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What if you could change the outcome of future events? Imagine the impact one could accomplish by warning individuals of the next destructive Hurricane, a wicked world leader, or warnings of how the politics will unfold in the world.

This Blog attempts to predict those future world events and share them with all of you with the hopes that you will in turn bring awareness to others. Its only through mass awareness that change is possible.

My name is Eric and since I was a child I had the ability to communicate with the spiritual realm. It was at the turn of the 21st century that I begin to predict future world events through the information provided to me by a spiritual force determined to change the horrors that are coming.

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Eric Leigh-Pink began communicating with spirits as a child and predicted many events for his family and friends. As a teenager, he kept quiet about his abilities and because of that there was a growing itch that would explode when he moved to Arizona after high school.  In Arizona he wore his ability like a badge of honor, shared it with anyone that would listen. Unexpectedly the majority of people did not shun him but instead were eager to hear about their own futures.

At the turn of the century Eric began his journey in predicting world events. In the days prior to the new millennium many individuals were interested in asking what will the new century bring.  To his surprise they accurately predicted several upcoming events. The process of scrying into the world’s future started to become the norm, and as time passed it became clear that Eric’s gift wasn’t just for people’s personal use, but a global one.  In 2011 he began publishing his World Predictions online while fine tuning his ability. His hope is to further develop this ability to a consistent accuracy, and then create a large enough audience that will facilitate change by warning others of what’s coming.

At night Eric works on piecing together the world predictions. He communicates with a group of spirits that discuss the news of tomorrow. Receiving his predictions through a symbolic visual message and clairaudience, Eric then pieces together the puzzle provided and creates the world predictions you read.

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  1. Eric,

    You have done a few readings for my family and myself. I met you this past April. So far a few things you saw have occurred.

    I have some questions regarding my career. I moved offices like you said, my promotion & pay increase were delayed as you mentioned, but now I have been accepted into a high level leadership program. Everyone tells me I got to do this and it’s a great opportunity for me to advance. Unfortunately my new boss is not on board and trying to stop me.

    Can you help me figure out what’s going on? Also my husband Charles has been waiting to hear back about getting back into his college program. He is installing equipment for the elderly and disabled while he waits on school.

    If its best to call you let me know what time would be good. I am going to visit family this weekend, so I may not get reception.


    • Hi Annie!
      Its best if you email or call me directly. or 619-723-4731.
      Shoot me an email and I will get back to you soon or call, if you call please understand I am usually on the phone doing readings, so please leave a message, number and when you would like to talk and I should get back to you in about a day. For now I have Sunday open, Monday night is open, Tues open, but the other days start to get heavy afterwards so we would have to discuss an exact time for the rest of the week. Did you want to talk over the phone or meet in person? Hope to hear from you soon I look forward to the reading.

  2. Hi Erik, I just wanted to say that you’re doing a great thing here. Glad to see someone living their abilities fully and authentically. All the best!

  3. Eric,
    You asked about the format; I enjoy the current format where you give the message as you got it, then separately give your interpretation. I like it as a learning experience. Thank you.

  4. Hey Eric,
    Just an odd curious question. Have you ever had a prediction come to fruition, early, but slightly off, then come to find out later that the prediction actually came true later, when it should have and how it should have? Basically, have you ever been received by yourself, and not the truth?

    • When we first started world predictions I would post a prediction and if it did not happen I would report back as a failed prediction, but then a month later it would happen. Now days if a prediction is wrong they report to me that they or I made a mistake. Not only that but they make a strong point to remind me of old predictions they are still expecting to happen like; the bridge attack, the queen, and other broad stroke predictions like Iraq. In all cases I usually let you decide whether a prediction is a success or a failure. The one continued hiccup is timing. So even if it does not happen on the expected date, I still expect to see it unfold. I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any other questions about the process, we don’t talk much about that, which makes it a great question.

