a while back that some of these terrorist groups wear black socks. It actually said it was mandatory. Comply or else sort of thing. Evil people. When this post first came out about possible terror attack in the Boston/Northeast area, I emailed the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Boston PD, etc. Hopefully they are paying attention. Hopefully any attack can be foiled. Eric does have a prediction on some being foiled. Blessings.

  13. Eric,
    thats the three, the bowl game.(previous prediction) then an attack in london and canada! please everyody send those emails if you can alert higher ups, we should do what we can to get the game delayed..PLEASE

    1. I could swear I had a prediction about a fire like this, and a hero that went back to help people. I don’t think its connected to 11-30 that doesn’t entirely fit. I will keep looking.

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