Brazilian Serial Killer Thiago Rocha

This prediction has happened, one individual (the tree) killing the many, why they used a hanging is unclear, my heart goes out to the people of Brazil, I hope for a speedy prosecution of Thiago Rocha.

Notes on 7-29-13   “Eric brace yourself, for what we will show” I heard a whaling scream then I stood by a very large strange tree where I saw several individuals hanging from the tree branches. “South America” They showed a picture of Brazil but I am not sure if they are just associated it to the situation.
Notes on 3-17-13  I had a vision of a man dressed in a plaid shirt, with tie, his face was charcoal grey with red bead like eyes. He was surrounded by nature, by either a camping ground or motel. The red-eyed charcoal face is a familiar look, its how they presented serial killers, Bin Laden, Al Assad,  individuals you could argue are pure evil. This person is being presented as your average Joe dressed like a school teacher. It might be connected to the poster of a pair of scissors on the wall, with the words killer which was posted a few days ago.

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  1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    There was another prediction but I can’t find it.

  2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    Also the “O” in the previous notes is a reflection of this prediction, I have to assume the glass is the helmet he used when he committed his murders.

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