  5. I constantly deceive myself in regards to understanding the prediction. If you ever went through all my assumptions very rarely is my opinion right. I have learned to minimize that. I usually get a message which is “0” .. that means a prediction is about to happen, so even though there not telling me which prediction is about to happen they are confirming coming news as what they were talking about. I hope that’s not too confusing.

  6. Hi Eric,
    This seems to be how precognition works sometimes…you know an event is going to happen, but it could be farther in the future than you think. Or the event has symbolism that isn’t quite clear. Or (and this seems to happen to me), I second-guess it because I don’t understand how it “logically” fits in with what i know of the world. Then when the event occurs, I think, “Of course, now I get it!” Which isn’t very helpful to me, but fortunately I don’t see world events, just personal ones. The less I “overthink”, the better.
    Anyway, nice site!

    • Believe me I know. I wake up some mornings and can taste in my mouth what I am going to eat later. Or I will know right before it happens that something is going wrong. You know what you should do is have a little note pad and right it down every time you have that gut sense, or the feeling that those thoughts you just had weren’t entirely yours. Then see if they happens. After awhile you should be able to separate random thoughts from the intuitive messages your getting. Once you start tuning the machine then more comes, and eventually your seeing the events for other people, then the world, it just keeps growing. Just when I thought it could grow anymore, now I am getting messages 100 years away. Good luck with it.

  7. Hi Eric
    Do you see a major earthquake happening as well as a timeframe for Oregon area? And is it just the coast or further inland? I am new to your site and appreciate your candor and honesty. 🙂

    • Its not on the list: The existing list includes, South America (chile?), the Tsunami, either India or Turkey, and south CA or Mexico. With that list all other points are unclear, but we will be trying to get the details, I will ask about Oregon.

  8. Hi Eric,

    Nice project to warn world about future events and hope all “bad predictions” can fail if more people will be aware of them – future is not written in stone – what i want to mean – it shall be possible to predict event “A” to happen if you able to see that linked events “B” and “C” had hapened already or will happen soon. If you are able to stop events “B” and “C” from happening – event “A” will not happen either and world is saved from something bad. Hope such events sequence is correct otherwise future is written in stone , but then i doubt again, as we all have free will to make our limited choices . Good luck with your work.

    • Thank you, its my opinion that the spirits predict things already in motion, and have plans to hinder it, while there are plenty of other things that do not have a direction yet. Nothing in the future is set in stone.

  9. Eric,
    I was drawn to your site because I had a strong feeling lately about something coming down from the sky, as though I wanted to take my arms and shield my head. I live on Long Island not far from New York City. So I was amazed when I searched the web and found your site, and your blog mentioned in the next couple of days something coming down from the sky in the “big city”. I too receive messages from the Source that have been intensely accurate, especially lately. I am praying that whatever may occur be minimized and provide safety for all. I read your bio and could feel your authenticity. Blessings for what you do. I look forward to continue checking out your blog.

  10. Hi Eric!
    Im new to this website but find your predictions very intreguing! Im from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. Just wondering what predictions you have so far for our wonderous country down under? I have done some study on the net about our country and a few sources believe we will have tsunami’s due to earthquakes forcing people inland. Do you have much on Australian predictions?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Erin, yes there are predictions about Australia, may I recommend using the search engine by typing in “Australia”. Most of them are old, like Cyclone Rusty. The most current prediction was 8-23-13 which was a short overview of the nation Australia. We have plans to roll out new predictions, I know they have plans to discuss the Cyclones that are coming but I want details on a more specific location.

  11. Hi, I have discovered that I too have an ability to predict future world events, for example I had visions of a mass terrorist attack or huge scenes of devastation and googled the word “ha” just before hurrinane Haiyt and then I had visions of a triangle warzone and now I see there is trouble in tripoli which is “tri” structured. I have been psychic since a young child but this ability to predict world events is fascinating me recentley,. I was so glad to find your blog and realise there really is something in our predictions, I thought I might be slightly mad but it seems not. Good work.

  12. How are you able to make predictions for people only by talking with them on the phone or thru email, without physically meeting them?

