Summary of Mistakes

Eric’s Chatter (Posted May 2) reads: Here is the predictions the spirits and I are working on now. This is the focal point and foundation of each new prediction. Now it becomes a race to gather as many details  for each prediction, which takes a long time. If I focus to long on one the others begin to happen.  Not enough focus, then there are flaws.

Two missed predictions. Here are two predictions that we started to work on but failed to complete before unfolding.

Prediction 20 has failed. A fiery evil unfolds on a school bus, around 19 are deceased, such rage and anger. Around the month of May perhaps June.  (2.2) On May 27 2012 was the Houla Massacre where over 90 individuals died in which 49 where children. The massacre was followed by international outrage.  Even though the vision reflected a bus the message was meant to show the tragic death of innocent children in this situation.

Side Notes: Even though some of the predictions are over there ‘expected time frame’ I have learned to wait before saying it’s not going to unfold.  Timing is one of the more difficult parts of predicting world events.

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