Statue of Liberty Bomb Threat

This prediction has happened. Its timeframe is wrong.

Notes on 3-8-15   In 3 minutes ( in 3 days putting it around the 10th) a New York bomb threat. I had a visual of yellow police tape blocking off certain areas.

The Facts on 4-23: “New York (CNN)New York’s iconic Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island will reopen to the public Saturday — one day after a bomb threat that led to its evacuation was declared unfounded, officials said.” Quoted by

15 thoughts on “Statue of Liberty Bomb Threat

  1. It’s not surprising. We all need to remain to be on ALERT! ISIS is crazy after the world.

  2. I remember a number of months ago you gave out clues of a place with a bell in the New York-New Jersey area and there was a package involved. You thought it could be a bomb. Do you remember that post? At the time I thought it could be either the stock exchange or Statue of Liberty. You thought it might be in a theatre setting where people gathered because you felt the package was on a second level like a mezzanine. I Googled bells in the New York area and Statue of Liberty came up as one suggestion. You did a good job on this one. Newspaper didn’t say where package was found.

    1. That’s right, I remember that! We all tried to figure it out where the whistle might came from. So was that the boat transport to and from the Statue of Liberty? Great job, Eric! That was the toughest part to resolve on the whistle and bell in NYC. Man.

  3. I have said from the get go. statue of liberty. in and around ny/nj Is in nj waters but owned by ny etc. some predictions may not be just one but many intertwined. An incident in ny some months ago were people were taken to bellvue. Also another last month on 2nd and 7th A prediction at same time mentioned 27. Again taken to bellvue. I wish I was not on the run right now or I would look these up and repost. I truly believe that predictions dont get too fa rfetched and are pretty literal. If you are told u will come into money dont get excited. You may find a penny on the floor lol 🙂

  4. Eric,people asks me prophecies of Venezuela,something is going to happen in Venezuela? There are prophecies of Venezuela?

  5. I dont think there was a package. A 911 call threatening to blow up the stauue. A dog found a scent in a locker. but it was all cleared Thats what I heard on news.I remember that during the original time frame we had a large snow storm in the area. Many felt that the plan may have been called off. maybe so and this was maybe a continuation to scare everyone or test it out.. hmm

  6. 2nd and 7 was the explosion in ny last month. the other if I remember correctly was a shooting or stabbing etc at a bagel shop not far from belvue hospital. there were predictions all around the same time that mentioned bomb threat,bell view.bagel shop, explosion and the number 27. pretty cool but all separate stuff.

  7. Well the government is predicting a series of terror threats from isis soon in the usa. Let’s hope these people are caught before they can do any damage.

  8. No major threats on usa just minor want to be isis fanatics that don’t appreciate were they live. It’s funny how all these people from Islam risk their life to leave their present circumstance then when in the g8 nations want to introduce sharia law amongst were they now live. Heaven and he’ll. God did not make sharia law, man did.

    1. Respectfully, Please do not knock other religions on this site. I know you are sharing your opinion, but this site has a global audience, and I feel all religions should be respected, as should the people reading Spirits work.

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