Predictions That Have Unfolded

This page will bullet point the predictions and compare them to the facts. It will show how accurate or inaccurate each passing prediction is. For more extensive details visit the ‘Summary’ posts on the main page.

November – December

Prediction 59 The Fiscal Cliff Deadline posted 12-21 reads: No compromise is met before the January 1st deadline. Those leaders who move to the center are black balled by its own party. The credibility of the US government falters in the worst way. The position and power of the Republican party shrinks over time as the overall public puts the blame on them. They also express grave concerns over the inflation of the US dollar.

The Facts: Congress misses Jan 1st deadline while the Senate and the president reach a tenative deal.

For a full Summary: Deadline Passes for Fiscal Cliff

Under “Coming Predictions” Posted December 5th it Reads: The General or Military leader will pass away

The Facts: On December 27th Retired US General Norman Schwarzkopf died  at age 78

Prediction 58: Mass destruction, The Black Smoke Posted December 20th Read in Note form:

  • A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area, smoke usually represents destruction.
  • The smoke covered a massively large area so much I saw little of anything else.
  • One event is expected in December
  • The number 22
  • An airport where the black smoke blanketed the outside, if it’s a Volcano it could represent a hinderance to air travel.

The Facts: On December 22nd Volcano Copahue erupted around Argentina and Chile, Planes flying over the southern Andes were warned of the danger.

For a full Summary: Volcano Copahue Erupts on the 22nd

Prediction 56 Another Violent Tragedy Predicted Nov 22 reads: The man (men) clothed in darkness commits horrible acts. The people have to defend themselves, from the emergency that puts them in jeopardy. Multiple people are shot, others need to guard up to protect themselves. Let them be remembered for their greatness. Another Violent Tragedy – Tom – Thomas

The Facts: This Prediction is a mixed prediction in relation to the Connecticut School Shooting and the Oregon Mall Shooting. The Notes have cryptic messages that relate to these horrible tragedies.

For the Full Summary:

One Part of Coming Predictions predicted December 5 reads: A small earthquake in Southern California – Expected fairly soon but when exactly?

The Facts: On Dec 14th a Mag. 6.3 earthquake hits off of San Diego coast  Magnitude 6.3 quake causes no damage, but felt from San Diego to Los Angeles

For a Full Summary:

Prediction 57 predicted Nov 29 Reads: There will be a flooding in North West US. Rescues will be required.

The Facts: On Dec 3rd there was a series of storms causes flooding and strong winds in San Francisco area and other parts of northern California.

For a Full Summary:

Under “Prediction 7 Still Stands” Predicted on Nov 1st which predicted the re-election of President Obama, where two vague obscure messages. One of them clearly about the Senate seats going to the Democrats and this one:

“The reds get caught with dirty hands, Cheaters! Cheaters never prosper”

The Facts: On Nov 28th several news reported the alleged allegations that Florida Republican state party members engineered laws to suppress democratic voter turnout, and how it backfired.

For a Full Summary:

Prediction 21 “Oil Rig Destroyed” posted May 12th reads:  In the south the very dangerous unkept oil rig will be destroyed. The company is grossly to blame. The voice of the people demand this should be the last time,  around July.

The Facts: ABC News Reported Nov 16th Oil Rig Explosion Fire in Gulf Coast;  ”An oil and gas rig off the coast of Louisiana was hit by an explosion and fire this morning, leaving crew members missing.

Timing is clearly off.

For a Full Summary:

Prediction 51 “Israel, Peace is Dead” Posted Oct 30th reads: The destructive impact of multiple bombs unfold. Bellows of smoke and destruction. Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu no longer holds on to peace. Peace is dead

The Facts: On November 14th Israel begin its bombing of Gaza killing the military leader of Hamas which ended the truce negotiated by Egypt and Gaza.

For a full Summary plus notes:

Prediction 7 “Next US President” Posted 3/8/12 reads: Obama is Re-elected. As the elections close the economy is improving but far from what Americans are used to.  All the same its improvement becomes the major influence on the coming elections.

The Facts: Obama was re-elected President of the United States.

For the Full Summary plus added commentary:

September – October

Prediction 43 The Falling Asteroid posted September 30th reads: The Asteroid however small will pass through the atmosphere and shock the people as it lands.

