Foiled Terror Attack in Turkey

This Prediction has happened.

Notes on 9-19-14   Istanbul, Istanbul.. a terror threat
We hope it will be foiled.

The Facts on 1-1-15: Istanbul (AFP) – Turkish police said Thursday a suspected “terrorist” armed with grenades and old guns was arrested after a failed attack near the office in Istanbul of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Quoted News:;_ylt=A0SO8x3SCKZUj6cAxfNXNyoA

58 thoughts on “Foiled Terror Attack in Turkey

    1. YAY! This is GREAT news. I have a few college friends that now live in Istanbul for work. Thanking the Universe, Spirits, Angels and the humans who helped stop terrorism. Namaste.

  1. What a New Year’s blessing. Great job Eric and Spirits!!!!! Thank you for all you do! I watched 2014 develop and your gift is only getting better!!!! I know people ask for good news but they apparently don’t understand this IS the good news!!!!!

      1. Great message for true i too hope that all the news ends this way. I dont mean to change the mood of this great post Eric but i’m a first time poster, but visit a lot and didnt want to comment on a post with 100 comments.. but do spirit ever give impression we are on a type of “downward spiral” i know you say great times will be here after our ambassador arrives, but i will probably not see those days, what of our lifetime? will we ever see a type of “calm wave” where things are more happy over bad?

        i sometimes think these are very troubling times to live, with food shortages, weather events, and mean hearted people, will our lifetime ever see some reinassance of tranquilness?

        Peace and blessings to all your lives

        1. It all the depends on the subject. For instance, they have a new prediction that talks about how women rights finally get done for the world as a whole, but they also mentioned that a creeping issue that is going to turn our world upside down is a food shortage. The famine is not expected for another decade or two but its a huge concern.

  2. This is grea news for true! i also hope for positive ending. Eric, not to change the joyus mood of this posts but, i am a long time fan but first poster, i know you said things will be better when the one you call the ambassador our king of kings returns but thats is far away, do you ever see a ime in our future where things do get better? where the good is more than the bad? like a “calming wave” afer all this timult?

  3. The food shortages.. are extremely unsettling.. exremely.. i do not wish my babies to starve, my love ones, i wish spirit would give us a plan to change this

    1. Its a very horrible prediction, they actually talk about how slavery returns to the world in droves to save money on food. Ouch! We are trying to get an exact timeframe before posting it.

  4. See Eric, this is what has me so freaked how.. these are horrible horrible things.. as much as i hate to be negative what is the purpose of staying on this earth to see this?, thats only 10-20 years.. thats fairly apocolyptic if not by websters definition

    1. Dear Dave – please please Delete Eric’s blog page. Please stop reading negative news. Stop watching news. You really need to detox your thoughts – you must have read that whatever thoughts you give out to the universe comeback to you – so if you are always thinking negatively – you will only get negativity in your life.
      You are only depressing yourself by refusing to come out of that cozy corner you have made for yourself and not listening to everyone who is helping you on this site. I am sorry to be so harsh but I can see there are plenty of people who are trying to help you here – but you don’t seem to be listening. Get over yourself and get out there and do something positive for once and then come back and tell us how you feel. Please do forgive me if u don’t like what I am saying but it’s only because I wish for your well being. Peace and blessings.

      1. No, No, you’re 100% right PN.. everything all the advice i’ve been given from everyone on this site you are all right. and i appreciate it. I wish it was easy 2 delete Eric’s blog, but no option like that exists. i DO donate my time and whatever talents I have, boy scouts the elderly, the special olympics and i do feel great aferwards but these predictions of the future still follow and haunt me after.. please understand NONE of this is enjoyable for me, i wish there was a way i can wipe these memories away from my mind.. of Eric, of everyone but i cant.. the thought of these horrible things stick in me like a knife

    2. Dave, I don’t know you or your situation, but if there is a famine coming in the next 10 or 20 years why not try and educate yourself on growing your own food and also make arrangements so you can be able to store and preserve food? I feel it’s more a challenge we are given then merely to make us feel like there’s no point to even being here.