    • Not following, its the spirits that have all the information, they do all the work, very similar to the world predictions, as I am not in the locations they are predicting. I hope that answers your question. All I do is listen to what they have to say.

  13. You wrote: They have marked the 13th of December. This time we are planning to ask what is coming.
    It is tomorrow. Any luck?

  14. I enjoy reading your predictions but I notice one of the very important decisions in the UK will be Scotland’s Independence. Do you see the split and Scotland becoming an Independent country. Thanks.

  15. hi eric, I just recently reading your website and I would like to ask is there any prediction that include our country philippines like the typhoon haiyan (yolanda) or other prediction for our country.thanks

  16. I wanted to thank you for this site. I visit the site regularly and I am amazed at the accuracy of the predictions. Please don’t stop posting…you may not realize it but you are doing wonderful things by sharing the information you receive.
    If you wouldn’t mind shedding light on the following….There is one area I have struggled with…i believe God is real but I have always felt this guilt…i believe God is love not hate or religious control. The Bible is this truly God’s words I have questioned this since I was very young? (That’s my guilt) sometimes I think its mans interpretation not God. The ambassador as you reference in the glossary. this Jesus Christ you forsee?
    If you can answer these questions I would appreciate it. I get frustrated that when I have asked these questions I get no real answers just “don’t question”.

    • That’s a big question Sali. Yes I the Spirits seem to be predicting his return and refer to him as the Ambassador. I truly believe in God, and believe the ability I have is a gift from God. I believe that god is the God of Abraham. I have respect and admiration for all the major religions, Islam, Buddhism, Jewish, Hindu, and Christian. Though I follow what the Spirits say is the reality of the Spiritual realm, I have no doubt that all of these religions are truths of God and the Spiritual Realm. Its individuals that claim that their belief, their religion is the only truth and the rest of us are just lost, that is very wrong. In short yes Christ truly was a prophet of God, but I would encourage you Sali to study the other religions, consume all the truths that God has to offer.

  17. Eric, do you believe that you are a prophet of God because you have gifts to insight into the future? Isn’t that what a prophet is? I know of people whom claimed William Abraham to be a prophet of God. He shared great insight into the future with his.predictions. have you heard of him or read his work. I read your blogs a lot and there is so much I you say in your predictions that he also wrote about. I know his followers feel that something catastrophic will happen this yr around Easter with Israel. Hope this hasn’t confused you, because it does me!

    • Absolutely not. I am in no way claiming to be a prophet of God. The spirits would say; I am a guided one. I am guided by Spirit and the spiritual realm with one united mission to alter the tragedies of tomorrow. That is all, I am in no way better or greater then any other person here on earth.

  18. Hi Eric,
    You have an amazing ability and I thank you for sharing it! I study Nostradamus and he predicted that WW III would be initiated and then killed on the eve of the war he names him as MABUS but that is likely to be a code like Hister was for Hitler. I think MABUS may be Mukhtar Abu al-Zubayr the leader of the group that killed innocent people in the mall in Kenya. Also Russia is about the cross the Dnieper River in the south coming up from Crimea that may be another prediction.
    What do you think of all this?

  19. A simple thank you for sharing a gift. Truth shows itself to those who understand the key is to share the message. Again thank you

  20. Eric, you might be interested in this month’s “Messages from Matthew” containing info on the plane. Just curious what you think. I read your bog daily and enjoy it very much. You have a great gift. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. Hi Eric,

    There’s been something I’ve been wondering about – and I know many other people are curious too. Will the UFO mystery ever be solved? Are UFOs all just mundane illusions, delusions, and mistaken identifications or are they alien craft? And is there any sort of governmental cover-up involved? How does this topic ever get resolved?

    • Which situation are you talking about exactly? I am sure some of the situations are just conspiracy theories. The distant predictions do predict finding life, but so far its more plants and small animals.

      • I think most are certainly conspiracy theories. I was just wondering if you get any sense of alien interest in our world.

