Australia Siege

This is a failed prediction, no details and no location. Australia has been a focus of Spirit for some time, and they actually are working on a prediction right now that talks about some serious flooding on the horizon. We have tried very hard to keep Australia well informed.  My heart goes out to the people of Australia, I hope for a speedy recovery to this horrific terror attack.

Notes on 7-29-14  I had a visual of a poster on a table, it showed a picture of a man with a wolf’s head, howling upward. — Perhaps a message of a ‘lone wolf’

This could also have ties to the prediction below, in hindsight, they seem to be predicting a group of different terror acts around the world.

Notes on 12-11-14  “In two minutes (days) the spiders arrive..”
Where I asked? America but they also made mention to this being a previous predictions as well
They also made mention to Boko Haram too. Lots of cryptic messages here.
I had a visual of the word spider on a bottle next to oranges.

Eric’s Comments: Very cryptic, the only clear message here is a terror attack or mass shooting in two days, sometime around the 13th.  As for the quake the question is why present it on a ‘tag’ , Oranges in the past represent luck. But could also be seen as “to arrange

The Facts on 12-14-14: Hostages Held in Attack on Australia’s Wall Street.

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  1. Hi Eric, fortunately the terror attack is over unfortunately 2 hostages have died. A lone wolf attack but with radical views. He was on bail for the involvement of murdering his ex wife and was on a watch list for sending hate mail to the parents of soldiers in Afghanistan. He has been shot and killed.

      1. Hi Eric , I look forward to hearing what spirit has to say. I’m worried for my Children as they attend school in Melbourne. You just dont know if there will be a chain of similar attacks

  2. Eric, this is really important. I am from Sydney and it’s such a sad time for our country.
    A media report read that a man bumped into the gunman before the siege and he was with two other men dressed in the same way (Islamic worded shirt & headband). The media and police have said nothing about this. Are we safe? Are there others who will do something else?

      1. Eric. The prediction on 4-15-14 stuck out to me right away when this happened and in the prediction it stated monsters plural plural…it makes sense to what you are saying findinghalfway.
        Are these connected.

      1. I don’t know which prediction it was but I remember one being about another mad man with a gun…kind of fits this pa guy seems he is the second pa crazy man with a gun and he to is a military like guy.

      2. Hi jonblue!,
        The mass killing in PA was done by an ex-marine, who basically killed his ex-wive and most of her family. Horrible as it is, I don’t think it’s the same as the other mass/ multiple killings. I live not to far from this and it is such a tragedy, but sadly we see to many of these killings over the years…. I don’t think this man is one of the “spiders” so much as a twisted soul seeking revenge or pain on family.

      3. omarie, goodness. Just be cautious until they find him. Being that he is a Marine, (and if he hasn’t committed suicide) he will have gone into a state of paranoia. This would cause him to seek shelter in some innocent stranger’s home or worse, a store. Hopefully, that is not the case. He is definitely a twisted soul. So many Marines are after they come back due to PTSD. They seem perfectly fine until something triggers. Michelle, I think you are right, this seems to fit something Eric said Spirit spoke on a while back. This isn’t a man just killing his wife and kid. This is a man killing his ex-wife, her two kids from another marriage that had nothing to do with the madman, and then her mother and grandmother. All were in separate homes in the city from what I read. And this nutcase is still on the loose. Like I mentioned, if he is still alive, he is probably not going to commit suicide if he hasn’t already and will go down with guns blazing like rogue LA cop ex military Christopher Dorner did when he killed his fellow police officers and their families. Lets meditate that the police find him very soon and end this.

        And to Dorothy and others that live in Australia, my thoughts and peace go to you during this time. I absolutely LOVE Australia and have amazing memories of the warmth, kindness and generosity I received during my travels there. Namaste.

  3. At least 126 people were killed and scores were injured Tuesday when Taliban gunmen attacked a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan. More than 100 of the dead were children, officials said…… Yet again more people killed by terrorists!!!

  4. I don’t know why anyone would kill so many innocent people. Sickening. I’m disturbed by this latest Taliban attack. I just can’t wrap my brain around this. The minds of these terrorists must be poisoned. I am so heartbroken for these people. The poor students were just trying to learn and teachers trying to teach. When will this horror end.

  5. JonBlue, Eric…. The PA Marine on the killing rampage , his body has been found…just came over the Philly local news. Don’t have details, just saw the breaking news. What a day in PA. I just want to know who opened Pandora’s box and let out all the evil onto the world? I know, no one can really answer that question…. It is very sad. I will have to remember these poor souls and light a candle for them at Mass this Sunday.

  6. I just saw the news on the man in Pennsylvania who killed his ex wife her kids and her family:

    The body of the suspect, Bradley William Stone, was found with what looked to be self-inflicted wounds.

    It looks like he did commit suicide. I do believe he didn’t kill the child that they had together who now has no family. All of this is just so sad.

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