New York ATM Bandits

Is this what Spirit was talking about?

Notes on 2-4-15   “Robberies are coming to New York. A slew of different robberies all from an athletic set of criminals.” — Spirits Voice.

The Facts on 2-23-15 by NY Post: “A group of five increasingly brazen ATM bandits has dodged police for more than a year while pulling off 73 heists across the city and netting hundreds of thousands of dollars, The Post has learned.
But the suspects aren’t using PIN codes or any software to access accounts or bank information.
Instead, they’re simply relying on crowbars, chains and stolen cars to snatch the doors off the money machines — sometimes in front of witnesses in broad daylight — to the amazement of embarrassed cops who still can’t catch them.
They then position stolen cars in the area to thwart responding officers as they make their getaway.” Quoted by


6 thoughts on “New York ATM Bandits

  1. Hi! Eric! This heist is very common in Malaysia! Every now & then some ATM machines r being robbed. Very common!

  2. The article says this has been going on more than a year and has been in the news several times over the last year. You made this prediction just a few weeks ago yet its been going on a year. Very common in other countries too. I don’t think you can claim this one. However, the day after you made the prediction, there was a massive money hacking of 30 or so central banks in various countries that made the news.


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