Hurricane Alex in January

This prediction is starting.

Future of US Politics? -Notes on 11-6-14  Climate change now arriving in full effect,  your inaction has unleashed a horror, starting now.. First..
Hurricane season officially dead, because now they will happen when they happen, at any time. — Spirits Voice

7 thoughts on “Hurricane Alex in January

  1. Hey Alex do you see anything pertaining to australia with climate change? It seems we are receiving less and less rain and i dreamt the other night that we had no drinking water which seemed a while off but still a true dream .. what are your thoughts (i generally dont want to bother you as you are doing such a fantastic job and you have so much one your plate but this is a big concern for us in au )

    1. Australia is always on our radar. We still have two predictions that have not unfolded yet with AU, but not about weather its about some type of threat. We will always continue to check in on the information but I haven’t heard of weather related issues yet in regards to AU.

  2. SWC appears to be a really deep breath we are taking…
    Its so quiet….
    Time to reflect and gather some energy and refocus…
    At least thats whee i am at….
    Blessings and try not to worry..

  3. Thanks *Eric for your reply .. and sorry about calling you alex before eek .. i must have read the storm name and typed the same haha… thankyou for everything you do 😊

    1. LOL I was going to say something but Alex works, its funny because everyone calls me elp which are my initials and when they say ‘eric’ some go far as to say whos that?

  4. 2-10-14 “terror attack”

    Please forgive me as I searched for winter. Found this older post of 2-10-14. The bad snow storm is expecting this week in east of US. I don’t know if this post has anything to do with evil attack this winter. Just checking.

    Pray for all to stay warm inside and be safe for the coming storms this week.

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