King of Clubs, Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri Killed

This prediction has happened. However the US did not execute him.

Notes on 10-4-14 Hong Kong Protests   I had a visual of the King card being pulled out of a deck of cards. They placed it down, the card was either clubs or spades because it was black not red.
I had a visual of an 8 ball but instead of the number 8 it had the number 1.
“Win, Win” Spirit said

Notes on 1-23-15   I had a visual of the US flag flying high. They implied the US would ‘execute’ the ‘great enemy leader’ bringing happiness to several different groups of people.

Notes on 4-16-15    I had a visual of Spirit pointing to the TV.   Another message that a prediction is about to happen.

Notes on 4-11-15    “NOW”
I had a visual of a box unfolding. Usually that means within a weeks time a prediction is about to happen, however Spirit implied this event would happen in a matter of days.

The facts on 4-17: King Of Clubs, aide to Saddam Hussein, Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri was killed in a security operation

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  1. Johnny Nepal Avatar
    Johnny Nepal

    Hey eric,

    You had previously answered my question in such full details that im grateful that you could spare such time for a stranger to explain things they could not understand. One of your answer to free will and fate was the following:

    ” No. We live by choice. There is a small amount of fate involved and a huge amount of Karma. Spirit once told me that our past lives are like our shadow always following us, always attached to the now. These predictions are events already in a state of motion, this is also why timing is always an issue, because that motion can be altered. We write these predictions with the hopes that we can alter them, change them, they refer to the future as unstably set”

    If you do have time could you go into details and explain more? I am very fascinated by your insights in these matter. There are many people in this world that want to understand what the meaning of life is? What the purpose of life is? How we can achieve greater peace and happiness in our life? Does doing good things give you good karma or do you only get punished for the bad karmas? Is there really reincarnations and if so how can we change our bad karma from our past life and make the karma in the future life better?

    I know that I have too many question as I am too curious about everything and like to know everything in details. Maybe one day you can do Q&A on reddit or make a video explaining or answering peoples questions and uploading it here?

    I think you could really change peoples lives here and open their eyes on things that people just fail to understand the great ‘WHY’ question of life on everything.

    Great regards

    1. anthony Avatar

      Good question john. Let me answer. When a prophet came and talked people never understood what he was teaching but over time as things unfolded and became true they started to finally believe. They stayed within own group. Let’s call this group the church. You can put any religion into this. You were also told in the church to deal with your own kind. Meaning like mind. Good and evil explained. Do you do for self or for god. Laws of attraction. So now you go to school and get a job. Get married and have kids. Meet many different people. But who is like mind as you grow. This is were your choices are made and you can look back and reflect. Reep what you sow. On top of this when you finally figured things out you have light takers who want to take or drain your light or good karma. You feel exhausted just by being around them. All their problems. See good and evil explained. I can go on and on. The most important thing I will teach is thought and words. What comes out of you is more important then what comes into you. That’s your first lesson. Listen to your surroundings. Change your surroundings if you don’t like what you hear. If everyone went to chuch and prayed and did good things karma would not would buy and sell within your own kind and get married within own kind. Open up your third eye so you can see and be like Eric. Avoid the pitfalls of dealing with bad souls. Hope this helps.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Anthony, thanks for explaining. Explain “we are the lights”? Jesus said, “I am the morning star and the Light”. Does that mean the Light is the source of pure, energy and thought that develop and experience by sight, touch, feel, smell, sounds and sixth sense? We all are in physical forms yet the bodies passed on then the “lights” move on to next stage, right? So, where the lights (energies and thoughts) travel to? Galaxy or just hanging around on planet to feed off the energies? There are lights beyond the universe, are we from those lights in the universe and galaxy? I’ve read some reincarnated that they returned to earth for a reason. To me, it’s almost like a flower that grow then died then it grow again then died. It’s all in recycle. Is that the same concept as the “lights” energies that repeating to reproduce the energies? Maybe I’m not making sense but trying to grasp the meaning of Lights that serve as who and what we are in physical and spiritual forms.

        I know something is out there that we do not have all the answers. The bible has the keys to our life but it remains to be mystery beyond our knowledge. Jesus and former prophets tried to teach the “lights” which is us to love our neighbors as well as ourselves to keep our morals standards to keep our lights pure and free from darkness.

        With the help of Eric’s prediction, it helps me develop my understanding of what is surrounding us, not just ourselves but to help us in unity. We, the lights are in this community to help each other to be aware and protect our planet. The lights come into physical forms to take care of our planet as our Creator created for us to enjoy our habitats.

        Blessings to you!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I am not sure what he meant.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We live to learn, unfortunately it is that simple. Just to clarify Karma is not about punishing the wicked, but balance. It’s about keeping everything in balance, so everything we do always comes back to us, to keep everything in balance. So doing wicked things is clearly not in your favor, and the universe is in no hurry at all to send it back your way. If you want you can set up a reading, then you can ask more about why YOU are here, what your meaning, purpose is. But your right one day we will share our knowledge for now its all about the predictions.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Thank you Eric. Blessings to you!

  2. Harvey Avatar

    Thanks for allowing me to speak my thoughts. Have a blessing day. 🙂

  3. Harvey Avatar

    I guess it’s pretty complicated to explain. No worries.

