Notes on 1-4-15

I had a visual of aluminum foil that was wrapped around something circular. — This is a vision that something like a terror attack will be foiled, why its circular is in question.

Spirit clarified that there are three separate attacks, they are adamant in saying a timeframe has already been posted to previous predictions. Two of the events will happen back to back and a third at a later date. One might even be foiled. Next time we will not be putting them all in one prediction, that was a mistake that has scrambled all the information in a confusing way.

I asked again for a timeframe on the terror attack: 07:85 — 770 — 11

The number 7 usually represents a date. But in this riddle the number ‘7’ is followed with the number ‘0’ which of course can’t be a date. Perhaps its a countdown, which would lead to the 11th, but that’s somewhat of a stretch.

I had a visual I was in Mexico, I walked into a restaurant or shop of some kind. Children were standing around pictures, mourning over the loss of parents that had been killed. The place was packed with people all gathering for a vigil.

I had a visual of a map that pointed somewhere between Ecuador and Peru where a volcano will erupt. It is expected to be massive.

Spirit showed a standoff at a bank, hostages, and one of the robbers was shot in the foot or leg.

I was ready to go to sleep when the ground shook violently under my feet. An earthquake is coming. We need to clarify a location and exact timeframe.

I clearly need to focus on getting a variety of details for all of these predictions.

53 thoughts on “Notes on 1-4-15”

    1. Yes, will go out today. Last year it was all about the rise of terrorism, something we never posted. This year there is an under the sea theme, that clearly has already started, two ships sank, a plane is under the sea, and they are talking now about odd storms coming that are out of season. Its a theme. Not a good one. The first threat is in Australia. Massive flooding.

      1. oh dear. I wish spirits would see a good theme.. like togetherness, love, Dogs playing poker, anything, but spiders, floods, and famine

  1. When I read about the aluminum foil wrapped around something circular, I took that to mean a prediction will be/is foiled, because circles have been used previously to refer to their predictions.

    1. That is a very, very good point. I love it when you guys come up with things I would have never thought of. That would imply a prediction is about to happen in regards to a foiled attack. Or something else foiled.

  2. Another foiled attack ,if thats what the reading is, is great news! i really need to take to heart people’s messages on here and look at the beauty in life and really hope that the overall goal of changing these atrocities are changed, it becomes hard to see the beauty through all the darkness but its there

  3. Dave,
    Man, i know its rough. i feel similar to you a lot, i’ll be honest i’m get very anxious about the future because I have a disabillity and i’m afraid of things that might happen if I lose my parents, who would help me or if the food shortage thing happens what will happen to me etc etc but i can also tell you man, I’ve been feeling extremely poor physically lately.. soreness and sickness.. dude, please enjoy your health, putting your feet on the ground everyday and being able to walk is a gift in and of itself, thats a beauty of life.that you prob take for granted.. i feel like we share the same worries but for much different reasons, i too love life and dont want it to stop.. ive been able to do amazing things despite my disability.but I also fear being disabled and a lone in the world if something happens to my loved ones

    i’ve done readings with Eric and they help.. kind of.. Eric will tell you, i’m an enormous pain in the ass LOL and i overthink everything and there is an enormous danger in that.. but appreciate what you have man, your health your friends, I feel pretty pretty bad right now and i’m envious of everyone that can do what i cant, embrace that. I think things will get better in the world in our lifetime, it will just take a little hope, a little faith, and a lot prayer

    God bless

    1. Hi Matt, I am so sorry that you must deal with significant, chronic physical disabilities. Do you have siblings? If you don’t, or they’re not in your life, it can cause that fear of being alone. Did you ever read the book by Betty Eadie Enritled, Embraced By The Light? She writes of her near death experience. She also writes about what she learned about the meaning of individuals suffering from various disabilities; it’s a powerful description, though short. I care for a disabled person and it makes me so much more aware of the things most of us take for granted. I ‘ve come to believe that the most courageous souls are those who suffer from disabilities yet refuse to quit. It takes such bravery to accept one’s condition. If you really want an inspiring read about endurance read Unbroken or watch the movie that is coming out now. Some us choose more challenging lives than others. Only God knows the reasons. Peace to you:)

