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I am doing readings now, I know there was questions about that. I wasn’t for a short time while ill but now I am back to work. Some of you have been waiting patiently.

New: Why do I need your time of birth? It simply allows me to see further down your future. It’s not vital as many of you know their is still plenty for Spirit to cover. I do need your Date of Birth.

If your interested in a reading contact Bea to set that up at Please include your full name, dob, time of birth, time zone/country, phone number, and what days work for you. Thanks!

ELP.. Bea.. and you know who.

13 thoughts on “Readings with Eric

  1. Eric, i am wondering, with all the private info we have to provide you.
    what is the difference of a reading by you and for example a birth chart?

    1. I am not entirely following. Birth charts as in Astrology? At its base I need your name and dob because there are others in the world with your name. So I need a focal point for Spirit.

  2. Apparently Justin has not taken a personal reading from Eric. My family members and some close friends all have received personal readings from Eric. My family tends to get a reading whenever a member has a problem and look for guidance from Eric’s spirit friends. An example of one of my readings is described briefly below.
    It was about ten years ago, a member of the family run away from home in angers. He left his cell phone and wallet in the house purposely. After we searched the areas for hours with no luck, we called Eric for help. Eric was able to tell us in rather detail about where he may go and use a special device to contact a friend, his friend will pick him up and take him to his place for the night. His friend will take him home tomorrow around the dinner time. It turned out to be exactly what Eric told us. Without Eric’s prediction, we may have reported to the police and had one sleepless night.
    I don’t think any birth charts can give me such a precise prediction than Eric’s prediction.

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of having a couple readings with Eric. I’m still blown away by the first reading, my persistent and very vocal grandfather who was more like a father to me and passed in 2006 came through. Eric said something about work being done to my floors and at first I thought perhaps it was symbolic as at the time I lived in a rundown apartment, but sure enough within a months time management began to work on the floors in each unit.

  4. For my family, we consider one hour of reading from Eric is the best thing you could have each year. We would start by asking if any members may have unusual sickness or accidents during the year. Then we would ask for specific concerns such as if my son’s business would go up or down, or if he would find a girlfriend 😎. Anything that my wife could come up, Eric’s spirit friends always gave her an answer 🤗. Isn’t that a great thing to do each year?

  5. Eric,
    The 5 billion Taiwan arms deal the Trump administration is pushing , has angered the Chinese government and they are ready to go to war not with Taiwan but with us. How could Congress even consider to approve this arms sale when this puts us Americans in imminent danger ?

  6. Hi Eric, In Meg’s comment, she mentioned that her deceased grandpa came through. Does it mean, your reading is able to allow people to communicate with the person passed away? If so, I like to have a reading to try to connect to my mom who passed away last December. I really miss her a lot. Thanks 🙏

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