    1. anthony Avatar

      Hi Harvey. Jesus was teaching how to create a light body. If heaven is above I guess we’re in you come from the stars which is light. Star of sirius. Jesus I believe would be Sanat kumara who would also be arch angel michael. Read the 42 commandments of egypt. Light as a feather. Emarald light body. Read the emarald green tablets of thoth hermes. Remember everything is energy including money. Intentions are all that matters. Enoch metatron is the father of earth. Highest arch angel. Noah was his grandson and naamah his daughter. One step further. If you Google Sanat kumara he had a daughter called meta. This is who enoch probably married. He is the lesser metatron as my name is in him. His daughter. So earth has 2 father’s. Heavenly father and earthly father. Son of man enoch and son of god. Lord of love. Lord of forgiveness. Karma is a balance of both male and female. Be kind to both as man is born from a woman.

      1. anthony Avatar

        There is no money in heaven. Free is what will set you free. Advice being the highest which is thought. Return to spirit return to god. One mind. Just remember the more light you shine the more darkness comes into your life as your pissing off the fallen angels. Now if everyone was light then he’ll is defeated. If everyone new their thoughts words and deeds actually meant something and had meaning evil would disappear. If everyone new god existed you would not do the things you do. Last note. When you die and judged you are not married. Everyone comes from the stars. Be the light that shines so bright. Be a thief in the night. Don’t pass up any opportunities that come across your path when people need help. That includes when a homeless person ask for money. It’s all part of the system of one big massive test. Your goal is to be a priest. Mind body and soul. The church is within you. You must get out of the walls and into the streets. Laugh at them when they call you insane. Everything is about choices. Just have god in mind and everything will be ok. 40 day clense. No bread booze sugar meat. Start with isogenics 10 day and talk to the that’s what I did. Words travel. You will be amazed. Don’t forget about the Devine mother as she controls earth who is mother mary. There is a pecking order hence the rosary which ends at the gold cross.

      2. Harvey Avatar

        Love to hear Interesting perspectives. Thanks for sharing, Anthony. I knew somehow that we came from the stars or where else.

  4. Harvey Avatar

    On another note, I reread the previous comments give me a lot to think. I have heard about karma but I only know very little without any help from a person. I grew up in Catholic and been to numerous of churches. I always get curious how you all do this to be closer to spirits such as vision, dreams, and so forth. I experienced the power of Holy Spirit when I was young as it was like a waterfall that came through me and almost lifted me up but was scared and excited at the same time. He heard my thought and put me down. It’s not my place to judge others but I’m open to hear from others experience. I think everyone has unique experience and not always the same what all experienced. Many have different experiences in their own ways. I believe that so I’m opened to hear from anyone on this site and gives me the pictures to understand from your personal experiences. It’s very unique and honored to hear it from you all. I very much want to be “see and hear” what you all say and what had happened. I’m in United Methodist which is very tradition unlike the charismatic and karma things. It’s a very long story. Please know that I’m opened and wanted to take this journal. I know I have something and have no one to mentor me. I’m a very spiritual believer and super sensitive. I listen and paused to allow my thinking process what others saying. Hope it helps you understand a little about myself. I will contact Eric when we have the right budget to pay like it’d be a Christmas or birthday gift. Please forgive me if anyone feel offend by my comments as it was not my intention to offend anyone at all. If anyone put down Eric and other comments, do not let them bother you all at all. Each person has a mind of their own and just doesn’t know any better. I wouldn’t pay attention to their negative comments on this website. I feel blessed being part of it and respect Eric and the Spirits. What they are doing is a gift to us. Bless Them!

    Please know that I had a dream about 1 or 2 years ago. It was a beautiful tall and slim woman in long dark hair almost like Egypt style woman in olive skin with dark hair. (I’m white with dirty blonde and hazel eyes). What startles me that she has THREE EYES! But I was calm and talked to her. She is me. It’s the feelings like I just know without explanations. So life is full of surprises and mystery. I’m not sure I know the meaning but I never forget that dream. I’m a dreamer. I dreamed all my life. Sometimes, I don’t pay attention to it cuz I’m used to dream. Lol 😉

    Blessings! 🙂

    1. anthony Avatar

      Harvey you need to read Egyptian ba and ka. I’m catholic but the final church is coptic as priests are married. Both worship the virgin mary which is gods wife believe it or not. Think of an egg. As for the catholic side it’s actually a path to become son of man. It’s all hidden but it’s a path when you reunite with your ka. First month starts off with rosary who is mother will also find in order to heal a person you must forgive their sins in order to do so first. Don’t tell anyone and keep it to yourself. Problem with coptic side is they preach in Egyptian not English. You should go back to catholic this month as they will be discussing the rosary and how important she is. A Lot was taken from the gnostics and you should read the secret gospel of mary magdalene. Explains how powerfull mother mary is as she enforces her sons teachings which is really her husband. Look at middle east and the name isis who I suspect was mother mary. Now karma explained.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Wow…thanks!. I definitely will do that and let you know how it goes. It’s exciting adventure to discover the truth. I am a digger for truth by decoding unsolved mystery. Please let me know for any more info. I’m very interested! Blessings To YOU! 🙂

      2. Harvey Avatar

        Hi Anthony, I looked it up and doesn’t feel it’s the one I was looking for answers. I keep looking. Maybe three eyes is the symbol of the window to spiritual than physical views. I feel it has a deeper meaning but I don’t know what is it. And thanks for the information. It meant a lot to me. Blessings!

  5. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

    The Huffington post is reporting a school shooting has just happened in Barcelona Spain. A male teacher and a few other students have been shot.

    1. Lehayla Avatar

      Here’s a link. Not shot, knives and bow and arrow. Maybe the stabbing/knife prediction about Spain?

      1. Cindy Avatar

        I thought Eric had a prediction that referenced a bow and arrow?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          He had a knife too.

      2. Cindy Avatar

        The prediction I was referencing had mentioned a bow and arrow, but I do not see it as a fit for this terrible tragedy.

      3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes, will post.

  6. star48 Avatar

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