Prediction: Hurricane Florence P2

Please everyone stay safe!

The new information:

Right now we are working on two new Hurricane predictions, both of which hit Florida, one is a tropical storm that could become a category 1 or 2, the second is a historically huge Hurricane in October. We also have a North California earthquake expected next month, it is for those reasons that this message falls into play:   “FEMA resources spread thin, economics spread thin, so much rage from the US people as they wait too long.”

Hurricane Florence:  I had a visual of two locations that were marked in red as areas of concern.

The first red outliner was at the shoreline of North Carolina, they marked an area by or around North Myrtle Beach.  “Total collapse.. devastated.” The implication was that a bridge, pier, or building had collapsed, it was a major part of the area.

The second outliner was more inland. “Little Texas.. Baby Texas” I am unclear on the location they are describing.

Here is the list of previous predictions about Hurricane Florence, The new trajectory reflects the loop they talked about:

Prediction: Hurricane Florence  {Posted 9-8-18}  Spirit has confirmed that this prediction about North Carolina is Hurricane Florence or one of the others hurricanes behind it. The number 8 is a date,  happening now. North Carolina has declared a state of emergency.

Predictions: Major Events Coming  {Posted 7-26-18}  I had a visual I was looking out a window to see a very large storm unfold. “N..C.. 8.. 8.. 8”

{Posted 9-8-18} According to Spirit this storm will make landfall next weekend between the 14th-16th. It will hit between two border states. (Perhaps the border between North and South Carolina.)

The Hurricane will strike the coastline and then loop around.

Now we need to gather details for the next storm. I asked for the details and they said ‘wait’. In this message are they saying October 9th?  The message they have so far:

Predictions: The Gulf Hurricanes Coming {8-26-18} “The family.. 9.. handful will pass.. the large Hurricane will strike Florida.. they will say, we are staying.. no! evacuate!.. the storm will move slow and the flooding will be extensive.. you must leave, don’t be a fool!.”

In the visual the hurricane was really huge. They implied October, but I need to verify.

“In the gulf of Mexico a huge storm, it will drown the area of Mexico and Latin America in the worst way, so much flooding.” – Mid to late September

Is this message NC or Florida?

Predictions 9-4-18  I had a visual of a boomerang at a distance dropping a bit and then flying directly towards me. In the visual it looked very similar to a Hurricane sign or a trajectory message.

“13 years ago.. it is coming again.. make no mistake!”

“Areas disappear.. total destruction.”

That would be 2005, and I can only think of two events, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the December 2004 Tsunami. In the visual the boomerang had to cross a great distance. If it is a Hurricane, that would imply that the Hurricane formed in the Africa region and had to cross over the ocean

Predictions 8-22-18 “In the gulf of Mexico a huge storm, it will drown the area of Mexico and Latin America in the worst way, so much flooding.”

“Eric we need to shift our attention as September and October bring deadly damaging storms”