Predictions on 10-25-14

This is a new type of prediction. The process used to gather the information is different, a completely different set up between myself and the Spirits. Spirit is expecting this process to eventually replace the existing one. But we need to ensure that it works and works well. I am a bit nervous with this major shift but I have faith the Spirits know best.

These predictions are done in sets, the purpose of that is so you can share the set of predictions with others. With each passing accurate prediction you can share the post to bring attention to the predictions that have not happened yet. I encourage you to join us in our mission to alter the horror of these predictions by making as many people aware of what’s coming but wait until one of them comes to pass to amplify the authenticity.

Outside the LA area, southern California, Cherro.
In 1 to 2 minutes (Sometime around the 26th-28th of October?)
Moderate damage, minimal injuries, a scare. I had a visual of a young couple in their bedroom when their wall began to crack open.

I had a visual of an arrow pointing south.
Now it will spread south and without immediate control.
But then containment follows, the world focused on containment

I had a visual of a newspaper that looked like the ‘yahoo’ site. The headline showed a picture of a meteor racing through the sky
That area around Warsaw (Are they saying Poland?)
‘Zero’ (That means they either don’t know when, or a timeframe of now)
Flakes will fall from the sky, such awe from the people, excited, shocking, an easter hunt of meteor pieces, as they search for ground zero.

I had a visual of  several crushed houses floating in water, nothing was left undamaged.
Between November and December, the worst natural disasters unfold as the year closes, Japan, Florida, and one of the absolute worst for the year in the Philippines
Oh people of the Philippines two years in a row you have suffered, such absolute horror, complete destruction, massive casualties,  so much death, people of the Philippines brace yourself for the worst, Poseidon shows no mercy.

In regards to the coming Florida Hurricane: I had a visual of a clicker, on the clicker was the number 6. That sounds like a countdown which puts it around the 31st or it could also be the 6th of November.

Even though we are unsure of which month I do want to remind you of the 27th: Notes on 9-6-14 Imminent Terror Attack


110 thoughts on “Predictions on 10-25-14

  1. Eric, today sky 10/25/14. See.
    Every night, a network of NASA all-sky cameras scans the skies above the United States for meteoritic fireballs. Automated software maintained by NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office calculates their orbits, velocity, penetration depth in Earth’s atmosphere and many other characteristics. Daily results are presented here on

    On Oct. 25, 2014, the network reported 57 fireballs.
    (32 sporadics, 17 Orionids, 3 Southern Taurids, 3 Leonis Minorids, 1 epsilon Geminid, 1 chi Taurid)

    In this diagram of the inner solar system, all of the fireball orbits intersect at a single point–Earth. The orbits are color-coded by velocity, from slow (red) to fast (blue). [Larger image] [movies]

  2. Eric, you got me —
    native CA – Cherro? There is Cerritos , surrounded by Long Beach, Anaheim,Fullerton etc. there is the Newport -Inglewood fault..
    It has been 75 years since the 1933 mom was traumatized by that one she was very close to the epicenter.. I will investigate for any new cities and desert towns..

  3. Eric,
    there is a Cerro, CA but it is in Marin County…Northern CA
    I even looked for unincorporated areas, towns..I even looked for the S start of the word.
    There is a Cherokee ,CA however that would be above Sacramento..
    So you got me..I needed a good hunt..LOL

    • Had a quick vivid dream this a.m. Just woke up from this and I hadn’t seen Star 48’s message until now – after my dream. I dreamt that me and my husband were traveling a waterway, and there were many other people also doing so individually. There was one 5-7 foot wave that suddenly appeared right in front of us, and the wave broke over us. We were fine, but once we were on the other side of this wade, there were all these people doing in and out in their boats to maneuver in the stormy waters. Though we were inland, the water was definitely ocean water – it wasn’t fresh water. I woke up. Now, I was recalling the details after awakening and then I for the first time in my life “heard” the sound of rushing ocean waves. I then heard spirit say to me, “tsunami- West Coast.” So, now this was the strangest thing about this dream; my husband and I in the dream were definitely traveling in a Canoe!

      • Ugh – a few typos: Once we were on the other side of the “wave”, not “wade.” Also, in same sentence ” all the people “doing” should read as “going”. Sorry about that folks:)

      • Hi Eric, I have a hard time defining time from my dreams. However, the wave popped up out of nowhere right in front of our canoe, so I think it is imminent. I have considered that this dream could be a personal warning for me. The only thing is that I had the clairaudient experience upon awakening and that was unusual. I think it could be this week or next.

      • Hi again Eric, I don’t know for sure, but if I were to predict locale, my dream perhaps points to where the Indians are ( because of the canoe). Did Washington state ever come up in your predictions? BC is probably more likely than Hawaii, but that’s a guess.

