The CIA Torture Report

This scandal has happened, I believed by the highest seat they were talking about the leaderships, but its a message about the CIA.

Notes on 12-19-13  “US representatives.. senate / congress.. a scandal looms.. word is getting out.. oh the lies are coming.. from the highest seat.. all of the scandal that is assumed, is true in abundance”

They showed the inside of the Capital and showed the seat above the others, that would have to mean Harry Reid or John Boehner.

This situation is an example of what Spirit said:
Notes on 9-3-14  “For all of you, your secrets are like Christmas presents that we will rip open and display to everyone.” Spirits Voice.

The Facts:  Washington (CNN) — “The CIA’s harsh interrogations of terrorist detainees during the Bush era didn’t work, were more brutal than previously revealed and delivered no “ticking time bomb” information that prevented an attack, according to an explosive Senate report released Tuesday.

The majority report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee is a damning condemnation of the tactics — branded by critics as torture — the George W. Bush administration deployed in the fear-laden days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The techniques, according to the report, were “deeply flawed,” poorly managed and often resulted in “fabricated” information.” Quoted by

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  1. The “highest Seat” is none other then Obama’s. His agenda time is coming to an end and he has to do everything he can to discredit the United States and leave it open to a variety of attacks in the next 1-1/2 years. Not all attacks are as obvious as hitting buildings with planes. An attack that chips away at the Core of the United States has been underway since 2010. What we consider “torture” is nothing compared to what the Muslims are willing to do to “unbelievers”. If you’ll stop and think about it, there are no interviews with any CIA operatives that were on-site and actually oversaw. There is also no determination made about the “torture”… The US are novice’s when it comes to this area of warfare; not enough practice.

    1. I agree with you Sandy. I think this CIA stuff is just a red herring to take the publics mind off the real scandal…. Obamacare. Think about it, the day Gruber goes before a hearing in Congress, is the day they release the CIA report. There is a lot going on behind the scenes on BOTH sides if the aisle and it does lead back to “the highest seat”. What we need now is a true statesmen/women, not another politician

      1. Sorry, I am just really disgusted with all the lying going on with our Gov’t. The idea of universal healthcare is good but the way it was implimeted was terrible. Also, Obama’s penchant for talking out of both sides of his month, especially with terrorist organizations scares me to death.
        Eric, what do the Spirits really think of Obama? What do they think of a President who never takes responsibility and engages in fingerpointing and deflection?
        Even his supporters are very aware of this.

        1. They don’t really form an opinion, its kind of like what we would think of say the president of france or Germany, we know who it is, we have a very basic opinion but he isn’t our leader so why have such a positive or negative opinion of the person. They do have another prediction about him coming soon. They only have opinions if the leader is BAD.

    1. I am not an American and I too would like to know why you guys are – I think this is the right word – dis enchanted – with each and every president you the people have chosen for the past let’s say 30 years.. Maybe we should question Spirit – what is it that we are doing wrong – that we are getting the same old same old
      I come from Kenya – and we have exactly the same thing. We always think we are choosing a leader that will guide us to prosperity etc etc – but end up having the same thing we did not want.
      So maybe it’s time we changed or questioned what is being presented to us. I don’t know – I may be wrong – but we can always live in hope that the next one will be our saviour

      1. Pn, Our country was based on a “concept” untried previously. We are supposed to have our candidates vetted. That means a complete background check, proof of citizenship, work history and, hopefully, honesty and the understanding of what a “democracy” or a “Republic” is. It’s based on the idea that the majority rules, not “fixing” the votes nor paying off people with promises to gain votes.
        A lot of people don’t seem to care who or what they are voting for and because concept, idea or person has more than one side, don’t want to think about it. They will believe what they want to believe and people always hear only what they want to hear. Democracy is not perfect, never will be, but as long as there are choices, we never know what the Politician is really going to do. We can only learn from the errors. Unfortunately Obama was NOT what he said he was and Obama doesn’t have an adult relationship with the truth and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everything that has gone awry is someone else’s fault. Frankly, I didn’t vote for him and I don’t know many people who did. I didn’t like him BEFORE he was elected the first time and I’ve seen little to change my mind.
        So, we bought a pig in a poke… (which means we bought a pig that was in a bag and didn’t open the bag to see what was really in the bag…) But being Human means that we hope that the next time it will be different.
        Hang in there… Things will change soon enough.. for the better I hope!