      1. No, i do def have other people besides my parents but i live with them, i’m around them they do a lot for me, and i have great friends and a brother so I wouldnt be “alone” per say but it would definitely be a massive and scary upheaval of my life and that causes me great fear. so when i read things like terror attacks, famine, etc it really scares me. I worry if i’ll grow old and if i do, what kind of condition i’ll be in in the future, i don’t want to be one of the forgotten

      2. Hi Again, I just found online the NDE experience of Mellen Thomas Benedict. Something tells me to advise you to listen to what he has to say – his views are very optimistic for the future. He is published and he is on YouTube in interviews.

  4. Eric,
    the prediction from August about the Boston Stadium which i posted i thought was the pinstripe bowl actually fits better for the NFL playoffs the NE patriots are playing the baltimore ravens (black socks) this saturday after the sacred holiday.. isnt it muhammads birthday the 8th? and the college national championship is monday.. back to back stadium attacks maybe… can we get the word out?

  5. Eric could the previous date they gave us be around the 27th of January? If I remember correctly that number came up with the number 1. Perhaps one is January? For the foil over the circular object…maybe that prediction will come “full circle” and be foiled?

    1. I was just going to say the 24 of January for some of the same reasons…on Dec 16 listed with the terror attacks they said 5 mins which usually means 5 days but maybe we miss judged it and it was 5 weeks in the same prediction u mentioned 24 which would bring us 5 weeks later to the week ending the 24th of January a Saturday. Then followed with a 2nd…maybe 2nd attack. I have been digging and want to dig more through your writings I know it is there far this is they only thing I came up with. Any of this make sense or am I stretching

      1. The 25th has been mentioned a couple times to maybe a day or is it possible it is the 25th anniversary of something going on this month…

      1. When I read 25 the first time it hit me like 25th anniversary I can’t explain why I just felt it…I am trying to just focus on the numbers you have up to narrow timing down. I know from my own visions my timing ran from Nov to beginning of the year..but you have way more clues then I have. My visions are very broad. I have to get better with being more detail oriented in my meditation.
        My spirits kinda gave me the nudge to try to break it down….like this one was a little easier…it’s not the big code you are trying to break in your predictions that guy is still out there that is gonna help you with that;)
        I’m not done looking through all the prediction yet if something else sick
        The numbers you just posted in this prediction have me totally stumped tho…looks like a bible verse in the beginning. ..any thoughts on that style number pattern.
        Last night I was on your page and seen where your predictions were in blue and green for which one happened and which were still open. What is that under..I want to re look at hat and it was late last night I’m not sure how I got to that using my phone.

        1. Hi Michelle. Glad you are here with the site family. It really sounds like you have some great thoughts on the predictions. The green and blue and red posts are under “The Summary” at the top of the web page.

      1. Perhaps a global, strategically placed attack that is carried out simultaneously in different countries. Hopefully you are right on this one…and the attempt is foiled.

  6. Eric,

    Thank you so much for all you do. I am one of the many expats who have retired in Ecuador. Your post about a massive volcano is alarming. There are a lot of active volcanos and also inactive volcanos high in the Andies. Here is an interesting post that states one or more of the inactive volcanos may erupt in 2015. Just thought you would like to look it over. There are no known volcanos where I live in Cuenca, however, if the wind is blowing the right way, we could get fallout from the ash.


  7. Hi Eric,we had 6.0 earth quake this morning in south Island New Zealand with many after shocks!Thankfully it wasn’t near any major city but was felt by many .Just another reminder we live on the ring of fire!!!!

    1. Hi Eric – Like Anisah, I thought of this prediction too. The emphasis on “7” is spot on given that today is the 7th. I think they said 4 critically injured, but as many as 12 people injured. Not sure of fatality numbers. It was at a magazine do office known for its controversial articles.

      1. I was inaccurate – they’re saying at least 12 dead. This is being described as a definite terrorist attack . Two gunmen are still at large. I just watched reporting on MSNBC.

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