Anti Muslim March

Looks like this prediction is starting.

Notes on 12-27-14 Terror Attack   “Muslims are able to walk up there just like everyone else, don’t allow this act to be an excuse for idiotic racism.” — Spirits Voice

The facts: Dresden (Germany) (AFP) – Thousands of anti-Islamic protesters marched in Germany Monday, claiming the jihadist attacks in France vindicated their stance, hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “Islam belongs to Germany”.

The latest march of the right-wing populist PEGIDA movement in the eastern city of Dresden came a day before Merkel and most of her cabinet were set to join a Muslim community rally for religious tolerance. Quoted News:

So many ask me, to ask the Spiritual realm why evil, terrorism, is so allowed. Why? Is there a point? I will pose the question to Spirit.

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  1. Donna Avatar

    There are idiots in every religion. Some people just hide behind it to do evil acts. It is the way evil can and wants to divide the humanity that is good and peaceful. Some of the biggest idiots I ever knew were the ones who were telling me how “Christian” they were with their hands in my other pocket. I think one does not need to tell others how “religious” they are, instead it will show up by speech, actions, the humanness and kindness of the heart. There is not one religion that is evil and bad, it is evil people that use religion to do evil acts to humanity!. This serves to divide and make us suspicious of each other. God is love and light. Love and kindness will win!

    1. Malin Avatar

      I totally agree 👏❤

      There has been demonstrations in Oslo today also.

      1. Anisah Avatar

        I totally agree with u Donna.

    2. Jon Blue Avatar
      Jon Blue

      Right on, Donna!!! Right on!!! Namaste!

    3. jules104 Avatar

      Well said Donna. I happen to know some of those so called “Christians” that think they are holier than God. Not saying all Christians are bad or act this way. Just that some USE their religion to justify their racism, hate and biggotry. It would be almost comical if it weren’t so sad and scarey how they can brainwash others. I guess it’s the same in all religions probably. Extremism has gotten way out of hand in this world. It’s everything God is not. Blessings to you.

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    Lol I thought it was funny that the US was apologizing for not sending someone to the march….Um, Angela Merkel was there…. didn’t we spy on her phone? LOL. I wouldn’t want to go there if I were a US official either. haha.

  3. Compassion Avatar

    Thank you for posing the question Eric. My friend says that he is atheist. He can not believe there is a God when France and Nigeria atrocities are allowed to occur. Perhaps I can share Spirit’s response in addition to my response to him.

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Ok so the fires that were in CA…I do not believe to be California at this point. NY train station had a suspicious fire on the A,C, and E line…all while DC had a smoke issue at their train station….i had visions last night I was speaking to spirits all while getting lectured I haven’t been meditating. They warned me that I need to get back in order with my meditations because now they are in a “preparing me” mode for what is to come because these terrorist are here. They showed me two boats coming in a separate times one group to stay north of me which would be north jersey/ NY area (I am in south jersey) and the second group heading to Washington dc. I was told these terrorist have heavy equipment with them massive stuff. I seen them going through nj right down the middle from north to south I did see the line stop somewhere in the central southern part of nj not sure if that is where they are stopped. But I was told it was going to get bad and they warned me what I need to do to stay safe. I seen a lot of confusion because everything happened so quick. it was a lot to take in and I think towards the end I broke out of the visions because my personal worries started to fill me because this is to close to home for me. Linking this to my other vision a while ago with the small attack before the big attack it really hit me hard this morning seeing the news…because i know they are here now. I don’t know much about north jersey (if you know new jersey you know north and south jersey are almost like to different states…as we jersey people always say joking) and honestly im not sure why new jersey. There isn’t much here so I always thought. Philadelphia and new York have way more “stuff” then we do. I do know that Paterson NJ has a large Arab community (2nd largest in the U.S.) I think to myself maybe these terrorist come here like visitors maybe to family here already, without the family “here” not knowing why they are really visiting. Paterson is in north jersey…maybe its just a common ground where they start, tho I don’t see them “hurting” the Paterson community, It might just be there starting ground where it takes off.
    My thoughts stand with my visions as of this point on that they are here now though I just know it. But I was getting February in my visions; I don’t kno why but the first 2 weeks of February. Maybe that’s when it ends. I don’t know. I will try and see about getting more from spirit.

      1. kellyrosepalmer Avatar

        Michelle & Jules104…… Do either of you get a feeling that the “Bellview” could be a place that you literally could see a bell? Or the place is actually where a bell is and in there lies the bell view?? I keep getting it kind of like that….just like the oranges were arranging. I just can’t stop getting actual views from where a bell is located like being right next to the bell and seeing the view from there…..just my thoughts.