      2. Sandy

        Actually to be honest – my response was because of the comments you made about Obama –
        You do realize that the Cnn and Fox News that feed the Americans are not the ones that the rest of the world see. And we don’t think Obama is to blame for what your past presidents did and he was never part and parcel of the Cia tortures carried out during the 9/11 time. That was George Bush. But then I pity the poor guy. You Americans blame him for everything that goes wrong in your country – why?
        And as for Israel – I don’t think Obama will be blamed for their own downfall – Israel has crossed the boundary of humanity already

  2. omarie, I think there are only a few people in office who are in office to help sustain the United States and return it the path our Founding Fathers set out. “In God We Trust” . What I take away from studying Politicians and what they have accomplished is they are in office for the wealth and power. Obama has been groomed and is directed by someone or some organization in an attempt at weakening the US in moral, economic, military, scholastically and status; Obama has been running against the tide of Christian Values upon which our country is founded since the day he was elected. I pray Obama doesn’t destroy our relationship with Israel, because when we turn our back on them, we ( The United States) have signed our own death warrant.
    So, we are in agreement, omarie and hope people are praying for our wonderful Country that we will remain strong with God’s help in the face of our enemies.

    1. Sandy, I believe your bias is showing and it is a big one. I am not sure that this is the place for making political statements is it?

      1. I completely agree, Sheri. Sandy, your judgement and true colors are showing. I caution you as I would any friend. In my near death experience and being on the other side, there is no right or wrong religion. America was founded from the tyranny of one religion. Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, and all are loved by the Creator. It is in how we judge one another. That is the merit the Creator and Universe will handle your character. Be very cautious, Sandy of how you phrase things and examine your belief system. Does it follow Christ’s, Buddha’s, Mohammed’s true teachings of peace, love and non judgement? If it does not, you may have a great challenge ahead of you. I learned the hard way. Thankfully, the Angels saw fit that I was able to return and ask forgiveness of those I judged and wronged and forgive those that wronged me. It was within that, I was set free. I would have gotten to enter heaven fully then but the Angel said I could do even better and I would be greatly rewarded for doing so. Being back on Earth and experiencing massive rewards both financially, physically and spiritually have been amazing. As for Obamacare, I can tell you as a small business owner who did not have insurance before, I have it now when I needed it most to battle and win against brain cancer. I believe the Creator and all the Angels made sure Obamacare was passed to save many lives that were on the brink of dying without any insurance. You are American and do not realize how very lucky you are to be American. I recommend volunteering overseas for a while and you will see things that will make you come back to the US and kiss the ground. Please air your grievances elsewhere. This is not the place. This is a place of peace where we come together, some of us blessed with gifts to see and some of us blessed to listen and help. I can tell you from direct experience from being on the other side that Spirits, our ancestors and the Creator are watching. Make them proud by not judging. Torture is wrong in any sense of the word or action. I was truly proud that John McCain spoke out as he was horribly tortured during the Vietnam War. There are dozens of reputable studies along with the centuries of history that people will confess or say anything to stop torture whether the information is true or not. The Geneva Convention was a huge help in stopping such torture. I will also say that while in heaven, the Angel told me that if our nation could return to the love that surrounded this country in 1945 and dispel the prejudices, judgements against all, our nation would be free again. Be very careful, Sandy. Tread lightly, they are watching. This I can guarantee. Myself, Eric and others are very aware of this.

