Monday Predictions Delay

Where are Monday’s Predictions?

We have several cryptic messages over the weekend that I need to refocus on before I publish the new set of predictions, as soon as I get some clarity I will publish their messages. I am very sorry for the delay.  I am hoping to finish that by Wednesday.

Also some changes you should be aware of:
My email address will change to for all things involving this site.
For those of you who do readings and use paypal for the payment please also switch to when asked who you are sending the payment too.
As of November 1st all readings will change to 100$. The readings until then continue to be 80$
Also we are now open to doing phone readings in Canada. When sending you reading request to please make sure you note that you are from Canada, I need to use a specific phone for those readings.

Thanks ELP


3 thoughts on “Monday Predictions Delay

  1. Awesome! I knew you was busy and like the new email address better. Very appropriate. Wishing you much successful in your journal with the World Prediction!

  2. eric as always, great job, in all you do! the new price, is still a great deal! a lot of others charge 250 to 400, for half a hour! thanks from all of us, for all you do!


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