The Awesome and Flawed Life of Eric Leigh-Pink 4

I saw smoke cover a land area with such horrible damage. Whether connected or not it was followed with; “Evil.. Persian weaponry.. they would destroy the ground they are living on how absurdly idiotic they are!.. we recognize a need for a hero.. likely aid..”
This one again really sounds like chemical warfare.

Notes on 5-23-13

Three months into 2013, Al Assad of Syria unleashed hell on earth with a chemical weapon.

I am a lion, I am a hunter, apart of a pack of Spiritual lions, that hunt the nightmares of your tomorrow. We seek all the horrors. Like a lion we have an instinct to find our wicked enemy, to search for the next threat to you, with piercing eyes we hunt that which needs to be eviscerated. But this, this moment burned me.

I can never forget this moment in 2013, to this day it haunts me. I was there with Spirit, we walked down a messy dirt road, with small warn apartments to the left and right, I clearly remember being there in Syria and noticing all the trash laying on the ground. I thought to myself someone should clean this up. Then I saw a mother and her son about a few feet away. The smoke came in like a vapor to the left, turning the corner. The family melted right in front of me. The son looked at his mother, as if concerned, with a look on his face of “I am leaving you now Mom.” this was it, he was dying. Then he melted, his flesh falling off, he died. He died right in front of me.

After watching his wilted body fall I became rage itself. I became untethered. Flames of unbearable fire engulfed me with pure unwaving rage, now becoming me. This was beyond approach, and yet allowed here on our little ghastly planet, so much death. Will someone do something to stop this wicked man.. No he literally is still there.

Three months would pass, I suddenly had a horrible problem. My hands started to shake violently. My eyes bulged. I started to sweat horribly. I became lost in my dark thoughts. Everything suddenly seemed to be spinning and moving faster like the flames of fire. Fear took over all my body. I felt pain, but did not know where. Pin pricks twitched against my body. Dread consumed me. I was suddenly trapped in my own mind of horror. Damn that Al Assad, he took his black tar horror and infected me with it. The shakes wouldn’t stop, the nightmares plagued me, I couldn’t get that child’s face out of my mind. Noises begin to bother me, my mind, oh I want my old mind back. But the shaking did not stop. I could not find a way out of the trap of my own making.

A few days later, Bea and I was driving to another side of California. It was about 4 months after the chemical attack, my hands were still shaking. The shaking would just happen without any regard to a moment. Then in the car I heard;

“Come to me.”

The voice was below me, in front of me, behind me, to the left and right. What Spirit has such power that it can be in all places I thought. But my unfeathered mind ignored it. I was too concerned with my endless tears. The voice continued. Who was it?

Then as we reached the depths of nature, the California grape vine, an endless beauty of nature. I heard the voice again much louder, stronger, yet softer.

“Come to me.” Then it dawned on me, its the nature. Is that Tira?

Tira, the name given to the great caretaker, a being beyond ancient, the massive ground you are standing on right now. The soul of that huge sphere we call earth. She is grace on tap. Truly the kindest, graceful, most peaceful individual I have had the honor of meeting. I met her initially after my awakening. She has a style all on her own.

So I planned a nature trip. Let me escape to the boundless beauty of her. Tiras voice became like Marco Pollo, I would hear it and then follow. Eventually I found myself on an isolated part of the beach.

I stood in front of the ocean in tears. My hands shaking, my mind now broken and I screamed to the ocean waves and universe.

“Help me.. Please!” With only the wind and ocean waves to keep me company. I prayed to be unbroken.

A good hour past, I sat just meditating. Then in the depths of the ocean was a glow. It grew bigger and bigger expanding with light dancing against the waves. It was her.

I felt the wind hold me, I felt the wind comfort me, I felt loved. Then suddenly I felt this energy slowly move up my body like bright light dancing up my leg reaching my head. I felt this energy moving all things within me. Suddenly I was revived. Then a voice for the breeze, the salty air.

“Peace be upon you.” She whispered in my ear as she blanketed me with love. I melted, I started sobbing uncontrollable, as the nightmare was removed from the depths of my body. I felt this horrible dirty energy leave my body. Then we talked:

“My children approach.” I looked bewildered. Where?

“Who do you represent, Locustka?” She asked me.

With tears streaming down my eyes, the wind suddenly moving faster and the tide rising, I yelled out, knowing exactly who we serve.

“We serve the “One” .” I said while sobbing.

“And what is the “Ones way.” She Whispered

“Love” I softly said.