      2. Thank you for sharing your opinion Sandy 🙂 I happen to agree with a lot of your statements especially regarding Obama and so many people do feel the same way as you and I. The media does a great job of covering the truth on both sides of the aisle. It’s actually quite amazing how easily brainwashed people are or how people don’t question the information they are being told or shown. The best thing we can do is pray that the good in this world prevails not deception and corruption that currently exists in all levels of our government regardless of political affiliation.

  3. Hi Pn,
    I have tried to keep an open mind and do not just listen to/read conservative voices, but all voices. I listen to/read conservative, liberal and independent as well as the foreign press as sometimes they report info we don’t get here in the US.
    I also think your question as to why the electorate (the US voter) continues to have “buyers remorse” is a good question that should be considered.
    When I made my initial statement/ question I didn’t mean to open up a can of worms, it’s just seems so much is going on in the world that the one place you need peace is your own home. How can we stand against an outside enemy when we are to busy fighting/arguing amongst ourselves…… This is what worries me so much.

    1. omarie, your last statement is what was a big deal to my grandpa in the dreams where he visited me. “busy fighting/arguing amongst ourselves”. I am never been political in any way really. It was because of my dreams that I saw our nation became vulerable because we can’t even get along within our own country. First some sort of civil war, a few outside terror acts then a short time of peace where women are in charge and then some real horrors to come from across the sea of radicals but as Eric said a while back that is a decade or two away. With all the fighting of whose religion is right and whose is wrong. Grandpa reiterated what I experienced in heaven in my NDE. That God is Love and those who are against that are certainly against what the real message is. Many people who have had Near Death Experiences like myself come back completely changed as many have said, America was the Creator’s way of trying to instill peace of all religions, colors, creeds, orientations getting along. Defiling that, I learned as our souls are given eternal life and we are reincarnated either into new bodies for new lessons or later become something else greater depending on lessons we still need to learn. Some of us are granted a second chance in the same body. I am one of those. I needed to come back and love more but in turn I saw many things the future holds. There are some like Hitler and other nefarious souls that do not enter heaven for their defiling of all mankind. I do not have all those answers but I know for certain what the last two years of my life have been like since returning to earth with the dreams and visions. People like Eric and others are trying to help. I do think Chaney will see his judgement come. I did not see it in heaven as it was not shown to me and I did not ask, but I believe him to be very nefarious. I did briefly meet him once in 2007 while out dining in Dallas and I can tell you the energy around him was terrifying to my soul. I left the restaurant we were dining in haste as I felt an eerie feeling around me as if he were surrounded by darkness. I was eating a salad with two friends and I felt as if I were choking my throat feeling like it was closing around me. I gave my friend a $100 to make sure to cover my entree (which hadn’t come yet) and excused myself back to our hotel as we were there for a wedding weekend. I was all better, the minute I stepped outside of the restaurant. I also met W at a press conference once and did not have an eerie feeling, believe it or not. Same with Obama. I’ve actually dined with him twice while I lived in Chicago because of the career I held there. He and his family were very genuine, however what happens in the country will not be based on his actions but the actions of all those elected in office as the battle continues on both sides of the aisle. Peace is definitely needed and sadly it will not come until the next president which the my grandpa said would be “Hillary” (that is a major shock as grandpa was a staunch right wing republican in his younger years…he mellowed as he got sick from heart disease). Grandpa seems to think women need to take control of the US to bring the peace needed. Namaste to all.

      1. Hey john sorry to hear bout your battle with cancer i pray for you brother so as to your dreams with your grandpal about civil unrest it will happen but are you saying we will get through it somehow i ask cause im terrified and you think obama is actually a good man but its going to take the next president to fix things.

