For my fans and followers. In a few weeks we have plans to change the domain of the World Predictions blog. The work and information from spirit will not change just the address. I would love to hear what you think the domain should be, I tried “” but its actually taken, other thoughts? So far everyone I have asked has said “”. Let me know what you think.

32 responses to “”

  1. VT Avatar

    either that or elpworldpredictions

  2. grace8788 Avatar

    Yes I like the new one

  3. Pam C. Avatar
    Pam C.


    1. Jess Avatar

      I really like this one! Because we really truly are all “one” in the same 🙂

  4. ab Avatar
    ab is available(christ consciousness)

  5. ab Avatar

    network solutions

  6. Karen G Avatar
    Karen G

    Predictions for the

  7. Avatar

    Try ( ) it seems to be vacant

  8. Cheryl Avatar
    Cheryl ?

  9. allen Avatar

    if you HAVE to use the word predictions……… about spirit predictions for the

  10. Linda Avatar
    Linda or

  11. rhona Avatar

    How about worldpotentialpredictions
    WPP…..or worldpredictionpotentials…
    In keeping with the hope of changing events…

  12. candycoatedreality™ Avatar

    myworldpredictions or spiritworldpredictions or spiritpredictions, but theworldpredictions works too 🙂

  13. jujugun Avatar

    Predictions of the world 🙂

    1. minky55 Avatar

      The Predictions Of World I think is best.

  14. HeartTreasure Avatar
    HeartTreasure or

  15. jules104 Avatar

    Like Cheryl, I was thinking “worldwidepredictions” also. Or “yourworldpredictions”. But really I’d make it what you sense it should be Eric. Either way I’m sure everyone will love it.

  16. cynthia Avatar
    cynthia or spirit are available.

  17. popi Avatar
    popi in Greek the word enorasis is the insight

  18. seeker Avatar
    Thanks for asking our two cents, Eric!

  19. Cy & Marilynn Kobey Avatar
    Cy & Marilynn Kobey

    Eric I think your name (Eric) should be in it.  Get your name out there. Marilynn

  20. Feather Islands Avatar
    Feather Islands

    How about and it’s not taken yet.

  21. Annie Avatar

  22. RJ Avatar

    follow your instinct

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Actually I plan to narrow it down to 3 and present it to the spirits. I will leave the final domain up to them.

  23. anton Avatar

    Global future predictions, a suggestion,
    Eric choose 3 best, then we can all give our comments on thoose, from there you find the best

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      HA! was planning to do that already, and include the spirits.

  24. Dorothy Avatar

    What about that stands out Eric and sounds good with your name in it what does everyone else think of that one

  25. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    Thank you everyone for your feedback! Some great ideas. I will decide on 3 and present those options to both you and the spirits to here that feedback.

  26. Neal Avatar

    Hello Elp, is great from the point of view of SEO also you will get great generic traffic . I am online consultant so suggesting, with keywords set properly you can get top ranking on top search engines. Let you finalize one will suggest more on that .



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