Notes on 10-19-14

Spirit, Is the earthquake still coming?
I had a vision of a map of San Francisco, then a line was drawn south east of the bay area, to a far more inland location.
“30   15   1 block, it’s going to be ugly, very ugly.”

I had a vision of a massive hurricane, it was so massive in size, headed towards Florida, it was obvious that Cuba and perhaps the Carolinas would be affected just from the size of the Hurricane.

I had a vision of a large burner, burning red with fire.
“Kansas is coming.. NOW”

Eric’s Comments: They seem to be correcting there location of where the earthquake happens.  The number 30 usually represents a month, are they saying a month away, or next month? The number 15 could be a date or countdown, but I wouldn’t exclude the idea of next year. Kansas was a previous prediction, it implies Kansas is the center of some type of large accident involving a fire.  The prediction is below. Finally some of you have noted that perhaps the 18 / 180 might represent a post that talks about our success in bringing change from these tragic predictions. I would encourage you to read it if you haven’t already as it predicts our achievements: The Birth of Change 

Kansas Prediction, that we now assume are mixed up:

Notes on 7-1-14  Another looming question is part of me believes that these two events might have accidentally been mixed up. Argentina might have the corrupt man and Kansas the disaster.
Notes on 6-25-14
Wichita Kansas?.. Kansas.. A leader with a foul smell, truly corrupt.. he thinks he is for real..  but such a fraud.. We are about to reveal his extensive lies.
Previous predictions: Notes on 6-24-14
Argentina?.. A costly nightmare.. red lights everywhere.. mistake.. I heard the sound of what I can only describe as an explosion.
Previous Predictions: Notes on 6-24-14


55 thoughts on “Notes on 10-19-14

  1. Eric, great post.,
    Southeast of San Fran is Hayward..could be referencing Hayward fault.
    Articles have been pointing out 3 faults being monitored.. Ready to go..
    Will post latest next

  2. Eric could the location be as far south and east as San Jose? There are faults that run east of the city. Also is the pink flamingo for Florida or the California prediction? I think Florida for pink flamingos but… Last year there was one pink flamingo spotted in the bay south of San Fransisco I believe. There is also a Pink Flamingo Motel in San Jose, a Bird Ave., and some sort of Bird Sancuary there also. Are we still looking at “where the bird sits”, as a location for the earthquake? Also there is that storm moving over S America from the pacific into the Gulf of Mexico they are keeping an eye on. Think Star48 mentioned it previously. Was the second hurricane suppose to be the massive one?

  3. Hi Eric,
    Could the Kansas prediction be about Kansas City, MO, specifically Ferguson? I read a news article the other day about the Grand Jury wrapping up…. It could get very ugly and a fire, maybe even a major one could happen as a result of riots.

  4. If 30 represents a month in general, a block could also be seen the same way as there are 12 blocks (months) in a year. 1 block from now could represent around the 15th of Nov.

  5. Hi Eric. About Kansas, just a thought. The 2014 World Series game 1 is on Tuesday, Oct 21, between Kansas City Royals and San Fransisco Giants in Kansas City, Missouri. I don’t know much about baseball but I read something about the two being “wild card teams”, and that made me think about “Royals”, and about the prediction with the cards. Either way, it also made me think about the white ball rolling and the stadium predictions that I dont think have happened. Probably nothing but wanted to mention it just in case.

  6. Eric,
    You have inspired me to reopen my door into the spirit world. I Was the only one in my family with it so it was easier to shut the door long ago. Even with the door shut spirits have always been able to find their way in from time to time but not as often. Between this site and knowing my daughter has my same gift (that I had thought of as more of a cures in the beginning) I have decided to move forth with my communication to help my daughter as much as myself.
    I have every session write down with notes….I will wait till the next isis prediction to elaborate what I have so far. I will say we are not their target but they have lots of fun taunting us and may do some sort of attack to us But their main mission is much deeper.
    They are very deceiving
    I hope through you predictions I can verify some of mine. As always thank you for sharing everything. You are truly inspiring.

      • The clear part so far is they want Saudi Arabia. There are 4 or 5 of them really controlling this whole isis thing. Iran is def in with them. Each has their own gains they want to achieve. The man guy wants Saudi Arabia something about the royalty there they want that power they envy it and really think they are going to just walk in and take it. I don’t know the outcome I seen the plan.
        I also see Iran wanting it’s personal gain in Israel. I seen bombs hitting them from Iran. Iran is playing a good hand at poker but when the cards hit the table they are very much exposed.
        Isis keeps going north but their real goal is to go south they will be getting closer to Saudi Arabia boarder. There will be so much confusion to come. Like who team everyone is really on. Isis likes playing games they put a lot of time into the planning of all this. That’s why they started where they did. They have Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iran in their pockets and when the time comes they will all come at Saudi Arabia at once.
        I really never like history class growing up I’m not globally inclined we will say to where things are in the world. When I was given this I Google the middle east map and was amazed at how identical my vision is to the actual map.
        I did see isis wanting to concur the white house I seen it on fire…I seen tampering with gas lines so their little boom would make a big boom. But I didn’t get much more. I wish I had the time to go through all of your predictions…I’m not sure if anything I’m saying makes sense to what you have seen.
        If any of this makes sense to anyone I would love the feedback….These are just some of many visions I have. I just can’t tie together what is so valuable with the power of Saudi Arabia.(if they even have power) ..I don’t know much in that part of the world. And again I have never been into history…it’s hard for me to understand sometimes what there saying and the internet doesn’t really help sometimes…to many news stations reporting the same nonsense that really are blocking my feeds into real research real facts.