        • Not really, but its not my area of expertise either. The spirits have always been focused on the future, future coming soon and distant. They have so many predictions about space exploration in the future and discuss so many different things including life outside of earth but situations concerning the ‘now’ have never been a topic.

  22. You have a God given gift that few of us on earth were given. I thank you for coming to terms with it within yourself and making the choice to share it with the world. God Bless.

  23. In your 4/6/14 notes you mention “the oreo broken”. Did you know that to manufacture oreos, the cocoa is made in Singapore and the cream is made in Victoria and Tasmania? In Tasmania, there is a type of fish called the oreo.

  24. Hi Eric, I live in Singapore and your 7-10-13 notes on the 2019 Asia Tsunami scared me. I have some questions I would very much appreciate if you could answer :
    1)Will Singapore be affected?
    2)New Zealand & Australia are considered part of the Asian-Pacific region. Will these two countries be hit by the Tsunami as well since you mentioned ‘all of Asia’ would be affected?
    3) What does ‘in 5’ mean?
    4) Is this event set in stone? Is there no way no prevent this terrible incident from occurring?

    • Hi Jewell, we aren’t expecting this prediction for another 7-8 years. As we get closer to the timeframe I will add the much needed details. I can’t speak for Singapore, this was a summary of events. We are expecting the Island nations around China to be affected. I believe the numbers mean May of 2019. Nothing is set in stone and the biggest question is how massive the Tsunami will be. But this event goes to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish, if we focus on events in the here and now and successfully alter the tragedies today, then it is believed that individuals will be more willing to take precautions on the more historical tragedies such as this one. I promise you this, by the time we get to that timeframe I will be able to present enough details for everyone who is willing to take the necessary safety actions.

  25. Hi Eric,
    Thank you for this blog. I am wondering if you have seen/heard anything regarding Canada other than the Vancouver, BC area. I have had several horrific dreams repeatedly usually involving the Ontario area, and occasionally flood and fire in the Vancouver area. The dreams have been quite persistent, which is not normal for me. I had first attributed them to personal chaos, but despite my chaos being resolved they continue. I then found your site, and frankly some of your reports echo the dreams, which disturbed me considerably. I would appreciate your thoughts and insights.

    • There is talk about really bad weather for Canada, and it is on the eastern side, but not until later in the year. So for now we have not gathered the details.

  26. Hi Eric,

    I have visited your website a few times but never really posted. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world. I was just curious if you ever heard anything from your spirit guides about active conspiracies to keep humanity in the dark and in control. For example, 9/11 being an inside job, or even spirits that are antagonist to humanity and work against humanity. Also what is your perspective how why there has to be so much pain, suffering and ignorance here on earth.

    • I have not heard anything about conspiracy in the 9-11 attack. They have talked about various Conspiracy theories and point out leaders with secrets but nothing has truly popped up warranting a post that puts me on the limb.

  27. Good Morning Eric, I had abilities when I was younger, say in my teens and 20’s, and now that I am older I have seemed to have lost them! When
    i was really young like 2 and under I saw spirits, could read without being taught to read. I remember looking at my hand at about a year old, thinking “what am I doing in this baby’s body?” I now have two sons, one is 21, just turned, and when he was small, about 2 days before 9/11, I still remember him standing on my porch with a freaked out look on his face and said this to me ” big building, fire, people jumping,, making explosion sounds, and he got this look on his face like he had seen it and was terrified! When I was in my 20’s and I had my boys in my early 30’s..people would ask me if I had any children and I told them “no, but I will have two boys”..its like I always knew they were coming..I did not have a partner then or was not married. I just knew, I could like “see” them. as about 2 and 4 and they looked exactly like they turned out. I also prevented harm to myself in my 20’s was going to amusement park and I was nervous about driving there with boyfriend, was like watch out and acting all upset. I told him I don’t know why but get in the other lane NOW!, well, as we drove by a semi lost its brakes, and it was like slow motion, the car which would have been us, was smashed, and the driver of the semi, the cab just crumbled around him! I always knew when the phone would ring too..and Id entertain friends with that one! However, im 56, had cancer, survived, I think, lol and have seemed to lost the ability! Do we lose the ability to communicate as we age normally? Am I blocked in some way? I also think my sons are both pretty psychic and I think it is making my younger son afraid, he wont tell me about it.
    How can I help my sons? Any suggestions about all this stuff? Thank you so much. I still get strong hunches, but no viewings and I know you know what that means. I still get upset sometimes for no reason, like agitated and afraid and something bad will happen in the world a day later..but no clues to what it will be or why. Could me having had cancer taken some abilities too?
    thanks Eric..

