Notes on 1-28-15

Earthquake.. around 1907.. I had a visual of a clock that read ’54’ in red.

In about 54 days it will be March 19th. We are expecting a large quake ‘around’ that timeframe, they implied it might be Canada but I am waiting for a more detailed location.

“NJ prediction, the event so much smaller then what you expected.. arrested.. dawn..  it is the sum of all the events coming that makes this timeframe so tragic.. 4 world wide attacks coming soon.. with very little time left. ” — Spirits Voice.

I had a visual of two small potatoes.


64 thoughts on “Notes on 1-28-15

    • Hayley, hi.
      There has been a lot of earthquake activity in and near
      Challis, ID. In the southern section east of Boise, ID.
      So I do hope it is “small potatoes”.

    • I don’t remember what our conversation was about but the other day my 16 year old grandson who has never “predicted” or talked about things that might happen, out of the blue tells me “There is going to be a huge earthquake.” Of course I started to question him if it was going to be around here, Chicago area, he said “No I think there’s mountians where its going to happen, around March 12, its going to be huge tho” I even wrote the date on my calender to see if anything happens around then. After seeing Erik’s notes I just wanted to share.

      • I don’t think I have any gift whatsoever but about a week ago I had a dream about a huge disaster I think it was an earth quake it was like the country was split into two. At first I thought China because of the people in the dream, it was so graphic, but now I’m thinking more Japan or a country where the people have a similar skin tone. I hope it was just a terrible nightmare but it was just so graphic 😦

      • I will keep an eye out Sam. Interesting thought, normally a earthquakes symbolically represent something shaken up, falling apart, a test to the foundation of something in your life. Just food for thought if its not about an earthquake.

      • Hi There, I had an earthquake dream within the past week, too. It was scary of course. I think mine relates to what Eric said below, however. I keep having major crises in my family and they don’t seem to be stopping for several years now. When I awoke from the earthquake dream I thought, “Ugh!” because these types of dreams always are a forewarning to me that rough times are ahead. I hope that the real thing doesn’t happen in the world. I suppose there is a possibility that my earthquake dream was of an actual occurrence in the near future. It was on the East Coast in my dream.

  1. That’s great on NJ Eric. I wonder who was arrested at dawn and for what? They had that 11:00 pm curfew in NYC and one for NJ also I believe. Perhaps that helped. Is the bell tower still in play then or was that for NJ do you know? Thanks for all your and Spirits hard work Eric.

  2. Eric do you have any thoughts about why they showed the two small potatos? I was wondering if it’s referencing a place, two terrorists maybe, or even something about the food supply? It seems important that they’ve showed four pieces of oranges in cups of water, and now potatos. Also could this be related to the Post of “four songs, apocolyptic, three fifty one”? If I remember correctly, at the time Star48 saying something about thinking it was four terrorist attacks. Not that it would be an “apocalypse”, but it may be worded as such in the Media or something.

      • Erik that is what I was thinking, around here we will say “thats small potatoes” if we feel something turns out to be insignificant compared to what it could have been.

  3. Eric,you spoke of a natural disaster for February 2015..a tsunami?

    I had a visual of a very large wave crushing into a hilly area, it consumed the town that sat there. We’ll just give Houses where in seconds, people were bobbing up and down as the wave carried them away. It consumed everything in its path. “In 2 hours..” which is at the end of February. I will be asking for more details, where? It was a massive natural disaster. 2-10 Is marked. It was written down.

  4. Hi Eric,
    Regarding NY/NJ messages of several days ago. Clearly a bomb was mentioned in your message/vision. Do you assume that didn’t happen or will still happen? Im a bit confused if this is still ongoing or not, appreciate a little clarification. Thanks 😃

    • It is a bomb, they said bomb several times. But in a very rare circumstance they implied it might be foiled, or partially foiled. The timing is already wrong. But they are still saying the event is expected and very soon. The new news is that its a smaller scale then my original expectations. I hope that helps

      • Hi Eric, It sounds like perhaps your work with spirit has helped this situation to be partially foiled or minimized? I wonder. The interesting thing about predictions of these sort are that the successful ones are those that we never hear about. Maybe the snowstorm somehow diverted their plans? We may never know.

    I’m not sure if this is related but they are reporting that someone had tweeted a bomb threat for American Airlines,flight #223, leaving from Newark, NJ to Miami. The flight had already been cancelled two days previously due to the snow storm. It reminded me of the two different dates given by Spirit. They are saying the spike in airline bomb threats have been mostly hoaxes via social media. Makes me think of the small potatoes.

    • Good point, Jules. I saw that brief article and did think of Eric’s predictions. Maybe the snowstorm impacted the terrorists’ efforts, too. Now that would be a blessing from God, in my opinion.

  6. Jules I have to agree with you about the small potatoes, this is just my opinion I really don’t think anyone who is serious about a “bombing” is going to give a heads up about it. Also do you remember Erik talking about a earthquake in California in a place called Chico or something to that effect. I do not believe it is the “Big One’ but Northern California just had a 5.7 earthquake near a town called Chico

  7. Hello eric,a question,is there a man who said that in August 2015 is going to happen a tsunami similar to the one that has happened in Japan in 2011 the coast of Venezuela,affecting only to Venezuela,said that is a very dangerous event here I leave you the link if you want to see you. the spirits know something of this event that could happen in Venezuela in August 2015?

  8. Eric/Michelle, I just remembered this when I read what was said about it maybe being a school bell. This is strange but last night I dreamt that I was in school taking a test and Michelle was my classmate. She had all the answers right on the test we were taking and so she let me look at her papers. I got in trouble and had to retake the test. I was surprised to find that I knew the answers if I used my common sense to answer them. I just remember thinking it was a weird dream and even stranger since Michelle was there. LOL. Well now Michelle brings up the bell for a school and it really seems weird.