        1. Jules104 Avatar

          Hi Kellyrosepalmer. Yes I have wondered about whether it is an actual place with or from that view. That was my initial feeling really, but I am trying to stay focused. There are so many different scenarios playing out in my head now. Just going through the old posts to see if anything sticks out. Sometimes I feel like things are over lapping other predictions. I am hoping we can get some more input from others that live in the area. Hopefully this will be foiled.

      2. Michelle Avatar

        Kellyrosepalmer, I do…The bell view is such a big clue and I can’t put my finger in it…Every day I have spent time trying to research anything that makes sense but haven’t come up with much. Philly has the Liberty Bell …but that’s not close to New York or North Jersey .

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thank you for your efforts. Keep up the fight.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Michelle. Thanks for all of the input. That’s interesting. Eric had a prediction where the Spirits say the Spiders have arrived to the US. Also one where they show spiders but more like water bugs. The fires. I have been wondering about the prediction where a fire starts somewhere and reaches the main city doing damage. So it sounded as though it would almost have to be a big explosion, something very combustible, chemicals (toxic) maybe. Are you picking up on large fires in a city? I can’t help but think some of these older posts from around the Sochi Olympics are starting to happen now. Do you know anything about the large empty Bell Labratories building there in NJ? Could they be using this somehow for something? I think someone bought the building but not sure whether they did anything with it yet or not.

      1. Michelle Avatar

        jules I agree some of the old predictions will def shed some light I was digging to at once but really lost focus…I have a little one running around so its not always easy to focus. the bell view has been driving me nuts…I cant think of anything. the only think I came close to with researching was Lambert Castle its a library and a museum. the guy who built it named it “Bella vista” after his wife Isabella. there were a couple more connections with the building that I was thinking could be connected to some of these old predictions but nothing concrete…the man who build it had a “dream” of bringing the European style castle to America and he loved art work they had to build on to it because he had so much art pieces. I didn’t research it to much because I don’t feel the connection, just a could descriptive things eric has said previously kind of stood out. that building you are talking about kept coming up in my google search you have a good point with that. and a scary point lets hope that’s not a targeted place. I really just felt the craziness in Paris was going to happen here like scattered attacks where are military will have to step in because it will be to much for law enforcement. I seen more of the kayos last night then the actual attack. I will work on it myself to and hopefully others on here to can see about focusing in on this situation we defiantly don’t have a lot of time.
        on a strange note I seen a helicopter coming down crashing…and a bomb going off but I felt like we bombed ourselves by mistake because of all the kayos that happens so quick. that part of my meditation I couldn’t make sense out of or fit into the situation. it wasn’t clear to me how that happened of if it was symbolic.
        heres the Wikipedia on that castle…I think it is in Paterson to…you are really good at tearing into these things jules let me know if anything sticks out to you if you look at it and read up on it. im on the fence about it.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Hi Michelle. I looked at the Lambert Castle link you sent me. I am not picking up on anything with that either. I wish we knew if “Bellview” were from a location, as in a “window view”, or an actual place like a street etc. Thinking on the spider Eric saw on the top of the building, I had been looking up heliport/helipads in New Jersey, and there are a lot of them. What about a person who uses a helicopter to deliver a weapon? (for your dream…maybe we shoot it down due to its ill intent, maybe they want us to shoot it down?) Starts in New Jersey and heads over the water to NYC? The only problem with that is Eric said the 2nd floor, and it sounds like it would happen in a building mostly in New Jersey. The historic places in between? Maybe its New Jersey due to their laws, things being easier to acquire there maybe, less of a police force, easier to move around, get away afterwards? Perhaps one in NJ is meant to take eyes off of the main/bigger attack? I don’t really know either. These are all guesses, that’s the problem. Ugh 🙁 There are some actual places with the word Belleview/Bellevue in them. Roads an Apartment complex up near Montclair, NJ. Maybe its as simple as that. But I am guessing not. On another note, I watch my grand kids (2 yrs and 9 mo) during the day, and I hear you. I don’t get a lot of time for thinking either! LOL. Sheesh, but I try. All we can do is try right now to change this outcome. Let us know if you get anything else during meditation/dreams. Blessings and stay safe.

    2. TruthnowGone Avatar

      nwo= 2/23/15 be ready

  5. Michelle Avatar

    one more creepy note….my father works down the shipping impots docs in new jersey…he knows my favorite is the clementine’s so when they come in he buys a couple boxes at work for me. I have two boxes of clementine’s I got this week so the boat has came in with the clementine’s imports…maybe that’s what spirits were saying with the orange in the bottle. just a thought.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh interesting thought. I noticed that there are some Orange Townships in NJ also. I will be praying for the authorities to foil any plans these spiders have!