    • You probably turned it off. As you go to sleep at night try and visual a light switch turning on, or a light turning on. Visualize that for a good two weeks as you fall asleep. The other possibility is they turned it off, but that implies you did something morally distasteful, so probably not the case.

  28. Oh, I also have a complicated housing situation? trust my gut feelings? all due to the cancer situation. Being weak, forced into too quick decisions and now suffering for it, financially and mentally, the things I did were done out of extreme love for my kids.

  29. Eric: Do you get anything on the future of Russia? Russian Canadians tell us the West is not getting the correct news on what is really going on in that country but rather a lot of propaganda stirred up by negative forces. We are told there is actually a Religious revival going on and that Putin was brought up a Christian and is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. We understand American Christians have gone to witness on to him – not through his political circles, but through his church. It is not known how successful these Witnesses are or were in attempting to broker future peace with that country. Does spirit know what is what?

  30. Eric, I too do psychic work, but mostly dreams and their interpretations. There have been some dreams coming in recently (last week or so) that appear to fit in with your predictions for the month of January 2015. However, I have reason to believe the strike area may not be New York, but may instead be in West Virginia close to the Ohio River. Is there any way that I can discuss these matters with you in private before going public with them? Time is short.
    Bonnie M. Wells

  31. Hello, Eric. I assume there is so way to do readings online?

    On another note, if this whole “war” thing is true, could it mean nuclear, or within another country? In your opinion. The van and bullet shells don’t seem very nuclear to me…

    • I’d love to do a reading, but that first part was (mostly) a joke! 😛

      And I love what you do here. I pop in every week or two and read up on everything. Very informative stuff. For a good cause.

  32. The Amish have a prediction taken from the Bible. Putin is defined as fitting the description of the prophesied “King of the North” vs. “The King of the South”, Obama. They say the King of the south represents Babylon which God will destroy because he pushes against the King of the North and forces him to use his ” weapon of indignation” now deemed to be a EMF device detonated 20 miles about the US causing a total blackout of electrical power and computers causing the collapse of the US infrastructure, a.k.a. “Babylon”. The latest news from Russia is that Putin has “gone churchie” and will not tolerate criticism of his Eastern Orthodox Church. He is strongly on public record as referring to the U.S. and western nations as “morally bankrupt”. The Amish might be correct; there may just be a showdown brewing among various opposing cultures. Do you see “the lights going out in America”, any time soon due to a EMF weapon being used against her?

  33. [[The location was an issue, I asked several times. They presented a rectangle shaped state, for instance Kansas is like that. They also implied a city with a similar name, like Kansas City. Unfortunately there are several states and cities that fit that description.

    Previous Prediction, perhaps related Notes on 5-30-15 : “Eleven casualties, shot, at a campus.. charter.. what a despicable act.”

    My assessment of Spirits message: There will be a school shooting where 8 to 11 people are shot or killed. Even though they say ‘Campus’ from the look of the faces it seemed more likely a high school. That is assuming the two predictions are related.]]

    The state of Connecticut started a program a few years back called Middle College which had become a huge failure that the State does not accept. The program is intended to give troubled High School kids with potential, an opportunity to attend School on Community Collage campuses. Problem is many of the issues these students have often become worse when they are in a college environment where adults that are not instructors don’t always realize the students are underage.

