2015 Prediction Summary

Click here-  2015 Prediction Summary.

I have finally updated the Summary Page. You can click on the above or look at the ‘page’ section of this blog. If your a big fan, a friend, or just a curious like minded web surfer I encourage you to share this with you friends and family.  Nothing shows our accuracy and at times ‘room for improvement’ more than the sum of all their messages. This page not only shows how accurate they can be, but how much we have improved year by year. So please post it on FaceBook, tweet it, reblog the page, forward it though email. As you know our goal is and always will be to change the future through awareness, warn people of the nightmares that are coming and eventually alter the outcome of these tragedies.  –ELP

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  1. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

    Eric it has been so amazing to watch how much more accurate and how much your predictions keep getting spot on! I’m returning online after having no wifi or cell service up in the mountains this summer…. I have so much to catch up on that I have missed! Thank you for your dedication and all the hard work you put into changing the outcome and making people aware of some horrible things to come. Thank the Spirits too for all of their work in helping to deliver important information 🙂

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


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