Notes on 11-15-14

I had a visual of words written, ‘terror’ then ‘terrorist’. I had a visual of a Spider crawling down, his legs were brown and thin.

I had a visual of a map that pointed to South Africa, but earlier they mentioned Argentina.

“Times up.”

I had a visual of numbers counting down 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. (an event between the 16th-18th)

I asked Spirit where are the new predictions? I had a visual I walked into the garage and all the Spirits where building, some where putting new tiles on the floor, others where hammering panels into the wall, the conductor was looking intently at blue prints in the corner. I was walking towards him when one of the Spirits looked up at me from the floor saying “Hey Eric get off the floor, I am working here”

Eric’s Comments: I need to ask for more details on the Spider. Its unclear if South Africa is the location or the start of another prediction. I need to bring clarity while racing the clock. As noted in the vision the Spirits are working on something that is infringing on the flow of information.

I also believe this message: “I had a visual of a highway completely cracked and broken up.” might be related to the 7.3 Indonesia earthquake which we failed to complete.

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  1. Eric,
    I sent you information on the earthquake via email., at 8:41 p.m. Yesterday
    How is that a failure? I do not understand..

  2. Brown thin legs? Spider, something creeping around on the 16 or 18th? How about Obama with the thin brown legs, called by Dr. Manning, greatdaddy long legs himself. Muslims creeping and crawling into our nation to attack us by ambush. Muslims and suppoters of the Muslim brotherhood are in very high places in our government. Terrorist attacks? Huuummmm…..

  3. I forgot to mention to all to please look at the definition of Spider in the Glossary. Also some other key mentions are the number 12. The number 12 was mentioned several times.

  4. On Nov 1 my grandfather in spirit told me during my meditation that they were building a little town next to their town. He joked about it saying my grandmother wasn’t thrilled about it because they were on the end and she loves the quite. He told me their was something big about to happen and that the last time he had seen this kind of construction was when 9/11 happened. Like they were getting a mother load of spirits all coming at the same time. He did tell me it was going to be bigger then 9/11. No time frame or locations. I had asked how long it would take to build a whole city up there and he said about 2 weeks your time like it was no sweat to build a huge city.
    I am glad I am keeping a journal so I can verify that some of us are seeing things that line up. It isn’t how you seen it, but your vision makes sense to me with what I have been told and seen. But I do feel like there are important pieces missing to this one.
    I do feel like spirits are latching on to their love ones here, guiding them, like something big is going to happen.
    I was going to try and stay quite for a little bit on here but I can’t help but to share this stuff when it feel the connection to my visions.

    1. Michelle – when did you receive this message? Interesting how several of us have received messages from our grandfathers, huh? I can see why you chose to share this now.

      1. Ya my grandfather has always been close to me in spirit. He was the first spirit I seen when I was a kid. He died when I was just 8 months old to but he has never left my side. I like to think of him as my strength.
        But very interesting that grandfather’s are coming threw. Back in their days they were the strength of the family maybe why.

      2. Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, the grandfathers were strong leaders in families in yesteryear, but frankly, my grandmother was a very strong person for the family! But, my grandfather seems to be one of my guardians or something. Let us know if you get more messages. I am concerned about your vision’s content. The timeframe puts spirit readying heaven for multitudes as right now!

    2. Dear Michelle,
      As you know my experience I have shared. You really hit the nail on the head. That my grandpa and grandma are latched on to me so tightly. As was witnessed in my dreams with them that got be out of Chicago and told not to return until “after”. I saw “after” as an earthquake, but I keep thinking that was a metaphor for an attack maybe. Ever since my near death experience, I can’t shake off the waves of intuition. I realize they are a gift from the Creator. Just last week, I was walking across our church parking lot with two new friends. I accidentally blurted out “accident”. It just kinda came out of my mouth and at that second I really didn’t know why I said it other than it flashed across my brain like a moving picture. Then within 15 seconds a car driving down the street just plowed into a parked car a block away totaling both cars. I did not see the car as it was out of my sightline but I felt it. We all heard the crash. My two friends jaw dropped and asked “how did I know”. I just started to cry because I didn’t and still don’t have an answer. I am so grateful we were still walking through the parking lot and not even close to crossing the street. So our guides must be protecting each of us.
      I remember my grandpa and grandma in those dreams saying that Obama had tried his best but the stalemate from the evil right wing greed was far greater. (btw, my grandpa was a staunch right wing republican when he died. In heaven he was very apologetic about that in his judgement. That God was love and every religion should just be about loving and growing and casting all judgement aside, then helping others no matter if they are Christian, Muslim, Jew or non-believer. He said the far right is where the evil is coming from as they are the ones that force war in the name of greed of oil, power, etc masked behind the ideals of freedom.) Civil unrest is coming, he repeated three times. I remember the fear in my heart. I felt I needed to hide under my blankets with my little doggies or hide in my little church. But he reminded me I would be safely secluded from it in San Diego as I would be surrounded by the might of our military. I didn’t even know San Diego was a military town until I moved here.
      So keep going with your meditations. We will keep each other in our prayers and thoughts as we continue to help Eric and Spirits make this a beautiful place.