  34. Eric, who is that spirit you talk to. Is this Angel Jibril, Satan Iblees or the Holy Spirit of Jesus?
    Predicting your dream is not necessarily talking with anyone it is just a dream. Dream can be from the Spirit or Satan but you don’t have control over it. How to train yourself to ask question in your dream? I am very much influenced by your site. It is based on the fact that you did predict some of the events accurately. Joseph son of Jacob was expert in dream interpretation accurately. Most of his dream was on future prediction in the old time and he used his knowledge to benefit for the people.


  35. Hello, Eric first I want to say, thank you for sharing your predictions I know it’s very hard to know when bad things will happen. I usually have messages in my dreams, when someone will die, have a baby or get married and I hope I don’t get other predictions it would be too much for me to process. Changing the subject, I saw everywhere on the web about the tsunami that could happen in the Seattle area I live very close to Seattle and close to the sea I suffer from anxiety and now this is keeping me awake all night since I read about it, have the spirits mention anything about that? Will it really happen? I’m so Anxious about not being prepared….

    • If your talking about a prediction I made, there is a very old prediction about a Tsunami that would hit Canada, but I know nothing about Seattle. It of course might affect you, but not the brunt of force. Please tell me what prediction you are talking about??

  36. Hi! Eric, I just fund your site. Very brave, from my point of view.
    Where did you find the unbelievable great idea, that upcoming events can be changed with mind pollution? Because that is all you are doing.
    If you drive a car and see a sign “Ice on road”, do you prevent disaster by removing or painting a sign anew? On the other hand, you are changing future simply with running that website of yours
    (warning the other drivers about ice).
    There is a one-hour window in 24 hour cycle, when the information are accurate. Find it – Eric and you wonderful visitors of this website! Than your journey will begin for real.
    No offence. Have a good life and thank you.

  37. Eric, has the spirits communicated to you about the war of hate that’s going on in the US?

  38. Hmm its very interesting your newest prediction. Why don’t you contact the CIA to get help prevent certain things that could be with their help? You get clues and they will know where to look through. Also you should have a column for all the good things that are coming our way in the recent future such as scientific break throughs. A section where you ask spirits about the general questions the public is interested in about life and their answers would be interesting. It just seems you just try to find all the bad prediction but nothing is preventable.

    If you really want to prevent this russia plane prediction, maybe contact the CIA??

    • We have in the past, but it has failed to produce anything,
      Spirit really feels that the best course of action is overwhelming public, it would function better if I convince you and everyone else to get the word out to others.

  39. Ok I just want to know how much this guy is talking out of his ass and how much is legit? Is this guy for real or a scam artist. Neale Donald Walsch. Please look into him and let me know if you can. I think he will be of interest to you too.

      • I understand that but I just would like to know if the message this guy is spreading is real or if he is doing it just for the money and its all made up?

        I would not have asked you if I did not deem you to be a reliable source. I just dont want be blind in life forever and want to understand about the spiritual world but at the same time I dont want to believe in everything I come across without it being valid.

  40. Eric I think you are amazing, enlighten us blind people to a higher power. I cant wait to see what the spritis say about him.

    • Thanks, eventually we will tell the story of how we got here, and its a pretty cool story, with that we plan to share a wealth of info, but before that happens we must perfect our work here and most of all make a wide range difference to one of these tragic events.

  41. Today is one of the saddest days of my life. I want to ask you straight up a question which I hope you will be able to answer but if not then never mind.

    What does god want? Why is there so much struggle and suffering in the world? So much tears and pain. So much flaw in the system, so much corruption, so much hate. What does god want? Why isnt he willing to help the people? Why did he create us? Everything would of been so much better if nothing existed at all. Can you ask your spritis to ask their father what kind of father he is? Why can we not live in a peaceful and perfect world? Does he even exist and if he does why does he not care?

    I just want to know why? So many people are mislead to the wrong things. Why did he even make such things as jealously, hatred, selfishness, diseases, evil? I really hope you can give me an answer to as much as possible and tell me truthfully rather than a cliche answers? The type of answer all religious people give where they talk alot about everything but answer nothing.

