Personal Reading Testimonials

Share with everyone your experiences. Share with us how your personal reading with Eric was. Share a story about the world predictions or an experience with Eric.

If you are interested in a personal reading with Eric please email me at  to start the conversation either Eric or Bea will respond very soon. Please provide your full name, DOB, and the time zone you live in. If you live outside of the US please give us the country you live in, the time zone, and code for phone calls. The cost is 100$ per hour and 50$ for a 30 minute reading.  You can use this site to make your payment, Paypal directly under or regular mail.   Please be patient with a response, I do several readings so it might take a day or two to respond.

8 thoughts on “Personal Reading Testimonials”

  1. Eric is by far the best psychic I have ever come across! The things he has predicted in my life is really unbelievable. He has helped me stay on my best possible path. I am extremely grateful Eric offers readings to people for an affordable price. He is very very talented.

  2. I have had numerous readings with Eric and found that he is very easy to talk with, never judgmental, and very considerate and kind. He is one of the best psychics out there! He is also very affordable considering all of the information and help he gives. I found it very easy to schedule and pay via PayPal a reading with him and that, if possible, he will accommodate your needs for a specific day and time. I would definitely recommend having a reading done with him and know you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Eric is the best psychic I’ve ever known

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with finding (and utilizing) the best psychics in the world. I view psychic readings in the same vein as a medical appointment. A good doctor gives advice and support for medical issues and a good psychic medium does the same for our spiritual needs and issues. Everyone should seek out and gather information from all sources (including yourself) to gain the best experience and receive the best help.

    I’ve spent thousands of dollars over a twenty year period and have been blessed with amazing readings during that time – hundreds and hundreds of psychics sharing their insights and guidance.

    My search stopped five years ago when I stumbled across Eric’s website and unique talents. He is a gifted psychic with an equally gifted heart. Eric is and will forever be my “go to” psychic. (I was not asked to write this nor am I being compensated in any way – I just truly believe in Eric’s gifts so much that I want the world to have access to Eric as well).

    What is a reading with Eric like?

    To start the process, you’ll send an email with pertinent information to Eric’s email address. Bea (Eric’s wonderful mother and scheduler) or Eric will respond with a date and time for the reading, but Eric is incredibly flexible and while he is booked out for weeks at a time, he will work with you to find a date and time that fits your needs. Once the date and time is confirmed, you wait for Eric to call you at your appointed time.

    The Call

    Eric will call you at your designated time (he’s VERY punctual) and the reading begins. He will make small talk to say hello and see how you’re doing, but small talk is usually kept to a minimum as to not impede on your allotted time.

    After saying hello, Eric will tell you that he will connect to the Spirits and the phone line will go quiet…sometimes for upwards of 5 minutes or so (more or less depending). He is still there – just connecting and meditating! Please do not talk or make noises during this time as Eric is attempting to connect to the Universe to get the information you are “meant to know”. Once Eric begins talking again – the next 10-20 minutes (ish – varies every time) is spent going over the messages he received while the line was quiet. You may ask any questions about these messages and seek further clarification if need be.

    Once you are satisfied with the messages given (for me it’s always been between 2-5 messages), then you may begin to ask YOUR questions – whatever brought you to the reading. Be mindful of the remaining time so you can help gauge how many questions you have time for. I usually have time to ask around 3-5 questions during this part. After you ask each question, Eric will ask your question of the Universe…he’ll give you his best answer and you may talk further about his response if you wish. The time WILL fly by.

    I usually get a reading from Eric once every 3-4 months – more or less depending on what’s going on in my own life. I always purchase an hour over the phone and even that never feels long enough.

    What is Eric like?

    You will find Eric extremely accessible and easy to talk to. He is one of the kindest and least judgemental people on the planet. I have great respect for this man as he works tirelessly for his foster kids and family, as well as getting information to help save the world. He risks everything and puts it all out there – only to serve a greater good.

    Is Eric accurate?