The Facts: Not an Asteroid but a meteor that broke up in the San Fransisco bay area, that created both shock and awe.

For the Full Summary:

Prediction 29 “Hurricane on the East Coast”  posted 7/2/12 reads: There will be a Hurricane or Tropical Storm that will strike the middle of east coast of the U.S. . The flooding and damage will be extensive. There will be unexpected casualties. The government response will be ready and prepared for the worst.

The Facts: This prediction and perhaps a few others is a reflection of Hurricane Sandy

For a Full Summary:

Prediction 45 Sinking in the European Ocean Posted October 7th Reads: In October, in the European Ocean the sea vessel will capsize or begin to sink, a dyer emergency

The Facts: Clearly off on location, but unfortunately this tragic event unfolded.

For a Full Summary:

Prediction 36 Posted August 27th Reads: In the U.S., even though it’s already high,  gas prices go through the roof.  The National Oil Reserve might become an option

Reuters Reported October 5th: “Californians hit with unprecedented gasoline price jump. SAN FRANCISCO/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Californians awoke on Friday to yet another unprecedented spike in the price of gasoline that brought the one-week increase in the Golden State to a whopping 36 cents a gallon.”— The prediction failed to mention this was a California situation.

For the full Summary:

Prediction 27 posted June 9th reads: In the coming months there will be a positive bump in the U.S. jobs report. The stalled economy is replaced with some positive movement. A sign of happier times to come.

The Facts: BBC reported October 5th, The US unemployment rate fell last month to its lowest rate since January 2009,  figures from the Department of Labor have shown, surprising analysts who had been expecting a small rise. –Jobs Report was 7.8%

For the full Summary:

Prediction 14 New Bailout posted April 12 Reads:  Spain will need a bailout from other nations as its economic woes are worse than expected.  Historically it will seem similar to Greece.

The Facts: The second part of this prediction is unfolding. The two countries bailouts seem to be mirroring each other as violent protests erupt in both Spain and Greece on the same day over both the new austerity measures facilitated by their bailouts.

For a full Summary:

Prediction 42 Posted October 1 reads: US presidential debate; between the two candidates the outcome comes across as an evenly split victory, call it a stalemate or tie, there does not seem to be a clear winner of the debate. Some will say Romney has a slight upper hand and is moderately successful.

Romney won the first debate. It was a moderate success for Romney as it gave him a bump, but not really a tie.

For a full Summary:

Prediction 46 posted October 10th reads: Joe Biden is the winner of the Vice Presidential Debate. Mitt Romney is again the winner of the Presidential Debate. They continue to say Obama is re-elected President of the United States.

News reported: Joe won the VP debate, many called the second debate between Presidential candidates a draw but clearly not Romney. For now Obama is slotted to be re-elected.  For future predictions we will stay away from opinionated news.

For full Summary:

Prediction 6: The Precipice of 2012 posted March 8th is starting to unfold. A precursor to whats coming, it Reads:  The decade of 2010 (12) is marked as the beginning of global problem, ‘climate change’. Tornadoes mount, Hurricanes grow in size, record summers and record-breaking winters, and so many floods upon floods ravage the world violently. The debate of the left and right ends as the oceans begin to consume pockets of the world’s land. Slowly each year the lands are consumed.

The Facts: Business Insider Science on September 19th reported: This summer’s unprecedented melt for the icy white cap over Arctic waters  appears to have come to a stop on Sunday, Sept. 16, setting a new record low.. (The Picture on the summary really shows it all)

For the full Summary:

Prediction 23 Asian Island Volcano Erupts posted May 16th has unfolded it reads: “Within the Asian Islands a Volcano will erupt.  The island will be one of the smaller islands among larger body masses. Sounds like Indonesia or the Philippines.”

BBC Reported on September 17th:” Indonesia’s Mount Gamalama erupts spewing ash and lava. Mount Gamalama, which is in the Moluccua islands to the east of Indonesia, has erupted spewing lava and thick clouds of ash.”

For full summary:

Prediction 37 is unfolding, posted September 4th, it reads: Panic Attack / US Politics “Within the Politics of today there is panic,.. attacks. The political arena’s mounting upheavals.  Massive amounts of money are put into the television and thrown away.”