      1. jon blue thank you for sharing,what you feel. please find COMFORT, knowing that all of us live on, and that ALL our relatives, are nearier to us, and to care and help us so! please, don’t fear, all the negative stuff, when, it is our time, to go home, how JOYFUL, it is, that we get to be with all those, who went home, before us! someday days, this one, thought, is what keeps me going, all day, when things are not going well. let this, fill your heart, and spirit! this is one of the gifts, from spirit and GOD. let us all do good, try to help, when we can, and always know, that we all live on, free from negative stuff, and ALWAYS surrounded by love……….

      2. I agree with obama. I really wish ppl would stop hating him he is a good soul and wants the best for all of us.
        I also agree with everything else you said as one of my meditation I was told to get out ( for my protection) just then I seen a man on a white horse. I didn’t know anything about the four horsemen I started researching and we are def in place. Do I think the world is ending no not at all. But do I think we are in for a ride yes…not a ride we will enjoy.
        I do think things are going to be hard to stop now. But at least maybe ppl being aware and observing can stop some of it.

      3. That is interesting about grandfather’s coming through in meditation. I have been meditating for years and occasionally I have a good connection. I am still working on consistency. That being said recently during times when I have had a good connection my grandfather; who passed away abouy 20 years ago, always stands out in the crowd and says sorry. I have been wondering why he is the one speaking to me. Still don’t know why he has been saying sorry..

      4. Hi Jon, I wonder how many of us get messages from deceased relatives and loved ones? Maybe it happens all the time, but we are those who are more sensitive to these things. Pretty amazing about your blurting out “car crash” and the it happened. Your friends were probably stunned! I’ve had similar incidents, but few as immediate. I also tend to agree about the far right segment of American politics. The civil unrest piece has me worried, too. That to me is the most disconcerting piece of your messages from your grandfather. The fact that he repeated it three times makes me even more concerned. Should we be stocking up on food and survival stuff? Makes me wonder.

      5. Thank you for your kind words, Allen. I do not fear my death as I already was briefly in heaven. I just am not ready to go because I really want to raise my two small dogs and spend more time with my friends and build the life grandpa said would happen. But it was that what would go on in the rest of the world was scary because there are people I love very deeply there. Its why what he said resonated. There is also that sense of guilt that comes with visions as it goes with survivor’s guilt.
        Michelle, I agree. The world is just going to be a ride the next ten years, I feel. Then it may smooth out for a bit. I did sense a time of peace was coming within my lifetime for a while. Who knows other than this was where grandpa said I would be best to be for a while. Allen is right that we must spend our time doing good by volunteering for good things that help everyone and don’t separate us. I don’t do Salvation Army because they have restrictions on LGBT and other groups. I go for organizations that really give help in a loving nonjudgmental manner. That is what I think will make our visions not seem like such a hardship as we see those around us smile when we help them.
        A, yes my friends were very stunned, as was I. It took a good deal to process the experience. I am still trying to process it. I think if you are hearing your grandpa say “I’m sorry”, reply back outloud “I forgive you and love you very much. You are at peace. Guard and guide me”.
        Lia, I am not a prepper of things as I follow that God will provide and always has. I do keep backstock of gallons of water. So good to hear from you as always. I wish we could nail this next year down through Spirit and Eric and the things we all see as if they can be connected. Everyday I pray for each one of my good friends, and this board and each of you that you are kept safe and feel love around you and get to giggle often. I also pray for our president and our country that we continue to be protected and also continue to grow in love and respect for each other. Namaste, all! Keep posting more Eric!!!!

  5. thank you michelle, for sharing your post! another great loss of life is coming,animals and the weather, is not right….. I like to believe, that prayers, can change this, but sometimes, people, choose a different road, please pray, for the world, everyone, is now on high alert. it only takes something small to grow soo big overnight…… I wish, sometimes I could see and feel, GOOD things,but I guess, we are shown, things early, because we sometimes can change things, or try to be prepare,for stuff…………please also pray for the president, he was put into office, for a higher mission, most people, do not know this, but he is not done yet……much love to the president and America! and a big thank you to eric…….