    Eric is extremely accurate. In our five years of readings he’s NEVER given me information that hasn’t come true. Please read that again. And remember that I have had readings with hundreds of people – he is THE best. Eric should be charging hundreds of dollars more per reading but he is ever so humble and seeks to serve. I have sent tons and tons of people his way and they too are also happy with their results and are now on-going clients. I wouldn’t recommend him to others if I didn’t think he was the best psychic anywhere. (He is)!

    One thing to keep in mind regarding information you receive – YOU must be mindful to do YOUR part after a reading – regardless of who it is with – to dig down and receive the best information for yourself. For example – Eric once told me an appliance was breaking and there would be water everywhere. He saw a basket full of wet clothes that were ruined. He suggested it could be a washing machine or maybe even a dishwasher – he wasn’t sure of what appliance it was – JUST that an appliance would break soon.

    Do your own part

    On the surface, most people might assume this would be a washing machine or dish washer. It was neither but instead a small pet water/drinking fountain. He WAS correct in that an appliance would break. And it did. His symbol for that was a basket full of sopping wet clothes. So while it was not a washing machine per se – it WAS an appliance that deal with water. (He never said it was a washing machine) but my point is – you must take the information and work to apply it to your own life. Use the reading as support in the same way you would Google medical information after your doctor hands you a diagnosis. No psychic will tell you 100% of the time that “next Wednesday at 3:12 in the afternoon, your car will be in a minor fender-bender with a red car whose drive is a lady named Jane”.

    It’s just not happening.

    You get the information you are SUPPOSED to hear. So take it and know it could unfold over days, weeks or months….and work to apply it to your own circumstances. Dig into the information you receive.

    My advice to get the best reading with Eric

    Write or record your call – You need a way to review your reading after it’s finished, in my humble opinion. Eric doesn’t mind if you record or write your reading down in some way. I always write mine down by writing the main bullet points of each message then I’ll go back later to fill in what I left out (I also want to be present during the reading as well). Find your best way to capture the call and use it.

    Review your reading often – I review my reading every now and again to keep track of what has happened and what will happen soon. You can also use a reading to help increase your OWN intuition. If you know “ABC” is supposed to happen soon – work to cultivate an understanding in your own mind of how and when it will happen. Readings are also great educational resources when used correctly.

    Have 2-4 questions ready – One does not NEED to have questions ready for Eric but you might find it helpful to get support for whatever you are working through. I have often asked for readings but prepared zero questions – instead – trusting I will receive what I was meant to receive. Eric treats you and your information with the highest regard, empathy and esteem. He is truly just an angel of a person and I feel blessed to have found him years ago. He is changing the world and can help you understands your world better as well.

    I so highly recommend Eric that I almost DON’T want to recommend Eric for fear he will get too big and perhaps one day not have time for personal readings. 🙂 He is an amazing psychic and person. You will love your time with him and the information you receive.

    Thank you Eric for all you do!

  4. Thank you Eric for all your help!

    Full disclosure:

    Eric is not my regular advisor. He is very kind, patient, friendly, and honest. Much has come to pass, some things still to come because they are contingent.

    I also think $50/$100 is fair.

    If you’ve never had a reading, I agree, have some questions ready. BUT let him do the talking before you ask anything. That is how real seers work.

    Have pen & paper ready to take notes or get permission to record the phone call.

  5. Mr. Eric,

    The surgery turned out just as you said. Still having pain just as you said. The surgeon said it is nothing to worry about, just as you said.

    Other things are coming to pass but they are too personal to post.

  6. I also wanted to take the opportunity to testify to Eric’s consideration and generosity: the phone lines between San Diego and northern Europe were not at their best during my half-hour reading, so although I trusted having received enough information, Eric contacted me to offer another half hour on him to ensure that the proper information had been flowing through.
    Otherwise, the reading process was as described by others here, so I won’t repeat all that. It will be interesting to see what follows, so much that I asked about lies much further ahead in the future. I had someone coming through from the other side that I could validate, intriguing how some loved ones manage to get through repeatedly and others not. Some of the warnings will be tricky to heed as they were not specific enough in time or place, but most important were the predictions that will help me keep a somewhat more optimistic view for the future in these strange times.
    Thank you, Eric!

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