      2. Thank you very much Travis. It is because of my brain cancer (now in remission) that I was able to experience Heaven as I coded from a grand mal seizure. So I try and look at it as a blessing as I believe it saved me in many ways to do better and open my soul more. As I said, I could have stayed in heaven but I would not have gotten all the rewards I am getting now in my human life from coming back and changing how I view things. Also my ‘gifts’ became abundantly apparent. I guess I’m not the only one as others who have died and came back, come back with ‘gifts’. Anyway, yes, it will be a rough couple of years for sure. It is not Obama’s fault. There is no pointing blame other than a collective blame of people not working together and giving of themselves even when things may be tough. I was still volunteering in the food pantry while I was in a wheelchair recovering from brain surgery because I knew that was giving of myself despite myself. It was greatly rewarding but hard. Sometimes people want quick fixes. There is not such a thing. There is progress. One must have compassion for all, even the ones that stumble. It will be the next president who will facilitate action that will correct things but it will be with the help of everyone and all of us making sacrifices to do so, just as The Greatest Generation did in the 30s and 40s.
        The one thing I did learn is to avoid extreme religion on any side. Someone’s belief that America should be ‘all Christian’ is just as bad as Nazis saying everyone must be of ‘arian race or get out’. (and note I consider myself Christian/buddhist/jew but that is just in how I honor my Creators as there are many ways, religions and practices to accomplish that goal of honor and love). People refuse to see both sides have the same aim. They become selfish in the “I’m right/you’re wrong” mentality and that gets us nowhere. Right now we are on the brink of civil unrest because of people like Sandy who hold strong prejudices and do not even realize they hold them but it comes out in their writing or speaking when they let their guard down. When they begin judging and placing blame on one individual. That goes with both sides of the aisle. There are extremes in the left and extremes in the right. That is where this will break out into and unconventional civil war. But the winning party will be a good one in the long run. Grandpa was very clear on that but he told me it was going to get rough for a while. Obama is a good person, he is no saint but God (Our Creator) loves him and his family. I am very sure of that. I am mainly alive because Angels saw fit to introduce a form of healthcare for everyone. It is not perfect, nor is any human invention but it is a work in progress. Every good prophet from Jesus to Buddha spoke on helping and healing the sick no matter how poor they are even if that requires each of us to give more than we want. Those prophets gave up everything and lived a humble life. Take comfort to know Spirit is there. And we have many people like Eric and others that are guided. Its not always easy. I still get scared too. But I know what I was told and I know what I saw in heaven. So I know all will turn out well. I’m just thrilled to know Heaven exists and that we get to stay there for a while and then our souls choose to go on many different grand paths.

      3. Thanks for the response jon i really love hearing your story and thrilled you got to see heaven. I love how you contribute to the message boards even though i cant the only gift i believe i carry is passion. I agree with you how it can be damagaing to be around people with strong religion, i dont claim to have i religion im just very spiritual. The thing thats bad on me is the media and what they say affects me cause im easily depressed and i have anxities im a very guliable person and lately i have people talk about fema concentration camps and all this about police state which terrifies me completly.

      4. Jon very nicely put. My parents raised me to never believe one side of the story. Any time me and my sister would get into a childhood fight she would sit us down and tell us both where we were wrong…it became a collective problem not one sided and because she did that in our raising I think that always and I wish everyone would think more generally in that thought process instead of pointing fingers.
        The media has really made every aspect of ever problem worse just for better ratings. Travis I can tell you when my husband found the guy on the Internet saying all kinds of crazyness he to started to get crazy thoughts. I wish I could remember that radical guy doing the internet news shows. It took a lot to convince him nothing that was going to happen here anyway. I see some things that will happen (thru spirit) but no where near what that one Marshall law guy is saying in any way shape of form. I think that guy just holds a good amount of gun stocks and trying to make more money off it. (Saying as a joke)
        Jon you are right about everything u just said tho. I worked cases on sex assaults at our local prosecutors office for some time. You have to keep cases confidential until trial. And there is a reason for this. My friend had this huge debate with me once arguing that everything should be public the minute a crime is committed. I explained to her that when the media gets a hold of a story they take off with it leaving justice and truth behind. It becomes nothing more then a factional story made up by someone trying to get a raise. Then pre judging by the public sets in and in some cases people take matters into their own hands without hearing the true story. The first thing I think when I see a story on the news is well that was probably 50% accurate and missing 75% of the whole real story. We are passionate people in the u.s. one of our greatest but worst qualities as Americans. Being so passionate with half the story could definitely ruin us. I pray for one day for us to be able to turn off the news and everyone everywhere be able to connect with their higher spirit for guidance.

