One Last Rollout

After much debate with the spirits we have decided to try one last rollout, I apologize for all the confusion. Instead of breaking down each prediction we will actually post the visions, conversations, and information as it happens day to day in raw format. You will read the conversations as they happen unabridged and unedited. The title of the post will simply be the date in which we gathered all the information. It’s important to note that when creating a prediction it is done in pieces, like pieces of a puzzle that will come at different times. So even though we might be discussing a flood or earthquake in a specific location the details might follow days later. My hope is to share everything with you, to allow you and I to solve the messages together. I always love your feedback and I truly hope you enjoy and understand this very different way of Predicting world events. Feel free to voice your opinion and join in on what you feel the messages might mean.

2 responses to “One Last Rollout”

  1. seeker Avatar

    Awesome! Always like to hear the ‘raw’ feed!

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      That seems to be the consistent feedback, so now were going to give it all. Thanks for the feedback

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