Arsenic Found in Wine

Has this prediction happened?

Notes on 2-15-15   I had a visual of several happy people drinking out of a green container, they seemed blissful. “They are consuming poison.”


40 thoughts on “Arsenic Found in Wine

  1. I heard this story recently. In the news it said that the level of arsenic found was higher in “cheaper” wines. Living in Northern California near the wine country it’s being talked about a lot!!

  2. Happy birthday, Eric! We share the same birthdate (however, there is quite a difference in years! LOL!)

  3. Could this old prediction be about the home brew in India killing people? For some reason I feel the need to go back and look through your past predictions… Perhaps a feeling of things happening along a certain time line?

      • yes! In Fact i feel like your earthquake prediction is one of the main things about to happen with how i see the timeframe at the moment (for example today reading the news there was a story about turkey pride protest police using water cannons to disperse crowds. there was the spaceX spacecraft explosion and a story about a small plane crash into house in Plainville. “there is a pattern in memory” the number 3 has come up a lot in this timeframe of predictions the 3 attacks now (note: for my clue) 3 news stories on the same day that you have predicted… earthquake Brita 30 i believe its the earthquake that is the only thing that has yet to come up which makes me think thats the next thing but with the 3 pattern there was also the new york threat yellow tape blocking certain areas

      • Very interesting Katrina and Eric. What I noticed a while back is that these predictions reminded me of how Nostradamus Quatrains have played out when I read them. I can’t really explain it very well though. I use to feel that I would see Nostradamus Quatrains happening in real life. I had read them years previously and remembered a lot of them and it was like watching them play out on the news all of the time. Does that make any sense? Anyway, that would be my analogy of what I feel happens with your predictions Eric. Also the “three is key”, LOL I’ve always felt that was meant as a clue to something more important than one specific prediction. Just felt like I was harping on it all of the time. I know we will figure this pattern in memory out… hopefully sooner than later.

  4. …. This is totally crazy but Eric and Jules104, I have just finished reading Eric’s latest prediction notes about a possible earthquake in Australia and New Zealand, while reading through the comments of that post something dawned on me….. “three is the key” I’m from NZ this cannot just be a coincidence that i posted this comment on here with a sense of a timeline and earthquake and then Eric’s post about the date for it possibly being 2nd or 3rd in question could it? and once again the “there is a pattern in memory” seems to jump out at me as some sort of confirmation code for me. i would appreciate both of your thoughts on why it may feel this way about this but i have to say that the feeling from my point of view isn’t worried or scared its kind of a dot-to-dot picture kind of feeling, more of a appreciating and grateful attitude that in a way the clues were there all along for anyone to find and i am one of those people that is lucky to have found your predictions page and i follow regularly because i believe in your predictions not only because a lot have them have come to be true but that you use this page to truly try and change the outcomes with your gift that you willingly share.. Thank you.


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