Notes 2-3-15

Previous Prediction: Notes on 2-1-15   I had a visual of Spirit pointing to a part in the ocean with a marker on it. Sounds like another plane crash or ship sinking in the middle of the ocean.

New Prediction: “It’s wonderful Eric.. a land mass emerges (or is found).. from the ocean.. claims are made of it being Atlantis.” — Spirit’s Voice

I had a visual of a map showing the north-east portion of South America and the Caribbean.
I had a visual of a metal rod pumping into the ocean and then everything turned black. “It will be a big one.. millions.. 8”

“The US is planning an operation to assassinate the top leaders of ISIS… As time passes reality will set in that the only way to defeat ISIS is a ground invasion.. April”

Eric’s Comments: I asked Spirit again about NJ bombing, are we accurate with the timeframe, they said it’s slightly off. At this point I need to take a step back from trying so hard to figure out the timing and surrender to the idea that they just can’t pin point it. 

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  1. Eric do you know if what the Spirits are saying is that there will be a massive oil spill/disaster in the ocean? And is the number eight for the amount/gallons, or a time period of when? Also I am beginning to think that whatever happens in France will coincide with a ground invasion.

  2. Hello Eric,
    In your vision , what will be most affected the Caribbean or South America ?
    The big Caribbean Islands will be also affected ?
    Will be a tsunami, volcano or something manmade?
    I live in Dominican Republic and this prediction scares me. Keep us informed.
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Eric …
    Not sure if this will be helpful, but in January I read some 2015 predictions, one was I think a lady that went into detail about a massive environmental event or earthquake off the coast of northern South America that will happen in August. “8” = 8th month August. I remember that she said it would spread to the U.S. and cause economic problems as well as destruction.
    I will try to back track how I found her site and who she is.
    Eerily similar ….
    Best wishes & blessings – Cody

  4. Thank you Eric for all you do to keep us aware! All I can say is that as a NJ resident and a MOM of a young US Marine I can only pray for these horrific acts to stop. Prayers for peace and prayers to you Eric! Namaste

    1. Hi 3dakota,
      I found the website…

      The above link resembles a dream that I have had and posted on your site many months ago- and which has left me with a feeling that I just can not shake. Please tell me that I am delusional for having such a dream.
      Blessings to our planet, and compassion for her (Earth) and the healing process for all that she (Earth) has endured…
      ~we are all one~

      1. I haven’t myself picked that up, however my Spirits like to predict things close to the vest. Their predictions usually happen 3-6 months later, so if its a year or two out they have not presented it yet. They have a specific reason for that, so I have a different set up then you might

      1. Hey Eric, the Jodie link worked fine for me. Maybe your computer settings? Interesting read. I like she is humble and admits she could be wrong and isn’t exactly sure what she is seeing future-wise but reporting the visions. I admire the honesty and the unknown and her idea, like yours, that collective meditation and informing can change an event but not all the way. Thanks for sharing, Isa and Dakota

  5. Here is the latest about the train that hit a car and started a fire around 6:30 pm ET

    A commuter train loaded with rush-hour passengers struck at least one vehicle and caught fire north of New York City, and killed six people, according to multiple reports.

    The fiery crash happened Tuesday evening near the town of Valhalla, along Metro-North Railroad’s Harlem Line and killing six and injuring others, according to The Journal News and NBC New York.

    The collision killed the female driver of the car and five train passengers, according to a Metropolitan Transportation Authority official who spoke to The New York Times.

  6. Plane clipped bridge today and went in river. I think oil discovery not oil spill which further effects price of oil going forward being close to Home. Lots of plane problems it seems from another seer this year.

  7. April boots on the ground makes sense to me from my visions saying second quarter of the year…what I forgot to mention was that the spirit that told me that was a lady that passed that I worked with in a factory years was factory quarters she was talking about (being 4 quarters in a calender year) April lines up with what I got from her. Even if your timing is off with the nj attack we know something will happen before April that will force us into boots on the ground. You talked about a sacred holiday being timing before I’m just not sure if it is related to all the attacks…is it possible lent or easter could be the time frames? There was another post that 2-10 was marked but right before it you were talking about a natural disaster. ..(12-29-14 perdictions) I was trying to connect to numbers in minutes to maybe a number of the actual event maybe as label. I tried putting the numbers into weeks not days before and that didn’t seem to pan out either. But question…what era are the spirits from that you work with? I think it is important to know how they knew time and calender Weeks in their day on earth. Just like my old friend told me second quarter of the new year because that’s how she knew how to tell me that I would understand. It might be the key to study how they did things in their time here. I know you deal with a lot of spirits so it might be hard to pin point. This is just where my thoughts are going right now I feel like the timing can be figured out but we aren’t on their page or do our time like they know time when they were here. Just some thoughts I’m throwing out not sure if it will go anywhere..;)

  8. This is the latest update on Jodi Senkyrik, 2 of 3 World Events. They speak of a massive underground shifting as if it were an earthquake/tsunami event which could lead to an oil spill disaster in that same area. She/he also speaks of Atlantis being in the same area. It made me think about your Atlantis prediction. It seems like there would need to be a massive earthquake for that to be uncovered/emerge. Eric are you able to ask Spirits about whether something like this will happen in August 2015 which would be devastating to many in this area? Perhaps people can prepare as much as possible. I also wondered if it could have ties to all the previous Florida predictions.

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