    • Jules that is funny and strange at the same time since the school thing randomly popped in my head. I wasn’t even really thinking about the bell vision. When reading everything i just pictured a alarm clock with the bells on it and went from there. Not sure if i got that as a vision or my own thoughts. I wish I had all the right answers..I have a hard time connecting the dots in my own visions I have never been good at puzzles. The other day I got a message for my mom just as I was doing every day things around the house I was shown a suit case, a baseball field and then a lemon tree . It gets tricky sometimes.

      A lot of times you already post my first thoughts on Erics predictions and I try to bounce off the answer you get. Star is incredible to with the news clips and being on current events that I haven’t heard of and finding the connection to. I really do think you have a really good team to work with eric. And I’m glad the doors are opening with more people commenting to get more views because having those different views help tremendously.
      I wish I had a room full of chalk boards to write out all of erics prediction and see it all in front of me at the same time to connect the dots. I feel like if it was all right in front of us it would more clear to see. I know this has became an addiction for me to try and cracked the code…I wish we even had a study group or something lol.

      • A study group – now that is an interesting idea… I like your image of the chalk boards and the large room whereby everyone is trying to connect the dots.

      • Jules & Michelle…… I just had a dream that I was in high school and was freaking out because I had to make sure I had enough credits to pass before the bell rung….. later in the dream there was an explosion of some kind with people running everywhere and debris falling all over the place. I was runni g down a staircase and debris was falling on me as if the roof was gone. I woke up screaming with my heart racing like crazy. My husband woke up to my scream and he got me calmed down. You both often say things that I was going to say or had been thinking. Sending out much love 🙂

      • Hi Kellyrosepalmer/Michelle. Now that is strange. I don’t hardly ever remember any dreaming if I do dream, so just to have a dream is strange enough for me, let alone be in school with Michelle. LOL. I was searching for “four terrorist attacks” here on the site and came upon one that had to do with Eric walking into a school and then a dark auditorium with a stage. I wondered about the school dreams when I saw that. I will try and find it again. I don’t remember it happening ever. Also in my dream I vaguely remember the test having something to do with animals or some sort of science like that. I should have written it down since I was telling myself at the time that I needed to remember this dream. Ugh I always forgot : (

    • Ok guys just looked a little on the Web and I found a “Stem Academy” in orange county new jersey. It has what I think could be considered an awning type thing in the front of the building. I know eric you kept seeing roses being cut down…that could have been to show you the stem. I will put a link up in a little for the picture of the building. Right now I am on my phone and I’m not sure how to share the link from my phone. What are your thoughts could the school thing all be connected. The “stem” being in the name just really freaked me out.
      Thanks jules the 1-10-15 prediction sent me on another witch hunt. Lol. It’s looking like if you guys are all dreaming about schools maybe that is the direction we should go with this.

  9. Im curious i just found this guided meditation video on youtube to meet your spirit guide and it walks you through the process and well i dont want to get my hopes up and not really expecting anything fast i understand it takes practice but i just tried it and it walks you through calming down which felt wonderful like i was weightless and couldnt feel my body then it tells you to visualize being in a room and you have the room however you want it to be and your sitting in a chair in front of a fireplace with a chair for your guide then next is says visualize this door opening with your guide walking in and i think i did but you know how it is first time you question yourself asking did i just make this up so i would like you intake anyone please i imagined this beautiful little girl with blonde hair blue eyes wearing a white dress and she had this lovely smile the name that came to me was elisa which im like where would i get that name from lol then she sat down next to me and i kinda asked random questions and the answers seamed to flow smoothly what are your thoughts.

    • It sounds like you are getting the hang of it travis. sounds to me like a vision. did you get a lot of answers to things you were questioning? I bet you were so excited. Keep doing what ever you did because that is what works for you;) keep us posted. So exciting;)
      start keeping a journal and write down things as you go you will be able to see your progress first hand;)

      • It was pretty exciting yeah i did ask random questions and they just seem to come right to me like for example theres this guided tour vacation package group and i want to go to ireland so i asked that in my mind and a no came to mind i would think if i was in control i would have gave a yes lol given fact its something i want to do im going keep practicing though.

      • Thanks all will definitely keep it up how did you guys start when you learned to contact spirits

      • That’s similar to how it started for me when I was learning how to control the visions and visit from past ones when i was a teenager. I would try and meet them in this little area on the country side that was so peaceful with a pear tree. Before I learned how to control it i would get random visits in the car driving or turning the corner in my house and “bam” a spirit would be right in front of me…or my name being called when no one was in the house. Before I understood this gift it was really scary. I kept myself really busy so my mind would be distracted. And most of the time they still would pop in on me and get their message through. My eyes would tear up involuntarily any time someone brought up ghost. I’m glad that I came to terms with it and except it. Best thing I ever did for myself was reopen the door.
        A funny story..I remember telling my “now husband” back when we were just dating that I see ghost.we were on the phone talking..He laughed and thought I was crazy..He started imitating the six sense movie where the kid say ” I see dead people” while laughing at me. It was at that very moment his kitchen sink came on all by itself and I think a door slammed or something…He never made fun of it again. And took me seriously. He had never had an experance like that before. He still tells that story to people. Side note: we lived in two different states at the time about an hour away from one another. Just thought I’d share.

      • Thanks for sharing michelle so after practice with guided meditations over time do you get what spirits wanna share.

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