    • I am sorry your having such a bad day. I can only give you my opinion, I don’t claim to know all of the truth, and can only share what Spirit has shown me over the years. There are a lot of questions there. Let me just give you my take on an overall picture. God: I don’t believe the creator wants, or desires, or starves, or is jealous, those are human qualities. Its hard to imagine a being that is perfect but try. The best image I could give you, is a being of complete joyful, happy, loving and compassionate, who wants to give an endless amount of gifts, his gift is life itself.
      Us: We are a flawed species, who is here to learn and grow. We are here to improve ourselves and I truly believe unite under one banner, we are one species living on one planet but we make every effort to separate ourselves through nations, race, religion, etc. But we are designed to be a woven tapestry not just a bunch of strings jumbled together. We exist with the purpose of doing for each other, loving each other, giving to each other. But unfortunately their is that darkness like a shadow always turning us against one another, always ensuring we never get to what we were meant to be. It is our own acts that created hatred, violence, corruption with the darkness aiding behind us. But their time is coming to a close and their eviction is inevitable, what you see in the world today is their rabid rage of fear that their time is drawing closer to eviction. Look at the refugee crisis, imagine the crisis without the darkness, no one kicking kids, making decisions based on fear or hate, welcoming hands of kindness and compassion is what we were meant to do but failed in the worst possible way. I guess in that better world they wouldn’t even be refugees. Finally is an understanding that we are responsible for our acts, and are chained to the acts of others, we are responsible for creating a better world, one of love and kindness, the Spirits guide us but will never step in entirely because it is our obligation to fix what we created. We need to fix it ourselves. I am trying to do my part, and if everyone on this planet did their part we wouldn’t have half the problems we do. I am sorry for you difficult times, I don’t know if this is cliché or not, but this is my opinion from the truth Spirit has shown me. One final note we are eternal and have a very long time to shed away all the flaws that we are today, striving towards a perfection that could only imitate our Creators perfection.

  42. I like what Jay is asking Chris. My mum was crying listening to her old father gasping for air, finding it hard to breathe and in total pain all over the body, struggling to even speak on the phone because he is constantly gasping for air. That made me really sad too. The weirdest thing is he is one of the most religious and nobel men. He is poor and has hardly any money and lives off his little pension he gets. Even that he saves most of it for charity and little bit for his childrens that didnt do so well in life. Never speaks a bad word and is always thinking about helping others. His wife is the same nice person who is religious, always praying for other people, always giving anything she has and only keeping what is left and wearing old clothes and even giving away the gifts she gets from others to less fortunate. How does it make sense that he is suffering at such a old age, a person who dosent even harm an ant and dosent eat any meat, fish or eggs.. How can someone so good have such an ilness thats uncurable? Its not fair?

  43. Hey Eric. I have seen that a priest from spain or something and Nostradamus predicted an asteroid collidinh with earth in march or may this year. Have you had any visions on this?

  44. Also, i have been vary paranoid-kinda and suspicious over 2016. Could just be me, but there’s some awful feeling i have. Like something very major tragic will happen.

  45. Just wondering. I’m from Norway so i just like to know. Do you remember if you ever predicted the terror attacks on 22 july 2011?

  46. Hey Eric. I think it’s amazing what you are doing. I’ve always been very into this kinda stuff but never have had a personal reading done. Could you email me details on what to do to set something up

  47. Eric i need to ask you a question. For 7-6 months now, i’ve been seeing the number 119 and 911 everywhere and everyday. This is something that may be dismissed as paranoia, due to the fact that it’s the emergency number and the date of the usa attacks in 2001. But here’s what makes me believe it means something. Within that period i’ve also lost 2 close friends of me, and i have never lost anyone before except from my grandpa, but i knew he was going to die because he had incurable cancer. So i’m wondering if you have any insight or information if these numbers really mean to warn me about something. Thanks.

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