Notes on 11-17-14

At the time I was asking Spirit to clarify South Africa, but they never verified this message for South Africa:

I had a visual of several missing children. Multiple different groups where searching for the children. Then they showed the children most of which were teenagers,  in glass cages and dirt floors, they were separated like cattle.  The children where found but quickly became violent, they began shooting in all directions. The perpetrator was taken into a room with a dirt floor, there was a  guerrilla in the background and the Virgin Mary slowly floated down with her arms open ready to embrace him, then at the last second she closed her arms and roared at him like a wild beast, to which the man  disintegrated.

I had a visual of a paper snowman in the window of a house (Timeframe: Holiday Season)

Eric’s Comments: Clearly the prediction is very symbolic. I can’t speak to how symbolic the first half is but it is clear at the end the villain is shown no mercy. Now we will ask about Argentina which was also pointed out by Spirit.


20 thoughts on “Notes on 11-17-14

  1. Hi Eric. Did you get the feeling that the missing children had to do with the Boko Haram group or a past prediction, or is this totally new?

  2. Hmmm … sounds like the child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. The truth will come out and the Holy Mother will rid the church of this vile evil.

  3. I had a dream this past summer that I didn’t think much of it and I didn’t remember until last month and it’s been bothering me since then. It was a white Christmas Day, and I was outside with my family listening to a group of people sing a Christmas song which I believe was the Carol of Bells. I felt such a joy and I remember I had this big smile on my face, but it quickly changed when all of the sudden I heard an explosion. It was scary; I was shocked, scared, I remember people around me screaming, and falling. I was debating on posting this dream or emailing Eric since last month; I just didn’t know what to do until I read your post today. I felt this pressure in my heart I just truly hope this won’t happen.

  4. Hi Eric. I was just wondering about the part where you say they quickly became violent. Are you saying the kids themselves became violent and started shooting or the person/persons holding these children? Blessings

  5. Eric do you think maybe it was showing the kids tried to fight back. Here in Illinois they have “shooter” “lock down” drills and some schools are encouraging fighting back.


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