      • They did not mention it by name, but one could assume they would be affected. They do have a storm prediction for that are before the end of the year. I will have to ask spirit about a timeframe for the BC Tsunami Prediction.

  4. Reference the earthquake. A couple years ago a psychic “Jessica Caracciolo” predicted 2 earthquakes for CA. The first would be in the south followed by another in the north. Not sure of time frame between both but relatively close as within months. I noticed the EQ in this post was for Southern CA but does the Northern CA EQ still stand?

  5. Hi Eric. I am excited about this new way of doing things and hope it will help us in getting the predictions out to everyone quicker and with better accuracy. I’m sure the Spirits know what they are doing, and thankful that you trust them, so no worries. Can you tell me if the Spirits are still speaking of the Ebola virus being in Africa, and so that is the “south”? When I hear “the South”, I think of America’s South. Also are they saying “Cherro”, or could it be “Churros”? Or Cherokee, CA?

    • Jules194, this is a test…Hope you are getting this?
      Thinking of you..hope your situation is just temporary..

      • Oh Thanks Star48. Yes got it. I was starting to wonder lastnight when it was soooooo quiet. LOL. Like surely somebody has something to say about Eric’s new post! Haha. Thanks again:)

  6. hi eric. I was wondering, did the way you receive information from spirit change, or just the structure of information, coming from spirit to you? did spirit, tell you, why this change is better? as always, thank you for all you do! prayers can change, events. or so I like to believe…………..

    • There are 57 spirits involved in the world predictions. Keep in mind you only see half the predictions other predictions pertain to distant future. The largest group of spirits involved are the ‘scouts’ they are placed in different parts of the world and report back both basic information and predictions about the location. Some of it is very random and holds no weight to what we are trying to do or more common is its not worth posting the information.
      The old process is that once a week all the Spirits would gather together and discuss what’s coming. However when we aren’t meeting, single spirits might approach me or the ‘auditors’ to provide information, usually these are the vague, odd predictions.
      Now the change: The change stems from the ‘Conductors’ need to cover the entire world, to predict from all parts. We no longer meet in one large group but clusters of different groups, information come in over a three day process. Then after all that is gathered we post the message, they also eventually plan to eliminate the single one spirit messages from the work. Another words no group, no prediction, but we aren’t there yet. The groups of spirits break everything down in subjects (timing, location, spider, storm) instead of location. The part I am concerned about is the three different waves that this info comes in, it is inevitable that we mix up the messages even if all the information is accurate. Also finally the messages are given just as a wake up now vs just as I go to sleep. That allows them to funnel some but not all the information through my dreams, which means expect to see me start a prediction with I had a “Sleeping Visual” or “Dream” of …
      That’s the change process, hope I made sense.

      • hi eric thank you for your detailed information. it is so much better to get information, as you wake up, as the human body, is more able to remember the information, easiler.thank you for all you. the vail beween the spirit world and human world, is slowly breaking down, so in the future, it will be easier, for everyone to work with spirit! keep up the good works!

    • R2D2, you made me scratch my head. (Churros)
      churro masculine noun
      English Translation of CHURRO
      : fried dough
      familiar : botch, mess
      familiar : attractive person, looker

    • R2D2, I think you are being a Chistoso…:). When using Churros !
      See..English Translation of CHISTOSO
      : wit, joker

      • Let’s try this again. First one didn’t go through. Colton, CA- where there is a churros corporation located outside of San Bernadino.

  7. Eric
    , I did a little searching.. I found out that there is an active fault that is near Cherokee (Oroville)
    That had a 6.1 quake in 1975..

  8. I’m sorry I gave the wrong information, click on MODEL TRACKS and you will see the track I just told you about.

  9. Hi, Eric! Would it be possible to ask the Spirits for more clarity on Japan and Philippines…a supertyphoon? tsunami caused by an earthquake? Many thanks!

  10. I’ve had 3 flood dreams in the last week and a half. In the first I was trying to move through the flooded area with boats, there was no sense of dread. Some people were stranded. The second dream was after the water dried up a bit. Many sea creatures were along the way in the mud(making me think this is an oceanic area), but I came to a lake that many people were enjoying. Several of the swimmers said, “You should see it in the summer time.” One of my “visitors” in my dream was told she could no longer come to me during these dreams, and that it was not her place. My third dream was again full of happy people boating and enjoying the water, but the water was lapping up onto a city where the ocean was never before. A parking garage was half under water, but everyone was still enjoying it. The only sadness was again from my “visitor” being told she could no longer be in these dreams, and she needed to move on. The “visitor” part of my dream is my own personal thing, but I think it may be worth mentioning.

    • Interesting – relates to my dream that I posted above this a.m. Not the same, but similar. Where did you think you were in your dreams?