      I feel that things learned in this life can be taken with you to the next. Even if no famine comes in this life time, you will have gained the knowledge of growing and/or preserving your own food. So you can have the knowledge and experience of taking care of yourself in the next life where ever you are born, whenever a famine should come.

      Just my thoughts on this subject……
      I can understand your feelings, but I do hope that you will be able to look at it differently and try to gain as much as you can from it, as I feel that is mostly what Spirit intentions are, to warn those who listen and to give them a chance to prepare.

      1. Yes! Yes! Nessie thank you! That is what this site is about. We warn you of a famine in 20 years then lets all learn how to grow food in our backyard. We warn you of a massive storm then warn others and prepare your house for the worse. That is the point, the reason, and the purpose.

      2. Awww thank you Eric. I really feel this is the way to go with the predictions by Spirit. No need for desperation or depression, just practicality, staying grounded and using whatever you have been given in this life to deal with it. To make sure that the experience will help you grow in stead of putting you in a corner. When you have learned from it and know how to deal with the challenge in a way that sees you overcoming it, then you are really able to help others.

  5. Dave,
    Peace and Blessings for your state of mind friend. but unfortunately Eric, I find myself agreeing with Dave.. spirit will always ell you how great the world is, but for we who can not see the biggest picture as you can, how do we make sense or purpose out of this life with so much coming suffering, illness, and pain?

    What do we latch onto for much pain as this brings me this generation , unfortunately my friend, our future looks bleak.. so what do we do, like Dave and yourself i am not old so the future is extremely uneasy for me

    1. I can only say, humbly, that the same spirits predicting these horrible tragedies, have an absolute hope for the future and see it bright and full of great glorious events.

      1. Dave,

        Nice trick using my name, odd. 🙂 that is wonderful Eric! i just hope it isnt so distant that we never see any of the brightness.. cause i feel uneasy at times.. that this will not be the case

    2. It’s very easy to latch on comfort – try meditation and open your heart and send out loving peaceful thoughts to Mother Earth and pray to her for peace and harmony. If everyone did this collectively – lot of bad actions can be averted. There is power in prayer – whatever form your prayers are or whoever you pray to. The universe is always listening. You have the power to change the creation because you are part of the creator.
      Peace and blessings.

  6. I’ve got to say that seeing the positive and practicing on it really does help change things for the better. It’s all up to us and what we do with it in this lifetime on earth. The power of prayer is definitely one big way to send out positive energy that can make some kind of difference. Look at how many of those predicted plots have been foiled. Just a couple of suggestions: 1. you need the positive to have something to compare in order to help your spiritual growth; 2. Hanging onto the negative more than the positive…sometimes it can be a distraction from something else, too. If so, then why?

  7. I am on board for making a change…that’s what this site is about. Putting the pieces together to stop the bad from happening. If this is depressing anyone please stop reading because this site isn’t for that purpose. We need to stay more focused and stop these things that are already predicated to happen. Instead of focusing on how it will effect you personally if it happends…why don’t we all focus on the people these things will effect and make a difference for them… a great one. The one main problem I see in this world anymore is that people think more about themselves then others around them. So let’s go back to making a difference for the world hopefully helping a couple lives be saved in the process. There is a greater good to this group that can make that difference I have full faith in let’s get back to work trying to make that difference