“Then let love consume you in all ways. A gift for you and a reminder of the side you serve. The power we yield, is beyond anything the darkness will every have.. For the King.”

Then the voice stopped. The light stopped. The wind continued. I sat there waiting for what? I did not know. Then suddenly, the sand moved, the ground suddenly became alive? It was behind me, in front of me, what was happening?

Turtles! Turtles were being born right now on the beach! There were so many of them. They worked their way out of the sand and moved toward the ocean. I watched as they made their first step with their small little feet. I watched as they shuffled back and forth from their shells. I understood, those I serve have a power no one else holds, life.

You. yes you. Hear me loudly. In your moment of absolute disparity. When the nightmare of your life consume you. When the grind of life has exhausted you. When trauma has consumed you and made you the enemy, consider her. I did. The ultimate healer. She will bring you peace. She nurtures all. She can help you. Her love for you is boundless. Know she is there for you. Always.

I share this, because on this timeline, where Putin is the Jokester of the world, I burn. My trips to Tira have amplified in numbers. I found something wonderful, right in front of all of us, and its her, and I want to share that with you, she healed me, and I truly believe she can do the same for you. Think of all the great Spiritual leaders of the past, all of them have her in it. From a man walking the desert, to another climbing a mountain, a prince under the tree, and a merchant in a cave. Tira serves all. So in your darkest of moments consider the boundless splendor of Tira.

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  1. Hope Avatar


    1. Heather Avatar

      How do you pronounce Tira? Is the “i” long or short? Just wondering for meditation.

      Thanks so much

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Its a nickname. There is this oww so awesome story behind it all. Just as we name our children after other Titian’s, so did she. Tara is powerful ancient one, part of the Hindu faith. She is real and oversee the well of souls. Like the ultimate guard X1000. From what I know “Tira” was a consult at one time, a student in some ancient time for Tara, and when she placed herself in earth she adopted her Teachers name. Tira. Changing one letter, Honestly I pronounce it as they Hindu’s do, just switching out the I.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It’s quiet awesome, all the faiths are actually connected.

  2. Heather Avatar

    Thanks so much!

  3. Tirin Avatar

    I think you called the Moon “Diana” in one blog? Though I imagine that name came from the Roman Spirits of long past. Would Tira be a older form of the name Terra, there some connection there? I was about to type if the Earth was our Mother Goddess specifically as a counterpart to the Cosmos (Father Spirit, God, etc).

    Are all planet’s souls considered feminine or it doesn’t really matter?

    I was going by the idea how everything reflects in male/female counterparts (exceptions where few beings can be both) and if Father Spirit had one has well.

    I guess in some technical way she is the Goddess Counterpart if not really a literal goddess (making this more complicated than I should), but for everything on Earth specifically.

    Curious, has other planet’s souls ever spoke with you like Mars?

    Sorry if I’m all over the place, this is really new to me and trying to wrap my head around it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There nicknames, I don’t think Diana is her official name. Yes because we come from the timeline of Oracle of Delphi, BC time, we often refer to the names of the past. Before she was called the Moon she was referred to a a goddess figure, Diana, But thats just us living in the past, calling her by the name they use to have. But there is a soul in that massive sphere.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Are all planet’s souls considered feminine or it doesn’t really matter?
      I was a consult during the Oracle of Delhi, and I was a woman. I have actually done this work several times as a female. The souls do not have a male or female. However they do have Ying and Yang. The rock vs water. Flow verse solidarity. We lean male or female. My brute force, my persnickety ways, my lion like actions, put me in a role that dominates as a male, so most but not all fall as a male figure for me. Souls do not hold a specific sex. Hope that makes sense. Take Winston Churchhill. Could you ever see a female version of that? You could.

  4. Gloria Avatar

    Eric, when I heard this tonight, I instantly thought of your prediction. I hope this is coming to fruition!

  5. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Thank you.

  6. Gloria Avatar

    I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but when I access the site on my phone, some of the predictions, such as this thread, don’t appear at all, it’s like they don’t exist. I’ve missed quite a few threads, because I tend to use my phone more than my laptop. Anyone else having that issue?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I will definitely look into it.

    2. Dianne Banks Avatar
      Dianne Banks

      Yes, until yesterday , no new posts were showing on my laptop since Dec 2 so I had missed a lot. I am in New Zealand.

  7. Olga Avatar

    Eric, sorry to change the subject, but there is so much drama going on with the Royal family and the attack on them and the whole country as racist. What do you see happening to them in the future? Will the monarchy and the Royal family be completely changed because of that? Thank you!

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