      5. Michelle, your comments are so wonderful and exactly the way I feel. Though I do think that there may be some cities in the future that declare Martial Law for a small amount of time to quiet things down. Chicago and LA ( I do not mention NYC because we all know they can keep it together during a disaster as we saw in both 9/11 and the hurricane Sandy) are probably one of them based on past history with extreme violence and rioting and in Chicago now everyone can conceal and carry a gun (whose bright idea was that in the most violent city?!?!). Should there be a natural disaster like the power grid goes out during the hot or cold months or if the protests become violent there, it is very possible but it would not be in mid-size or small cities for sure. Those are fear-mongers that like to say vigalantes will be coming in your small town and stealing your food so build a bunker type people. When the next economic crash hits, it will be hard again on many people, but it will only be big cities that are hugely corrupt that the national guard would be called in to settle it. I do think there will be a terror attack on infrastructure soon as I saw that in my third dream and the NSA has admitted is “not if but when” scenario but it will only hurt major cities and will only take a month to repair so you won’t have to hide in a bunker or anything. 🙂

        So, Travis, my friend do not fear all the talk of ‘camps’ and things like that. The only way that would happen is if the extreme right wing took over the country but that will never ever happen as there are too many of us moderates, leftists and young people to stop them. Checks and balances, as they say. Even the extreme left wing wouldn’t go around collecting, say, Christians. Any sort of FEMA camps are for people that suffered in Katrina and other possible natural disasters that occur. So don’t let those crazy far right people scare you, don’t let them win. Michelle is very right. 50% of news is accurate and the rest is spun to cause for sides. Use logic and patience, and the truth will always come out. Reputable news sources are BBC, Reuters and Associated Press as they write (for the most part) with little emotion and all fact. Read entire quotes and not “edited” quotes. It is when other news sources like Fox (far right) or MSNBC (far left) get ahold of it that it gets spun. Trust me, God is in control and the Spirits are watching, especially the USA because we are always on the World Stage. Remember, my friend, I’ve visited heaven for a short bit and I can tell you, either way, you are in awesome hands!

      6. 😉 ya I’m so not going in a bunker..but ya I’m on the east coast. It’s crazy to me sometimes how we are one country but so different each coast you go to. I don’t know much about Chicago, live outside of Philadelphia in New Jersey. Camden nj is our hot spot for crime I’m glad we don’t have a lot of permits to carry here what a mess that would be here if everyone could carry. Some beg ti differ im sure. From what I understand nj has pretty strict gun registration rules.

      7. Thanks for the kind and reassuring words jon means a lot glad theres people out there like you

  4. There’s nothing new in the CIA report and it’s not much of a scandal. On the other hand, Obama’s tenure has been rife with major scandals. Moreover, so has Harry Reid been involved with major scandals (that the press generally buries). So I don’t think it has anything to do with the CIA report. It could be Obama, Holder, Reid and any number of other leaders up to their necks in criminal scandals.

    1. Thomas and Lisa, I guess I’m not as good a person as some and am sorry to have offended them. HOWEVER, I am an American who believes in what our Founding Fathers, with guidance, were able to set forth: Freedom and a Republic (Democracy) that reflected the voices of ALL Americans. I see Obama AND current leaders as being an active threat to that which we enjoy, stuffing the ballot boxes, buying votes by promising voters money if voting for one person, an UNTRUTHFUL & DISHONEST President who cannot prove he’s an actual American Citizen and who has unlimited funds at his disposal. Now, I don’t know what other people think, but I like to call things the way I see them.
      A true example of a Chicago politician who has rigged the vote, made promises he never meant to keep and lies, lies, lies. HE is the danger from the “highest seat”!!