The Facts: Headlines— Mother Jones Reported and broke the story on September 17th: SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters –The Hill Reported September 14th Mitts Panic Attack — Salon News Reported September 17th Romney in Panic Mode

For full summary:

Prediction 40 Flooding in Japan and  US Midwest, posted September 14 reads: In September, a massive flood will blanket Japan in the worst way.  In October or November another large flood hit pockets of the North Midwest (U.S.).

  • Visual: The flag of Japan, then I see a city where I cannot see the ground only water.
  • There was a Korean flag as well but I am not sure if it is related, but it seemed so.

The Facts: The Huffington Post reported on September 17th:  ”Typhoon Sanba 2012: 2 Korea’s Battered After Rains Drench Japan: A powerful typhoon lashed North and South Korea with strong wind and heavy rain Monday… Before reaching South Korea, the storm hit Japan.

For full summary:

The Prediction: “What’s Coming”  Posted 9-11-12,  A person assassinated in or around a vehicle, that seems Mob or Cartel related.

The Facts: The Himalayan Reported 9-12-12: Libya official reveals US ambassador assassinated: BENGHAZI: The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff were killed in a rocket attack on Tuesday night that targeted his car in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi.

An incomplete prediction: The assassination of Ambassador Stevens and three others was such a horrible tragedy.  “Mob” was not a reference to organized crime or the Cartel but the protesting Mob around the embassy.

For full summary:

July – August

Posted June 9th, Prediction 26 “Droughts of 2012″  reads: The summer of 2012 will have several droughts. Even though such things may be yearly repetitious, this year starvation and death will run grossly rampant especially in poverty-stricken nations like those nations in Africa.

The Facts: On August 30th BBC News Headline reads “Food prices jump will hit poor, World Bank warns. Global food prices have leapt by 10% in the month of July, raising fears of soaring prices for the planet’s poorest, the World Bank has warned. The bank said that a US heatwave and drought in parts of Eastern Europe were partly to blame for the rising costs  — A Prediction that is still unfolding

For full summary:

Posted July 31, 2012:  “What’s Coming”  – Tsunami or under water earthquake we need to ensure the details . Here is the foundations or base of the coming prediction

The Facts: AP Reported on August 27 2012: Strong earthquake hits off El Salvador coast. ”A tsunami warning was put into effect for Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico after the quake struck at 10:37 p.m. Sunday.s that we are working on. — An incomplete prediction

For full summary:

Prediction 35 “21st Century Robin Hood” (Posted August 14) reads: Theywill hack into accounts and steal from the filthy rich, who have reputations for greed and self-serving attitudes and give the money to the un-entitled, and those desperately in need of help. Though criminals of the 21st century, they will be seen as heroes dubbed under the banner of “Robin Hood”. Unclear on a timeframe. It is expected this will have international implications.

The Facts: RT News Headline (August 17th) reads: Austerity-era ‘Robin Hood’: Spanish mayor masterminds robberies to feed the poor.

For full summary:

Prediction 30 (Posted July 9th, 2012) reads: In July there will be a raging fire that will burn through Texas.

The Facts: July and August 2012 have some of the worst fires. In August 14 western states have been affected and this prediction doesn’t cover the massive scope of the situation. Texas is just one of the fourteen.

For full summary:


Prediction 12 (Posted March-29): The Supreme Court will uphold the individual mandate provision for health care. Accolades will go out to President Obama from supporters and the media.

The Facts:  In a victory for President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court upheld his signature health care law’s individual insurance mandate in a 5-4 decision.

Prediction 20 (Posted May 11) has failed:  A fiery evil unfolds on a school bus, around 19 are deceased, such rage and anger. Around the month of May perhaps June.  (2.2)

The Facts: On May 27 2012, In Syria Houla Massacre; where over 90 individuals died in which 49 where children. The massacre was followed by international outrage.  Even though the vision reflected a bus the message was meant to show the tragic death of innocent children in this situation.

Eric’s Chatter (Posted May 2) Two Missed Predictions:  As I continue to learn the process of predicting world events the main challenge is being able to complete them in a timely manner while being accurate at the same time.

