Notes on 12-20-14

“Something under the sea.. its coming.. hurry”

That implies a Tsunami. We need to find out where it will happen, unless anyone else can think of a reason to point to the bottom of the ocean. I need to regroup and make this my main focus along with the attacks.

In the old predictions both the 28th and 12th were mentioned.


45 thoughts on “Notes on 12-20-14

  1. Hi Eric,
    Do you think this implies the tsunami for the west coast? I know there was a few predictions about flooding in Vancouver earlier this year… I live in Vancouver and have had a few dreams/visions about an earthquake here..Every time it was 8.1 …I can’t help but get the feeling something is up…

  2. Eric,
    in review of 2013. Spirit mentioned 4 things that will happen.. Here they are..
    Could the west coast and CA earthquake fit?
    .First they are adamant to say that these four predictions are still very much expected even if the time has passed.

    The Florida Hurricane
    The west coast Tsunami
    The attack of the US Bridge
    California Earthquake

  3. I think the mega earthquake is most likely to occur sooner or later. Also Eric’s Spirits mentioned something under sea. It can trigger tsunami after mega earthquake possible from Japan. The California along the western coast will be flooded caused by tsunami.

    I had 2 dreams this past month. First, I dreamed the west side of USA will be flooded as well as north part. Also, i had a dream there is a huge fault, very powerful deep that split straight up and down. It’s timing on the clock. The question is not know exactly when but its in process of our planet. Its in the doing of the Mother nature that we can’t do anything about it but pray for wisdom and peace. The angels will do their duties according to the prayers by their requested it. The angels delivered the messages to God and will act on it upon His permission.

    May God be with you in peace.

      • To Linda, I meant its on the earth’s clock or time.

        I’ve observed the behaviors and patterns of the earthquakes, especially the Japan, USA, New Zealand. Frequent earthquakes along the fire of rings. The more actives, it can and will have major earthquakes just about every one to two years. Its crazy lately. Hopefully it will slow down in a few years like a long sleep for a century or two. It depends how it mold inside the core of the earth and affect by the gravity, sun and moon. Its crazy right now and has been since 2004 (I think).

  4. Hmm…could this be connected to old Florida prediction, where u thought seasons were all off, yet they continued w/ Florida?

  5. Hello Eric
    I feel its something to do with submarine…. Have seen many news that countries trying to nuke each othr …. Can see if this is case…..

  6. “Something under the sea.. its coming.. hurry”
    Perhaps referring to sea tunnel roads (accident or terrorism)?

    • Hi Roxiee. Though we mostly think tsunami…Eric did have a post with someone slamming into a tunnel previously. It had to do with a terrorist act. I don’t know if this was a mountain tunnel or not though. I think it was around the time we were looking at Europe/Norway. I will try to research later. Perhaps Eric will know.

  7. Off topic but has anyone heard of the two NYPD officers that were just “assassinated”? These two officers were just sitting in their patrol vehicle and someone came up to them and shot them both in the head once then tan away??? Things are getting very ugly out there.

  8. ‘Something under the sea’. So I have a password protected prediction and this person says – “The 2nd to 3rd weeks in June is what I see, and then the 1st to 2nd week in July. Then I see a lull until the 2nd week in August. I see the beginnings of the August event being deep in the Earth. Now, in August, I think I see earthquakes over about 7-8 or so days, causing a fissure deep in the Earth’s crust that will trigger volcanic activity off the coast of Venezuela. If there is no activity in June and July, 2015, then the event in August will be much, much less.” She’s talking about August 2015 and will make it public on Xmas day. When she does, I’ll give the link. Ya know this sounds like an event horizon, so we notify. This past July she said – “I’m starting to see something of the size of a volcano happening underground, perhaps a nuclear explosion.
    By the Spring of 2016, this event’s effects will have spread throughout the entire Atlantic Ocean”

    Usually I don’t give much credence to people who rely on Jesus/Bible/Prayer for ‘help’, but Earth Changes interest me no matter where they come from.

    • Good grieve. …..eoouch! It can happen. It will cause tsunami as well. That could be what the spirits stated “something under the sea”. Did they say “explode”?
      Oh my, my. Thanks for sharing, Daisee.

      Again, why would they do that trying to create to release of the ancient volcano under sea?? There must be a reason. I need to go back and read it again.

    • aaah. Jodie Senkyrik and the three separate messages – of course if you read the byline – this persons messages do say – fine print

      • You know – this person always says this is what I saw but I may be wrong- perfect protection if the predictions don’t work out

  9. Could this prediction be referring to the Air Asia flight? Two large objects have just been discovered at the bottom of the sea and the crash happened shortly after this prediction, which could be what “it’s coming” was in reference to.


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