  8. Dear friends,
    I’m sobbing as i type this, i just went back and read my previous comments, i feel like a GD fool.. you people are wonderful to take the time to offer me thoughs and encouragement which believe me, i do take to heart, even though you may not think so. i never used to be like this, i never had fear, i was always fearless really always up for new challenges, positive guys. but please understand i feel trapped by fear, by uncertainty now.. all of hese horrible things predicted i cant change.or even if i try, probably wont and my biggest fear is seeing my friends, my family, my parents suffer or in pain and feeling helpless because i have so much love for them and its the last thing i would ever want. I’m SO sorry for the tone of all my posting, the reason i talk or think about aking my life i think is because *I* can end the narrative.. it IS selfish and egoistical i know Michelle, and i never would want to but someimes it seems like he best way out to avoid the horror

    when i first came here, it was on a whim that it might be somehing “fun” to see the prdictions for whats to come, I was wrong in many ways but i was suprised to meet so many kind and loving people. i never meant to upset anyone.. maybe i shouldnt post as much as i do or did but please underand, how scared i am.. no matter how much faith i have, i am terrified to see a world developing that up to this point was only possible in hollywood how even though i think the doomday people are religious charlatans it scares me to see some of their ramblings line up..’ its frightening and no matter how much i pray or wish for heaven, i would like to live out my life.. but do i want to do it in abject suffering of food shortages and climate change?

    these are hings that pass through my head on a daily, almost hourly, basis, and it scares the beejeepers out of me, because i dont want them there.. I wish someone or a spirit could put their arm around me and tell me we will get out of the darkness,.without getting into it, i’m not stranger to adversity and have always come through the other side, but this stuff is on a whole other level we are talking about possibly my family, my friends, my country which i adore and the world.., its frightening!

    If i have ever given anyone of the impression, that your words do not matter, i’m sorry, i appreciate them all. these things are just very heavy and everytime, i read another horrific prediction, i think “Lord, whats next” cause i know is just going to drive me more crazy, and i do try to leave Eric’s site but since hes so good.. and right is hard for me to do so, if he was wrong a bunch itd be easier.. is the same reason you all come

    I appreciate all of you, i honestly dont know what will happen to me, but i just wan to say, i appreciate everyone who took time to help me, i truly wish you all the best and nothing bu gods love

    1. Dave no one is faulting you for having issues with these things, no one wants to see anything bad happen to anyone. I personally just don’t want this site to turn into a site where everyone is worried about the doom and gloom of things. I’m sure that’s not what eric set this up to do. There are sites like that do portray doom and gloom out there and I would tell you best advice is to stay away from those sites. And if it is bothering you you should talk through it because that is how you over come your fears. but I’m not sure talking on here is the best thing for you…just going to throw this out there but what of eric got a message today that really would have helped bring light to a situation that could have saved a number of people once he shared the message and the lines got connected, but say he didn’t share today because he was worried about everyone falling apart with another, not so good prediction. Where would that leave us? We need this steam of information and we need to use it for what it is a gift to maybe change tomorrow. Not just for us but maybe for a person that lives thousand of miles away that may have it harder then any one of us and still value every breathe they take. I think about those people more then myself. The people that are in the middle of these wars that are hurt everyday. If we can just change the outcome of a couple lives it’s worth every bit of our energy to try and stop it…making the difference and connecting the dots, getting the puzzle pieces together, throwing out ideas of some messages mean…that’s the good in this. That’s what will make the difference to man kind. Eric is giving us the opportunity to help change the bad outcomes and that’s why we should all stay strong and pull together to put our best efforts in, see past the doom and gloom and get to the bottom of a situation before it happens. U are struggling to get past the doom and gloom Dave and honestly it was hard for me when I started asking and bout the bad stuff and getting those visions…but it keeps be going knowing that even one thing I might be able to contribute that could save one life would be enough to fulfill the all the ugliness I have seen myself. I’m sure that’s what keeps eric and most people on here trying so hard to prevent the bad. Just think on it. Maybe there is something you know more about then any of us…a topic history people? Think about what you know in your knowledge when reading this stuff and see what you can connect and make sense out of. But again look past the doom and gloom. I can tell you we aren’t going anywhere any time soon. So don’t panic. There are just a couple bumps we need to flatten out in the road for a smooth ride. Keep your head up;)

