Doomsday Clock

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 12-23-14   I had a visual of a very large clock, its hands clicked and turned, it was almost 12.

The Facts 1-24-15:  “The Doomsday Clock is now two minutes closer to midnight, thanks to the specter of climate change and unchecked nuclear proliferation.  The hands of the symbolic clock, managed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Science and Security Board, were moved forward to 11.57 earlier this week, which means the board thinks “the probability of global catastrophe is very high.” 12.00 signifies the apocalypse.” Quoted News:


19 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock

  1. Hi Eric.
    As I have grown older, it is with the recognition and fear of all that is evil and dangerous in this world. What can we do to make a difference and change things? How do we spread the word that we will self destruct? It can’t be too late. Is it?
    Unrelated, but thank you always for listening and hearing. There’s a distinct difference and I am grateful. Terri

  2. I had a dream, a large hole and crack throughout mid U.S. and soon. Between the elements, world leaders, and the devil, we are going to face the end game very soon. Wash yourselves in the blood of the lamb, God will prevail, peace be with you.

    • I read the theory on your page about the doomsday clock. I am curious as to why you felt it was signified July 25th 2014. When I read the numbers I thought 7-2-15. So I was just wondering.

      • The only gloom threat they are focused on is climate change, however they have clearly disagreed with humanity being extinct, I have seen all the way up to the thirty-ninth we are still kicking. and by that time we are all over the space map.

    • It is way out of our control. Everything is out of our control. We elect monkeys into leadership positions that make us into slaves for the betterment of the elite. The only thing we have control over is whether or not we choose to inherit the Kingdom of God. Everything that you see happening in the world, has been predicted by God. If you have washed yourself in the blood of the lamb, you will have no fear. Shalom

  3. I am wondering why Climate change is in there. Two days after the “Scientists” said that 2014 was the hottest on record, and started their Climate change hype all over again, the FACTS came out that there was only a 38% CHANCE that it was the hottest year–and THAT was by 1/100th of a DEGREE.

    CO2 is what plants need to live, it is what Humans exhale. IF they want to cut down on the CO2 , plant more tree’s… we ALREADY know that huge tracts of tree’s are still being clear cut in South America . One of the largest forest’s in the world.

    All of these Climate change alarmists, are involved in a scam that will make them TRILLIONS in taxes, controlling the population, while at the same time, going on their merry way. They are leaving carbon footprints of THOUSANDS with their huge private planes, Mansions, etc.

    Not that I want to get political on this, but typical thinking of one party. “Do as I say, not as I do”

    • You are right! Climate change hysteria is a scam! Leaders doing their best to scare the slaves so they can enforce things like the “Carbon Tax”, as what is happening here in Ontario Canada. I have watched many interview with many scientist who openly deny that global warming and climate change is cause for alarm. .. .some of which have mysteriously been found to have committed suicide. . things that make you go ‘hmmm” eh

      • Just wanted to add some proof of the climate change lie – check this video at 2:28

        Also don’t just take my word for it (or anyone’s) – there are links below the video and you can research it for yourself. You may be surprised at the agencies complicit in this.

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