  5. My guts tell me that Obama nor Bush were not much involved in the skulduggery that is this torture report.

    Bush wasn’t the kind of nasty sort that could contemplate this sort of thing then eat his lunch. To orchestrate this sort of thing you have to be a sociopath. For all of Bush’s many many faults, he is not that. His genuine horror at the news of the 911 attack was plain to see.

    Obama, and I excuse no mistakes he made, entered office and had this funk dumped in his lap, and when he tried to close it down, it was obstructed by parties unknown by me.

    The man I think who is capable of this sort of evil, able to go hunting and ‘accidentally’ shoot people along with the game is Dick Cheney. Look at his eyes when you see his photographs. Nothing human stares back.

  6. Thank you, JonBlue, for your kind words. I will just keep praying for our Country and hope that God will guide all our leaders in the direction that is best for our country, and end all this bickering.
    Also, I will pray for you Jon, that your cancer does not return. I had no idea you were suffering so. God Bless You!

  7. Yup just Google him that is the guy. My husband found a link on fb and watch it and started believing everything he was saying. He was ready to build an underground bunker and start dooms day preping. I laughed more then anything..but it shows you how quick listening to radicals can get out of hand and how you can get caught up in their thoughts. I try to stay neutral with everything anymore because of my life experience my career I know how both sides can get carried away. Politics will always be politics and we have it better here then some countries. I try and stay great full for what I have and what good things America is still great for. There are still people who sacrifice their lives to want to live here, which to me sounds like we still have it pretty good here. Just stay positive stay away from the negative people or influences and make a difference is really the way I see it to making this world a better place. And of course what we are all trying to do on here stop the bad from taking over or happening. Warning people of disasters that are in the making.
    Travis do you meditate? It might bring some peace to you if you are going threw a hard time. You don’t have to see anything, it can bring you peace of mind sometimes just doing it. Separating the all the bad thoughts we get hounded with everyday from our souls. I hate sounding like a weirdo…but it has helped me a lot since i started again.

    1. You dont sound like a weirdo at all i actually believe in meditation and have actually tried few times however wasnt successful giving the fact my mind races on i guess that it will take lots more practice for me and as for the alex jones guy part of me wants to say get out of here this guys insane then i think hey things cant go as bad as these so called fema camps which i think is my biggest fear right now cause multiple people talk about them plus all this stuff ya hear and see

      1. I am the same way with my thoughts racing all the time. It took a while for me to I had to let things calm down in my life before I could fully get what I wanted out of meditation. Def Keep trying. It helps to let go of your fears.
        With the alex Jones guy, ya he had me at a couple good points he did have but he kinda does what I feel all news stations do and got to far to stretch truth for ratings and followers. I’d say take 25% of what he is saying is truth and try and figure out what good things could come out of what he is saying…Instead of thinking these things are set up to go against us, in what situation could it help and protect us? Believe me my husband got real worried and I had to point out the good things that could come out of these so called camps. Like all the caskets that were reported being at these camps…what if ebola did hit here and and we did have a lot of deaths…maybe the plastic caskets would help keep things a little bit more sanitized and be able to lay these people to rest respectfully and prevent the spread. I’d expect nothing more for our govt to have a plan in case these things happen. But an outsider looking in that doesn’t know that we are prepared for the worst no matter what the worst is may see these things as a way to control us and over throw the American ppl. That’s how quick fear starts…and I get it anything is possible but I like to understand the possibilities and benefits before thinking about the bad. I worry more about terror attacks when our country really is at war with itself which makes us so variable for them to happen. The knowing that we have bigger things to worry about haunts me when I watch the news and they are picking apart one or two issues and making big scenes over them and making life here so diverse. We need to stick together as Americans, do better for each other, be kinder, love each other, and help one another. I know i sound like a hippy in the 60’s but in the times we live in currently making the difference could be just that simple to fix the problem, pointing the finger at the govt won’t fix it that’s for sure. And that seems to be the trend these days. Sadly.

