Obama Takes Responsibility for Strike that Killed Hostages

This cryptic prediction has happened. Please pray for the families of the victims.

Notes on 12-23-14   I had a visual of the US flag drop to the ground.

The facts on 4-23: “President Barack Obama said he took “full responsibility” on Thursday for the accidental killing of an American and Italian hostage during an apparent drone strike on an Al-Qaeda compound in Pakistan.” Quoted by http://news.yahoo.com/white-house-two-al-qaeda-hostages-killed-us-140915461.html

6 responses to “Obama Takes Responsibility for Strike that Killed Hostages”

  1. anthony Avatar

    Being president of the usa is a shitty job. At least he has the balls to stand up and raise his hands. Many leaders in past history would never do such a thing. People were hostages and no one new they were there. Otherwise different outcome. Many leaders should take his leadership such as China turkey and Japan. Forgive release and let go. These souls are not the same souls that created various outcomes 100 years ago or 1000. But to align and accept certain mass killings without remorse along time ago is worrisome. Turkey and Armenian. Jews and Iran. China war with Japan, Japan has appoligized. Leader of Japan did not do the rapes and killings hence the difference. Forgive release and let go. Thank god for reincarnation

  2. anthony Avatar

    Angel Jolie wants the g5 to end conflct in Syria as they have the power as a group. Imagine lord jesus coming back and tell them not to deal with countries economically. Let’s see how quickly the tables will turn, China and putin keep vetoing and not working as one mind to end the suffering. I truly believe a miracle is about to happen in regards to Syria by the weekend. Next week is the big show.

  3. Jackie Avatar

    Bomb threat Statue of Liberty. In and around ny???

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s a prediction, a short message about a bomb threat in NY. But the date they gave is wrong.

  4. Deborah Avatar

    A 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, hundreds dead.


  5. anthony Avatar

    Looks like egypt is going to invada Libya and get rid of isis there. They will probably end up paying egypt a fee for security and swap oil in payment. Both sides will prosper as they get rid of the evil and save those people taking boats to Italy looking for a better life. Another story about Iran spending 6 billion supporting terrorist armies in the region. Imagine if Iran stopped supporting these groups along with Saudi Arabia. We’re would they buy their weapons from. What cause would they be working for then. Self.

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