Notes on 12-10-13

I had a visual of a small piece of cracker, one-fourth of a cracker, then a map that had Italy in the center, Greece was off to the side, then it switched and they showed a plug outlet with a crack going down the center, Spirit ended by showing a stove burner with fire coming out of it. “Now”

I had a visual of a looming storm that completely destroyed the area around it, houses where left to complete rubble.

The spirits showed a map of Florida and pointed to the area between Daytona Beach and Merritt Island, then they showed the very bottom of Florida.

They showed pumpkins all decorated and then said “Monday”

Glossary Reference: Cracker, Burner

Eric’s Comments: Small piece could mean a small earthquake, somewhere around Italy. Plug outlet could mean a power outage. Burners are usually used for Volcano’s perhaps a fire is started because of the earthquake. “Now” means in the next few days at the most.

Florida; in previous predictions pumpkin was used as a timeframe of the fall when this mammoth hurricane would arrive, even though the hurricane season is over.

19 thoughts on “Notes on 12-10-13”

  1. The Florida prediction could be a tornado and not a hurricane. Extreme cold up north hits the extreme heat in the south. Daytona Beach has a big Pumpkin festival located at Island City in Daytona. Pumpkin could mean exact location (Island City)

  2. I looked up the Pumpkin Festival in Island City and it is Oct 25-27, so it already was, but I think perhaps Jason was meaning the reference to decorated pumpkins is not so much a “time” but rather a “place” where they have decorated pumpkins. So the “event”, whatever it is will occur in our near future at a place where there have been decorated pumpkins such as this pumpkin festival. Does that make sense?

  3. Isn’t a smoke stack with smoke Coming out of it has the indication of A new pope or the passing of a pope?

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  4. Italy has had several small earthquakes in the last few days…Greece many! yesterday Campi Flegrei (Phlegrean Fields) wasn’t shown…today it is in yellow which means it is getting active

      1. The impression I get is Campi is getting ready to blow which will trigger Vesuvius to erupt as well. Then all hell will break loose.

  5. Hi Eric. Could the plug outlet with a crack down the middle and the stove burner with fire coming out be symbolic for an earthquake/ volcano ( which when erupting looks much like fire) that erupts after the earthquake happens? That area is where the Eurasian and African plates are colliding. I love this “USGS” Earthquake Hazards Program website. Lots of info available. Looks like Greece had a 4.7 earthquake already today.

  6. Sorry. About your “3 is key, 3” prediction… I don’t now if this could play into that but have u heard of this prophecy by Edgar Cayce having to do with something like, when you see Mt Vesuvius and/or Mt Pelee ( some island chains in Carribean I think) becoming active or erupting … Then in 3 months time there will be a major earthquake of 10.5 in Southern CA that inundates the land with flooding into Salt Lake UT and Southern Nevada. Just a thought since they have been talking about earthquakes so much lately.

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