      • Velvet maggot,
        that is interesting. Cherokee ,CA is near Orville/ and Orville Lake and is not that fat from Lake Tahoe. If you were to draw a circle.. Mount Lassen, Reno, Lake Tahoe,Sacramento, Chico, Clear lake, Would be on the perimeter of the circle . (Also lots of locations with water and Indian names..
        Take a look on a map drop a pin at Cherokee, CA.

  11. Hi Eric,

    RE: Poseidon, Eric pls ask the spirits where in the Philippines? I am located in the central part of the Philippines wherein 2 years ago, we have a very massive one. Any updates please.

  12. Eric, is it possible that there is a crossover of information going on?
    1, we were working on a Northern CA location earlier–(southeast of SF) inland..
    Could that be possibly northeast of SF? Cerro, CA…Marin Area? Or Chero(kee) Butte county
    2. The flooding dreams(Salt water) could that be coming.?
    Remnants of ANA, going to hit Canada(Vancouver)WA ( Seattle)and Oregon (Portland)
    3. Earthquake in a Southern CA. – it would have to be a 6 or Plus to rattle natives., the number given by spirit.
    4. (Chero)kee,Okla — Oklahoma has been incredibly active with earthquakes ..-sometimes having multiple earthquakes for days on end.
    I would be remiss not mention that., especially having previous Okla(homa) references..
    Is it possible that it is Oklahoma (Cherokee Territory ) Southern US.-(New Madrid Fault)
    Believe me if there was a big earthquake near there- that would rattle a lot of people.
    So to suggest.. Earthquake- Southern CA. – Northern CA (- Oklahoma?Chero)

    Eric, Collegues – I would welcome your thoughts..

    • Oh my that’s a lot. we are expecting two earthquakes one coming now in Southern CA, and a second in North CA. There is talk about the 29th now, but we will see. The one coming soon is a scare with minimal damage, while the second one is suppose to be very ugly.

  13. hello everyone…im still packing to move house but have researched …cheerio …and it led to Lido in southern california…the factory there is closing its doors..outside the box i know…pardon the pun….spirit kept saying cheerio cereal eric might be close to where crack in the wall that was mentioned in prediction..

  14. sorry link not worked …never mind it was an article on how lido factory closing doors to cheerio production…blessings to all in LA and those i know and love there….be safe all

    • rhona, you mean Lido? Lido Island? -Balboa- Newport Beach? Newport Penninsula ?
      A factory? I will try to find your reference..

  15. just a thought carrizo fault maybe starts there ….im putting as much prayer in and light in as i can with you all….

  16. sorry star48 thank you …im so tired we have been looking for a house urgently for weeks ..packing and so on…had my words jumbled…thanks again

    • rhona, no apologies.
      .. I understand more than you know..I have been waiting to move in to my new home that I purchased — since last Nov! Too long to explain..just .go with the flow…try to smile and laugh as much as you can.. And know there is someone who is in the same boat! Blessings!

  17. Hi Eric,
    “I had a visual of several crushed houses floating in water, nothing was left undamaged.
    Between November and December, the worst natural disasters unfold as the year closes, Japan, Florida, and one of the absolute worst for the year in the Philippines
    Oh people of the Philippines two years in a row you have suffered, such absolute horror, complete destruction, massive casualties, so much death, people of the Philippines brace yourself for the worst, Poseidon shows no mercy.”

    The link below shows where hurricane haiyan/yolanda landfall here in the Philippines. Please ask the spirits to map the location regarding to your visual for the Philippines.


  18. There is a frequent earthquakes or trembles these last couple of days in Oregon especially during the full moon. It goes crazy. Its a looooong and slooow process before it finally shaken up. Could be now or next full moon.

    • Witnessed the meteors in Fort Worth, TX tonight. Beautiful full moon these last 2 nights. Increased earthquakes activity in Okla, Oregon, CA, and Alaska as well these last few days.. it could be anytime now or maybe next moon. Madrid’s fault is over 200 years ago. It can happen again. Thanks Eric for your sharing with us. I’m surprised there are 57 spirits around the world that predict the future. Am I wrong what you said? I’m trying to understand why and what the spirits’ duties to deliver the messages to a human person. Its very intrigued and curious. Thanks

      • Hi Mary yes there are 57, but they have different roles, some for instance have to role of directly communicating to me. But the majority of them are placed in different regions of the world and report back to the rest of the group accordingly. Keep in mind there is another set of predictions no one has seen yet, the ones that are in a distant future instead of the here and now.

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  20. Eric,
    heads up info on Meteor shower stream Dec 13-14.. They detected hotspot in Ontario, Canada.. See.. Space weather .com
    GEMINID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is moving deeper into the debris stream of rock comet 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual Geminid meteor shower. This morning in the countryside near Tavistock, Ontario, the Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar (CMOR) detected a “hot spot” in the sky where Geminid meteoroids are hitting Earth’s atmosphere at 78,000 mph:

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