  6. swampy11 Avatar

    Could these subway fires be somehow connected with seeing a tunnel with a crash? The oranges idea is definitely something to think about, too. Thanks for the input, folks. Lots to look at. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with that area.

  7. Michelle Avatar

    eric, how about a church. churches have marble cathedral ceilings and you typically stand in line for your wine and bread or to leave. churches have the bell room on top and have a nice view. Newark (a city) is next to Orange Twp. thoughts?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you. I don’t think so, they were very insistent on it being a building. Now there is something else about a bus, but I think the bus is just around or his mode of transportation.

  8. Michelle Avatar

    here is one in Newark and its description has roses in the windows:

    Cathedral Basilica Of The Sacred Heart

    A classic French Gothic cathedral resembling the great cathedral at Rheims, France, its construction was first proposed in 1896. In 1899, the cornerstone was laid, and the church was completed in 1954. Its towers soar 323 feet, and the cathedral covers some 45,000 square feet, comparable to Westminster Abbey. Sacred Heart is the fifth largest cathedral in North America, and it was granted minor basilica status by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Newark in October 1995. It features a heavy use of stained glass, including three rose windows; vaulted ceilings; a variety of wood paneling; imported and domestic marble; and crystal, silver, and bronze chandeliers.

  9. Lia Avatar

    Last night I watched/ listened to the Psychic Twins’ predictions for this year and next ( it’s on YouTube). I know Eric thinks they’re a little too self- promoting, but they said one thing related to NYC terror plots are happening now and mentioned JFK Airport a few times. All they did is list it, so that was the entire clue re NYC. Is there a Bellview affiliated in some way with JFK airport? They could be seeing a terrorist attack on a plane which was in their overall predictions, too. But, thought I would mention this. I have no references to the area.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Lia, can we have a site reference. What did they say exactly? Guys where is the airport as it relates to NJ area? Did I say they were self promoting? If I did I apologize for that, in no way would I knock one of my fellow like minded psychics who make world predictions. I have the utmost respect for anyone who chooses to do this.

      1. Michelle Avatar

        There is the newark liberty international airport in North jersey closer to new york

        1. Jules104 Avatar

          Michelle I was just researching that airport. Started with Montclaire. I’m just getting this feeling it’s going to be related.

    2. Michelle Avatar

      was just searching the web came a crossed a Bellevue Cinema 4 in Montclair, New Jersey it is strange you just brought up Montclair as I was finding it jules. it is on Bellevue ave too.. its not a really big building tho.

      1. Jules104 Avatar

        I saw that to Michelle. I was looking at the Montclaire under Wikipedia and reading all about the town and everything it has there. There is a lot of arts/culture etc and buses that get you around a lot. Maybe if you have time take a look and read it. I will try and find the link. I had actually just clicked on the link for the airport there when I saw your comment. A lot of that area in NJ is considered the Metropolis of NY also. I was researching earlier on how they do the population and statistics etc and that area is considered sort of like one area. If that makes sense. There is also a Liberty Helicopter Tours for NY that leaves from NJ, besides the Liberty in the airport name. Another thing I was trying to find was what exactly they do at the Bell Labs there. Every time I look at pics of NYC from NJ side…I get the feeling that’s what the spider is doing, standing there looking.

      2. Jules104 Avatar,_New_Jersey
        Here is that link. I was looking at Montclaire State University also. When you click on that for Wikipedia a pic of a red and white flag/logo with bells on it comes up. Weird.

      3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks for the info.

  10. velvetmaggot Avatar

    Unfortunately, the United States is in the path of a very deadly battle over power between two jihadi terrorist groups. Some of the confusions in predictions could be a result of there being a crossover of information between Isis and Al Qaeda.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Spirit has made that error in the past, lumping multiple situations together. They did clarify what would happen in NJ/NY with that post a few days ago, but I am trying hard to get more info on this one event.

  11. tonyabrooks306 Avatar

    There are always going to be tragedies and we can’t stop all of them. We are warned ahead of time to prepare as best as we can. My theory on why there is so much tragedy going on is simple. Whenever a terrible event takes place, more people reach out and help those that need it. The most horrid events have a purpose.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t know if every tragedy has a purpose especially if its humans hurting others. But I totally agree that it is the greatest opportunity in our lifetime, to help each other, do for each other, bring us closer to our creator.

  12. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Police open arson investigation after overnight fire at refugee shelter in Berlin, Germany; 6 lightly injured – The Local

    I will put this on refugee thread too.

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