  6. Please keep us informed about what’s going to happen in South Africa as my family are there and what worries me you said in my prediction someone close to me will be involved with a natural disaster I am really concerned not as I saw this prediction . I pray they stay safe thanks for informing us maybe we can help in some way

  7. eric, i got these warnings a bit ago. about a spider…. never had it pop up like that for me before. I had followed your blog a bit a while back so when i was shown a spider, i KNEW automatically what it was about. that and seeing 911 9/11 9:11 everywhere!! i get spoken to in very different ways, not through meditation.. mostly through numbers, media and symbols…like a connect the dots rabbit trail. Anyway, stumbled back upon your page today by no accident of course. i shoud have sent you this video weeks ago, but i hope this helps you, maybe a little more info? or makes an epiphany happen for you! i would like to direct you to my video blog of predictions/prophecies and insight. specifically this video, which confirms your message. i also got “a worldwide moment of silence for…” here is the video talking about a terror attack/event that is unprecedented, larger than 9/11 and probably involving children. also keep in mind that “natural disasters” can be terror events too due to HAARP technology, ive asked my followers to send positivity to this ahead of time… there are a few others on youtube that have seen the same thing- confirmation..and i feel like its so close that im a bit anxious about it.

    1st video:

    the one where the “spider” warning originated from october :

    and one more about terrorism in general/dystopia:

    maybe some of these can help you fill in some missing pieces?

  8. I know Job One is for Eric to get the word and for us to let people know because the timeline is pretty firmed up when they tell Eric. But when I hear these kind of predictions I think it is also important to send the highest loving energy you can muster to the situation. I like Buddhist Compassion meditation which is not fearful at all, just loving assistance. I also like Grandfather’s Benevolent Magic in which you gather your energetic team and ask for the most benevolent outcome for all. I also might go into Theta brain state and visualize things just not working out like the bad guys plan – oops, that fizzled out – everyone (who wishes to be) is healthy and happy. People can survive the worst, often unharmed. I think our highest vibrations (confident, loving, supportive, joyful) sent to these situations make such a difference.

      1. I love my Zen meditations where I visualize beautiful things for those close to me and for the world in general. They help when I feel a little lost at times. Well written Seeker. Peace and joy everyone

  9. Eric- The phrase….”get off the floor I am working here..” referencing the spirits are at work stay “off the floor”, meaning don’t worry we will inform you as needed we are working on all aspects of the situation. …the walls…the floors…and the blueprint (the master plan of humanity). Lay low for now?

    As for the earthquake? Think the recent Indonesian 7 point quake is not what spirits are referring to….my opinion it will be around bald mountain/ruby mountains northwest of Ely, Nevada followed by a volcanic explosion. Not necessarily in a row. Yellowstone? Mt Rainer? I see “puget sound” but that’s it. Only those words. Lassen? (I say that because of earthquake swarms in very northwest remote corner of Nevada.) And yes people….dormant volcanos can erupt!! I’ve had these visions since September. My opinion cali quake January 2015. May be Jan-March 2015.

    Sidenote: the person who said “93” from Erics prior prediction could mean US 93 fits my vision perfectly!!! US 93 runs through eastern Nevada. ” crack in the road…”

    1. Humorously I think ‘get off the floor’ is a symbolic message to stop asking them questions for now. As if to ask someone to get off the stage. As for the earthquake you might be right, because the message is so vague it would be impossible to tell unless we hear of an actual broken up road.

      1. hee hee. R2D2 and Eric, that was my thought after I re-read it. They are working on the next predictions. Sort of reminded me of that guy on the TV show Heroes who did all the prediction paintings but he kept having to add stuff sometimes. We need to be patient. Don’t push yourself too much Eric. We can wait and will still keep with you. 😀 I’m not very patient sometimes, either. Still a work in progress. Namaste.

      2. Yep! Funny thing is….they are allowing you “in” and responding to you. So you were able to view the spirits lay the groundwork just not privy to the whys of the intricate design. More so than asking Eric, I’m feeling they are essentially conveying the message of don’t worry… in due time you will know. Maybe you’ve placed a lot of stress on yourself whether you know it or not. I’m sure outside pressure is always there.

      3. Eric, Japan just experienced an earthquake earlier today – between a 6.2-6.8 depending on which report.cnn just showed a report whereby the photograph was of a broken road. this was in central Japan. Hope this does not point as a precursor to something bigger.

  10. the representative from california now has the floor. it refers to someone who is speaking for others. in your case, for spirit. but you cant have the floor if you have nothing to speak about at the moment haha.

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