  • A major black out in America  —— Millions still without power amid record heat wave. It may be near the end of the week before power is restored to some of the millions lacking electricity following weekend storms.-CNN 7-2-2012
  • The prime minister passes away —– Israel’s seventh prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, passed away June 30 at the age of 96.

YouTube Pilot Video Posted (August 12 2011) is now complete. It predicted 5 major events and was the start of putting dates to the predictions which became one of the most accurate predictions noted in 2011, when the Libyan rebels took over Tripoli on the 22nd. Here is a list of the 5 events, please view the post provided for more details and compare it to the video itself. It does have some errors when comparing it to the facts.

  • Spain’s Bailout
  • Libyans Take over Tripoli the base of operations on the 22nd from Qadhafi, celebrations start on the 23rd
  • The heat wave of 2011 and the droughts they caused
  • The Flooding in Florida
  • The Path of Hurricane Irene; From the Northeast end of Florida and the Carolinas all the way up the east coast.

Prediction 14 Posted (April 24, 2012) and originally posted on youtube August 12, 2011 reads:  Spain will need a bailout from other nations as its economic woes are worse than expected.  Historically it will seem similar to Greece.

The Facts: On June 9 2012 AP News Reported:  MADRID (AP) — Spain will ask for a bank bailout from Europe, becoming the fourth and largest country to seek help since the single currency bloc’s debt crisis erupted.

Prediction 24 (posted June 1, 2012)  The people wave their flags proudly in the crowd celebrating the event with jubilation . The happy event is stained by a terrifying emergency.

The Facts: On June 4, 2012 BBC News reported:  Prince Philip in hospital and missing Diamond Jubilee concert. The Duke of Edinburgh has been taken to hospital with a bladder infection and will miss the rest of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.;

Prediction 1 (Posted March-4-2012)  The train will be horribly mangled in the coastal area of India. The damage will be extensive, such sorrow, a dark moment for India

The Facts: On May 22, 2012 CNN Reported : Dozens dead in India Train Crash, 25 dead, 55 injured after the train crashed in India in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

Prediction 16 (Posted April 27, 2012) Around the 4th of May the Volcano Popocatepetl takes it to a new level of danger as it begins to erupt. Those locations around it are hammered with debris. Travel is also affected and delayed.

The Facts: On the 2nd not the 4th the volcano begin to spew even more ash and steam. There was no clear massive eruption however. The headline from STbreaking news on 5-10-2012 reads “Debris from volcano closes Mexico airport ”


Prediction 9 (Posted March 16, 2012): In Baja California Mexico there will be a measurably high earthquake between the 20th and 23rd.

The Facts: There was a 7.4 earthquake with no reported deaths in Mexico’s south coast on March 20th 2012. To see all the details visit the Summation Post at

Prediction 13 (Posted April 9, 2012): In April, perhaps around the 12th,  the water will flood the area on a massive scale. There are large mountains sitting in the background. Time is in no ones favor.  Several rescue workers are sent to aid in the disaster.The 12th is an estimate, they also used the number 22. They made it clear that this would happen in April. We have struggled on a location for this prediction, I was given the impression that several locations might be affected. The only clue provided was an association to the emblem of England with stars, unfortunately there are several countries that fall under that kind of flag. They also mentioned an earthquake. I don’t care to guess but with the timing next to nill and the mention of an earthquake this might be a tsunami which would explain the difficulty on a focused location.

The Facts: A major earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia Wednesday (April 11th 2012) afternoon with a reported magnitude of 8.6, sparking tsunami warnings for Australia and coastal nations across Southeast Asia, central Asia and parts of the Arabian Gulf.  To see all the details visit the Summation Post at:

Prediction 3 (Posted March 3, 2012): First the ground shakes, tremors everywhere. Then the volcano erupts violently with such a massive display of smoke, fire and lava between the 20th and the 22nd. There is next to no time to evacuate that placed called “Pinto”.

The facts: The Popocatepetl (El Popo)  volcano is shooting a heavy plume of ash into the sky southeast of Mexico’s capital, and television images show a reddish glow near the crater. Authorities this week raised the alert level due to increasing activity at the volcano. Associated Press – April 20, 2012,   (Note, the rumbling of the volcano started around the 17th) To see all the details visit the Summation Post at:

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