Notes on 12-10-14

“Earthquake.. 10.. Japan” — Spirits Voice

“You broke the agreement now your going to jail.. a humbling experience for someone who thinks they are above others.. the famous star.” — Spirits Voice

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  1. Lia Avatar

    Well, the famous star has to be Cosby…Regarding the earthquake, Eric, do you think the 10 denotes the 10th, 10 days from now, or a 10 on the Richter scale (hope not)? I recall there was a woman who had an NDE ( Near death experience) whereby she wrote about seeing Japan sink due to a horrendous earthquake. Forget her name. Will look at the website where I think I saw it to find the description.

    1. swampy11 Avatar

      As for a 10 on the Richter scale, I read somewhere there’s never been anything recorded that high. I don’t know if they made the scale with 10 as a way to round off or what. I presume the magnitude of 10 can be part of the process of elimination, maybe?? So, that would leave the 10th or 10 days from now. Just a thought.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I think its about timing, today? next month? 10 days from now?

    2. omarie Avatar

      Not sure it’s Crosby…..statute of limitations expired on all of these allegations. He might be arrested, but jail? Not sure, as he can afford the best attys. His career is over.
      They said something about a broken agreement….. If it is Crosby, what agreement did he break? As for “famous star” could this be a political star? Just thinking right now. Throwing out possibilities…

      1. omarie Avatar

        Oops Cosby…. Geez with all the holiday songs playing, must have Mr. White Christmas on the brain.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I thought I was spelling it wrong or something. Oh well.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        They made a point to say arrested and implied he would not be in prison. So that only fuels Crosby.

    3. Lia Avatar

      It’s interesting about Bill Cosby and the statute of limitations. I read somewhere recently that because the young woman was 15 yrs old at the time, and because she reported the incident to a supervisor, and because the supervisor said to forget about it ( given that Bill Cosby was a celebrity who befriended the Playboy Club owner, Hugh Hefner) – that there could be a criminal investigation much like The Sandusky situation at Penn State. I think the author of the article also said there was a witness to the 15 year old being attacked or drugged ( not sure) and the witness was ignored, too. So, maybe that is why the case could lead to criminal charges.

      1. omarie Avatar

        I think you might be right Lea. I guess we will have to see how this plays out

      2. omarie Avatar

        Sorry, meant Lia…

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Lia it fits but one thing I have learned with these predictions is not to assume its one thing. There are plenty of people with the name William, and its a big world. We will see soon.

      1. Lia Avatar

        Eric, of course you are right 🙂 There may be another Bill to come to light that will align with your prediction. We will see. I always loved Bill Cosby and would hope that he has been wrongly accused. Only time will tell.

  2. mary Avatar

    Is this one of the Earl Cayce predicted?

  3. mary Avatar

    I meant one of his predictions that the Japan will be under the sea. It will be disappearred from the map. That day will come but dont know when.

  4. mary Avatar

    im sorry…my bad. It’s Edgar Cayce. Hopefully i got his name right. He deceased and famous as dream predictor.

  5. fromheretolove Avatar

    Hi Eric, I’m new to your site (which is wonderful!), so please forgive me if this question has been asked and answered already. I’m wondering if you have a sense of who or what the Spirits are fighting against/protecting us from. Meaning, if the purpose of disseminating the warnings is to protect us from these evils, who is setting these evils into motion? Perhaps some of it is human-created, but surely we are not the proximate cause of earthquakes, right?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Welcome! That’s right. Earthquake are just apart of the world we live on. I don’t know if I would say dismantling is the right word. If we can get to that point where we warn you of the next major quake and we are accurate it will only grow from there and then people will begin to heed the warning. We can also warn everyone of the next Hitler, the next Ebola, etc. Its about bringing positive change to a very tragic situation. Altering the overall outcome of events, and making others aware.

  6. velvetmaggot Avatar

    I had a very clear earthquake vision today. It was just a blip of a very strong earthquake. 2:47pm or 4:27pm. I work in the bottom floor of a building in the city, and it was a strong enough feeling to have me searching out what I would be hiding under.(Although I’m quite positive it is not going to be in my area.) The area in question is not known for earthquakes and was densely populated.

    1. Lia Avatar

      What area are you alluding to above?

      1. velvetmaggot Avatar

        Took a while to respond, Lia, I think we have all had dreams and feelings of earthquakes, just got a strange one myself and hoped that maybe it would fit into someone’s existing puzzle.

  7. Lou Avatar

    Well, the problem with the Cayce prediction or any of the past predictions made last century or earlier is that they ( as most predictions ) are based on a chain of probabilities. As humans change, alter their beliefs and actions so do the probabilities change. Many of the Cayce past predictions for the future have not materalised. Thus Japan may not go into the sea just as Atlantis did not rise up. The Cayce, Nostradamaus predictions can for the most part be discounted. Especially Nostradamaus as you can easily pick most any event and tie it to one of his predictions.

    This is a part of the beauty of Eric’s predictions is that they are nearly real time and we are not waiting 70 years to see if it happens. His predictions generally happen in a few days, weeks or months. While I would not consider it a discredit to associate one of Erics predictions with something mentioned by Cayce or another, I would say that it is not worthwhile and particularly so as most of those psychics/prophets have vast misses on their predictions. It is better to let Eric’s predictions stand on their own merit.

    For anyone that has an interest in the Richter scale and its scale system ….

  8. Elaine Avatar

    Edgar Cayce said he would be reborn, and he saw himself as a kid walking through New York City, and it was in ruins. Seems like that might have happened since when the Towers came down, part of NYC was in ruins.

    1. mary Avatar

      I think that is much later. You are right about the NYC being ruined but it’s alot worst than that. I forget what year but not at this time. Probably a century after his death, he will reincarnated. Have to go back and reread it.

      I respect Eric. He is unique and don’t mix with other famous predictors. It can be very confusing, I think.

      1. Elaine Avatar

        I wish I still had my books. “Many Mansions”, “The Story of Jesus” among others.
        I lost them in a fire. I do remember when I read about the city in ruins, I thought it would be more like 2021. Don’t remember why though.

  9. Pn Avatar

    @Jules104 – sending love and light to your family in Japan and praying that this is one Spirit prediction that does not come true.
    Eric – I sincerely hope that this prediction fails – May be just by everyone on this site praying for Japan instead of figuring out the whys and the what’s. Love and light to all

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Sorry it’s late in coming, but Thank You Pn. Blessings

  10. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    I like to think the one who thinks he’s above all others, the famous star, is Obama. The agreement was to protect and defend the Constitution. Maybe he’ll be impeached.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Lets wait and see what they have to predict about him, he is on the list.

  11. mary Avatar

    What about the Texas Governor, RIck Perry? He broke the agreement but broke the law thinking he is better and above than others. He is acting like he enjoys the spotlights. Maybe? Just a guess.

  12. mary Avatar

    Hoping and praying that the earthquake will not be richter 10 in Japan. Alot worst what they’ve been through in 2011. It was 9 richter. Pray they be safe.

  13. roxiee Avatar

    No, please, not a 10…praying. A big quake like that can affect Asian countries to the left and other Pacific islands via tsunami AND might cause further damage to the nuclear plant via stronger radioactivity leaks which can spread toward West Coast of USA.

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