      • Thank you..I’m not sure if it had much to do with oil it felt like more to do with king status…like that kinda royality. Power. Maybe oil tho since our world is so dependent. I’m very interested in how their govt works. I was being shown like the royal family in England.not sure if it works like that their or their history. They def wanted the power over people along with everything else they would get. Saudi Arabia is either the one with the power or the hardest to take down to receive all the power.
        I do see them planing an attack on Russia and having it look like we did it the same time we have an attack. We think isis right away on our attack but Russia thinks us and attacks us while we are trying to retaliate on isis…and isis laughing that it worked. They like to play games. I have been working on the big picture now it’s time for me to cracked down on the little details so maybe I understand it more. I know all of this maybe symbolic. Like an attack can represent a lot of things. I’m just putting my shoes back one after a while of not doing this sort of thing so I know i maybe rusty so please bare with me lol.

      • Hi Michelle. I am so glad Eric has inspired you to open the doors again to the Spirit World. He has that amazing ability to inspire us all through his humbleness and dedication/work here for the planet and humanity as a whole. I know Eric and the site family will welcome any true help you can give towards making the world a better place. Keep us posted. May the light surround you always.

    • Hi Michelle,
      I have no gifts such as yourself and others on this site, however I totally agree with you regarding ISIS and Saudia Arabia. From what I have been reading, it makes perfect sense to me. Here is a link about the connection between ISIS and SA that you might like to read:

      • Thank you…I will read it now…I’m glad I make sense to someone I actually started to feel crazy…even with visions the key is having the knowledge behind it to understand the meaning of the visions. Thank you so much for this article I look forward to maybe finding the understanding of what I have seen.

    • Glad to help Star48…. There is just so much we don’t know and the only way to understanding is information/knowledge to help us IMHO.

  7. Hi Eric,
    I just checked and it appears there is a disturbance that is being watched for further development in the Gulf… Trajectory is Cuba and South Florida…. seems to be right on with the hurricane aspect in your vision. Oct. 21st would be the 4-5 days from your post…

  8. 8-16-14 prediction:“In or around Chicago.. children buried.. mourning turns to rage.. another mad man with a gun.. such needless loss.. his name tied to the first one.” Spirits Voice
    Could the finding of those bodies in Indiana just recently sadly fulfill this prediction… Indiana is not far from IL & Chicago. Please see link below:

    Also, I think the homegrown terrorist perdiction is the PA shooter. It fits with the number 2 in the perdiction would be the two State Policrmen shot. The apple is definetly referring to the Fall season and apple picking/selling time. He has also been seen near his high school campus which could be construed as a park like setting. Just my thoughts on it, Eric.

    • They where very specific about it being Chicago or at least that state. As for the PA shooter yes I am considering that, perhaps the apple is him being lured out. But I want to wait and see how it plays out. Thanks as always Omarie

  9. Eric could the Wichita Kansas have been mistaken, and should be Ottawa Canada? They sound similar when said and when you hear the shooting in the building it sounds almost like an explosion. Just a thought.

    • Jules194,
      take a look on 8/10/14. There is a reference to Ontario..
      Remember Ottawa is in Ontario..Blessings.

      • Oh Thanks Star48!! Hadn’t thought that far out yet. I am so tired of watching these types of senseless shootings! Praying for all those involved and that they catch any other suspects before they can harm any more individuals.

      • Jules104, still not sorted out complex..when there is more info..# of sites.
        There are some interesting references..a, Soldier at Memorial.,b. northeast of US
        Instead of Northeast US. c. Tall buildings -City by Water(river) Construction going on near event.
        I am also praying for the city.and citizens . Blessings

      • Star48 what do you think of “Vin”? The Sargent of Arms, Kevin (Vin?) Vicars, in charge of Security at Parliament Bldg, shot and killed the gunman? Maybe a nickname?

      • Jules104,
        you could be will be interesting as there are reports of shootings at 3 locations 2.Parliament area. 3. Mall. The soldier memorial . Oh my
        This is the 2 nd day after 2 Military men run over (1 dead..)
        Senators and Maple leaf game canceled
        City lockdown.,so tragic..

      • Jules104, I think Eric’s visual ;spiders is better.. I don’t want to think of them as human..
        I think this is the opening salvo.. That spirit Norway, Netherlands, Germany.
        I am reviewing all the posts regarding Spiders..

      • Hi Star48. Had to look up “salvo”. 😦 Sheesh. I hope that they find the other suspects involved in this, as it sounds like there were atleast 3. And I pray we can foil any other attacks these spiders are planning. You are so right. Don’t like to think of them as being in the same category as humans. Let us know what you find in your reviews of Eric’s Posts. Blessings.

      • Jules104, you made me chuckle.., I needed that., things are still being sorted out., now they are saying Mall location was not involved.
        I am challenging everyone to review posts on spiders..!
        It is important …, we need to have a lot of eyes and minds review posts and thoughts.
        There are new participants in “our village”.
        Blessings to all!

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  11. Eric, From this post..
    “I had a vision of a massive hurricane, it was so massive in size, headed towards Florida, it was obvious that Cuba and perhaps the Carolinas would be affected just from the size of the Hurricane.”


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