  9. i’m with you Michelle, its really hard to get past the fear. i want to be one that helps.. i dont want to feel like a jellyfish..i want to help people especially he unfortunate people like you said, but i Need to get past thins depression his funk. i honestly wish there was an angel i can talk to to help me, to guide me o say this roads bumpy but i got you

    1. That might be a good idea for you…try and shut your brain down and meditate…I know we just went threw this with travis…Travis how are you doing with the meditation?
      Dave take some time out and try and focus on connecting with ur spirit guide baby steps tho. I’m sure you seen us trying to help travis out with meditating…it will calm your thoughts and help you to release some build up fears…it’s really not a bad idea. Really could help. And after a couple times maybe you will talk with ur guide or an angel. Ask for it…maybe something even might come threw in a dream. 😉

      1. Well michelle thanks for checking up and asking im still practicing the meditation and i believe i feel a little more grounded also recently took up reading tarot cards pretty neat thing to do. As for the spirit guide i havent got a visual of them yet bet i had some funny connections to as what the name might be. Blessings

      2. Good to hear travis..and remember it comes differently to if u are getting signs or hearing things the visions might flow after. And good luck with tarot cards;)

      3. Thanks michelle for the kind words and even though im new at tarot they seem very accurate

  10. you want me to focus on something i know? sports.. the new england patriots (boston) play the ravens saturday 1/12 after the sacred muslim holiday of muhammaed birth the ravens wear all black

    1. I know its hard dave when your mind races you sound just like my i got this from a book practice and see if it helps you breathe in slowly through your nose imaging breathe come through your nostrils filling ur body then slowly exhale through your mouth deep breathes imaging the breathe going out your mouth like when its cold out.

    2. Sports is a good thing to know about. I know im not good in that department. Have u picked out any other things that might be connected…I know there has been a lot of sport like predictions…maybe you can tie those together;)

  11. It’s true, the world is constantly in a state of flux – but that is a GOOD thing, because it means the world is also malleable. And focused energy (collective consciousness) can make things change for the better!

    The way I see it, we can either choose to be reactive (giving in to fear) or proactive (creating/envisioning change). For example, regarding the predicted famine – it would be wise to encourage the return of family farms, over corporate behemoths like Monsanto. Aquaponics is a fabulous way to go, and in using very little space, you can feed a HUGE number of people. When humans put their hearts & minds together, there is literally no limit to the positive change they can bring about. 🙂

    1. Yes! Absolutely! That is what we are trying to accomplish here, a nudge in a specific direction, a direction that allows you to avoid what’s coming. I would add Annie, if we all had our farms we could feed the world, wipe out starvation everywhere, end that problem for the world as a whole.

  12. Dave,
    Have you ever considered getting a reading done by Eric?? As he has said before the same Spirits that help us by giving us information to try to stop these aweful things are the same Spirits that will help you find true love or happiness (not quoting Eric here). I think that might be something to show you the positive and great things to come in your life and the world!

    Your amazing along with everyone else on this site that feels like a little family of sorts. Thanks to everyone for being as part and trying to make a difference!

    1. Aww..thanks kellyrosepalmer…I really do feel like this is a second family for me too. Like if one of us start falling we have to pick each other up and keep moving forward together. I’m great fun for all the amazing people on here as well. This really is the best site I have ever seen with so much love and respect for one another. And the continuous effects to all work together and figure this stuff out…it’s just beautiful to me;)

  13. I really do need to calm my mind, i try to meditate but as you can imagine, shutting my mind on and focusing on nothing with all the crap that goes through it is difficult. i need o realize that focusing on things that are going to happen 10, 20 plus years down the road is unhealthy. i hate sounding so egotistical because i do believe in people and their goodness which is why these predictions effect me so much because i feel like i cant see the good sometimes ya know?