      2. Wonderfully stated, Michelle. See the good! Yes things will get bad for a time when the economy crashes or the next big flu hits like the 1918 one but humans survived it. Now we have each other to meditate with and help protect what may be coming. No free world government is going to round up thousands of people and shoot them to fill plastic caskets. Obama is not Hitler for goodness sake. He isn’t hiding behind a ‘fake war’ and people have health insurance that never had it before. This is the way Christ or Buddha would handle life. Giving to those in need instead of pointing fingers. Just trust that part at least. Yes, there is a revolution coming. In the good sense, it will cause a reign of peace when Love wins out. It always does. In the meantime, just be mindful and vigilant in your meditation. I get scared too sometimes, we all do. Even with my dreams guiding me, I still get scared but then I think of how blessed I am that I have dreams and am reminded that God sent me back to earth from my NDE and realize how super cool that is. I want to protect my friends, especially, which is why I am so glad I found Eric’s website to see that someone else and others on here have seen similar things. Just trust your instinct and turn off the news like I do. I only allow myself 1 hour a day to read the news, thats it. The rest can just wait. I have two doggies to take to the park and raise and volunteer work to keep me busy when my hands feel idle. Also watch campy animal tricks on youtube when you get anxious. Laughter can temporarily cure anxiety.

      3. It’s really what works for you I feel everyone does it a little different. Find a place in your thoughts where you find peace…The beach, the mountains, space, water, a forest. …make it your place. Go to a quite room you are comfortable in light a candle take slow breathes thing about that place you made for yourself (your happy place) and let all your thoughts escape you. Focus on white light. Surround yourself in it when you see it. If you don’t see it at first try try again. The white light should come first actually. If u have a hard time clearing your head focus on a ring at your feet and bring it up slowly to your head and know that ring around you is clearing your mind. Ask for your spirit guide when you get comfortable in your happy space. Ask his or her name. See if that works for you…it might not and if not you can Google different ways that might work better for you. I attended a class when I was 18ish and I think this is pretty much how they started me out. I always have seen spirits but this was a good exercise for me to open up that spiritual world to me. Because you might have a gift your born with but it still takes advice and training to use it properly that’s why I took a one day class on it. Where I started and where I am today is a little different tho…I now find myself in space which is weird to me bc i have never been a space and stars kinda person. But it is where I am clear to talk to the spirits I talk to today.
        Like I said I’m not sure my way is the right way for you I would definitely Google someone that knows how to teach it better and knows all the different ways. You will probably find you way after watching a couple. I’m probably not a good teacher when it comes to meditation. ..ppl like eric are way better then me. I hope this helped:)
        Focusing on your third eye helps to if u want to see if you can connect with a spirit. Find the order in which works for you to…if something doesn’t work try it a different way. I probably went a little outta order right now myself..keep us posted how it works out for you and if you need help still or have questions I’m sure there are a couple people on this site that can also give you a helping hand that may have better advice or show you a different way. It’s very peaceful tho when you get there it’s exciting what peace exist;)

      4. Thanks for tips and pointers michelle and as always great read jon glad i found this site.

  8. Blessings to your country and its people…as an outsider to your country but a lover of it as well as i am with the whole world over .if i may say if the report had never been made public this conversation would never have taken place…so all evil works toward good …i was over come with love when i read all of your feelings in your comments…we are all doing the best we can in this now..take a moment and sit in the one moment that passes and yoy will feel that

  9. Jon Blue, so glad to hear your perspective and story. I’ve been reading about people and their NDEs for 20 years and have been blessed with these perspectives to help me enrich my spirituality. It has put me on a different path of how to see a bigger picture, too, as well as realizing more of my gifts. I never had an NDE, but people I know that did have played a crucial part in it. So, your general message of loving everyone, no matter if you’re religious or not, is spot on to me, too. It’s finding ways for it to play out in many aspects. Thanks and God bless!

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