    I’d love to be able to meditate like y’all

      1. As i said Eric, I want to, i really do. unfortunately, this site focusing on the next bad thing it has become like an addiction and while definitely not glamorizing addiction, the only down side to this is there is no temporary high, no momentary feel good.. believe me, I dont want to be here as much as i am. unfortunately, there is a perverse pull to be here.. it sucks, i feel bad posting, i feel bad that i might even annoy someone in the slightest. unfortunately, even if id left i’d still remember your post

        its really a vicious cycle man

        1. I don’t know about perverse, but again, this is a site geared towards changing the events predicted,.. action! action!.. whether that means communicating information or warning the community, or hands on help, without that then your right, what’s the point. So I would recommend that you follow through on helping us change these predictions, give it a purpose instead of just reading what I write.

          1. perverse on my end Eric. focusing on the bad. not on yours or anyone elses i know your intentions are nothing but noble and of the highest of order. i apologize if i had implied anything otherwise. all of my statements are self directed

            1. I agree Eric on the action part, the toughest part is unfortunately, like you know, i contacted people about the possibility of something and then fortunately, nothing happened but if i contact them again, i’m afraid i’ll get in trouble, which due to my situation, cant happen or i’ll just get looked at as crazy and written off , i mean its nothing you dont go through on a daily basis.. but i think thats where a lot of the fear and anxiety comes from for me..

              Dave’s blissfully ignorant term is a good one , i wish i was still that.. instead of waiting for the next terrible shoe to drop or horrific domino to fall.. I will do everything in my power to help anyone if i can.. again its the feeling of helpless/hopelessness i cant shake

  14. nothing about this is fun for me, enjoyable. i actually wish i was still blissfully ignorant to what was going on, and thinking i would live till 110 yrs old, now i feel like i’m on an eternal time clock to see the worst events of humanity.. its tough. especially since i cant connect like you and have spirit tell me that things arent all bad.. i feel like we are on a downward spiral.. its really hard man

  15. Dave,
    I feel you. i’ve had this discussion wih Eric multiple times, i want to stop visiting his site but here i am, it is a vicious and terrible cycle and very much an addiction, embarrasingly, i never though of taking my own life before coming here, but now i do it frequently because i fear the things coming especially with my disabillity even though Eric gave me good news about it. I dont like putting my business out there for the world to see but if i told people i was afraid of what the psychic predicted, they’d have me committed.. so i feel you bro, i wish i knew what to say man. I dont want to die, i dont want to off myself but id be lying if i told you i dont think abou it..try to focus on the good things no matter how difficult

  16. never in my life did i ever think that i would have so many thoughts of the end; of ending my life, that in of itself scares me, because God has given me a precious gift of a “mild” disability and has allowed me to accomplish and do great things, but through all my faith in God, as i said i’ve become very scared about my fuure about seeing myself, my family, my friends, and yes, even like you said my country suffer

    I’ve done some readings with Eric and have one coming up.. this one i asked a little more about my future.. hopefully it will bring more peace of mind and ease my fears even more you should try it Dave.. i know what you’re going through i feel silly, conquering my disabillity but then having fear be my real paralyis

    all my best,

  17. i’m actually very envious of those of you who communicate with spirit or angels or in a weird way have had NDEs. I wish i could communicate with someone who could tell me everything is going to be OK, that even though bad things might happen, that my fears are irrational although Eric predicts some ugly things when he talks about his house being full and surrounded by protection it sounds wonderful.

    like you Dave, i hate being afraid, I actually am pretty positive, or was or try to be, honestly, as said as it is, I feel as though, i’ve lost hope, which is something i’ve always had. I always believed in people, in their potential, in humanity, now even though its years in the making, i just see the world collapsing and i feel helpless

    I feel, in my heart of hearts that God has a plan for me and its not to be consumed by fear or end my life but to be a warrior (not to be dramatic) and fight but i just need to conquer this mental barrier.. i feel like i have a spilt personality and i’m in constant conflict with the two

    1. its true. though Dave, both Eric and i agreed this would need to be my last reading for a while, of all the things a person could become addicted to.. readings and predicting, future tragedies.. .. man.. what happened to me lol

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