Notes on 11-19-14

Tell me Spirit one of the biggest events coming up. (I did not expect it to be so far away.)

“In 24 hours” that would be 2 years

I had a visual of a great epidemic sweeping across the entire world. It had the makings similar to swine flu; fever, aches, cold symptoms etc, but overly aggressive that there was an unfortunate death toll.  Oddly, homosexuals seem to be more prone to getting the epidemic. Part of me believes that was more about location/city. In the visual towns were shut down, hospitals were full and hysteria ran rampant. Religious fanatics where chanting their usual madness, while charlatans peddled false promises for financial gains. It moved so quickly, from one city to the next. Finally they ended the vision by showing ground zero, a man from Argentina.

Spirit your followers want to know which part of the Philippines will be affected the most in this coming flood.

“Where the damage is on the western shores of Florida, so to will the damage of the eastern part of the Philippines be.”

In my opinion that would also imply both the middle and southern part of the Philippines, when they showed the Florida map the southern tip and middle had heavy damage. They are still talking about Florida? Logically at least one of these storms has to fall on next year. Will see.

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  1. Eric and Spirit, I am thinking this disease does not exist in a vacuum, that is, there is some imbalance or vulnerability that allows it to flourish, be it practical and material, or etheric. Can you shed some light on the underlying cause? Thank you.

      1. More questions for Spirit. Do they feel that having the annual flu shot will lessen this illness? What can people do between now and then to decrease thier chances of catching this virus?

    1. Yes, I would be interested in knowing from Spirit if this flu type illness is an illness that is caused by world spiritual imbalance or some other reason.

      1. I truly believe that all things have there lessons. During one of the great hurricanes, a well known spiritual man said that the reason for the hurricane was based on all the sin we have collected over time, that the US was to blame. I asked the spirit “is that true” they said no. But they did explain to me that tragedy provides us with the opportunity to act godly by saving each other, doing for each other, providing a helping hand and for a moment being the salvation that is usually reserved only for God. So for a brief moment we can stand with our creator and change the world.
        So what is the reason for this illness coming? I don’t know, but all of you open you mind to a much larger range of possibilities, maybe its a lesson in over reacting, maybe its there to teach us to love and care for one another more, or maybe it just is.

  2. Huh, interesting. Maybe this will finally show that homosexuality is caused by genetics/brain structure or something, which is something good out of a bad situation.

    1. Huh? Finally show? Has it been determined that genetics and tissue cause homosexuality? It seems to me that this is a choice made by each individual that comes to this planet. A choice made by them while in the spirit.

      1. As a gay man myself who has known I was only attracted to males at a very young age (it of course wasn’t sexual at that point but more that I knew I wanted to hold hands with boys instead of girls), it is both genetic/brain structure (as our hypothalamus is larger than straight men among other structures within the body) however Lou does have a point in that I believe I was born gay because in my holy spirit it is what I was (attracted to only men). But in a past life, I could have also been a woman and always attracted to males. Similarly, like everything in life and beyond, there is no black and white, there is a myriad spectrum of who we are. Some are born on a sliding scale of bisexuality. But that is as God intended. I believe God intended for LGBT is be here for wonderful reasons (which could include being part of a community to foster children whose parents did not or could not keep them, we also could be as a positive population control as we are not reproducing necessarily, we are also here to show love despite the hate that surrounds us. We could be considered showing Love can exists despite evil trying to repress it. We can show that you really should marry your best friend as our relationships can really last a long time.) But sadly, the frightening thing for me is that in a dream I had a while back, it was VERY similar to this one Eric mentions. Another ‘plague’ that would be ‘blamed’ on gays, when technically it was spread because humans were not practicing safe measures of intimacy. It was such a heart-wrenching dream, that reading Eric’s post today sent waves of tears down my face. The generation in front of me was decimated by AIDS, they were to be our mentors to teach us, so my generation of LGBT was ‘lost’ in how to operate. I still hurt when I see a movie depicting the 1980s and early 1990s of the great loss of so many wonderful people I would have loved to have known. Thankfully, we somehow pulled it together with our wonderful straight allies to teach the younger generation to desire partnership and marriage and create a family and give to the community.
        Anyway, I hope I can come to peace with this vision of Eric’s resembling mine. It makes it seem more real as I feel I may lose people that have made me the wonderful guy I am today. Sorry, this just really brought me down tonight. Namaste to all.

      2. Very beautifully expressed Jon, and as a bisexual female, firmly entrenched directly in the middle of said sliding scale (and since very young as well) – I wholeheartedly agree. I would like to thank you particularly for your inclusiveness of bisexuality, as all too often we are written off as “choosing” such, or simply following a fad. I have definitely had many moments of “showing love in spite of hate” and do hope that if even one person can see things in a more inclusive light; society will be enhanced by the light of that love & respect for each other.

        I will be sending many prayers that, should those events come to pass, people will not allow divisiveness into their sphere as has been done in the past. May we learn from our history and evolve into better stewards of our planet and for the people who dwell upon it. Blessings.

  3. Oh Eric, I supposed the floods will still the same that of Haiyan super typhoon. I am currently living in the eastern part of the Philippines! Was this the poseidon that the spirits were referring to in your previous posts?

  4. AIDS is, as is any self respecting virus an equal opportunity killer.

    The people who were most likely to get AIDS even in the early days were the people who took drugs and or those who needed blood products. The people who took drugs slept with anyone who would help them get their next fix, and frequently that was someone on the down low, or in the closet.

    A major cause of AIDS was the need to hide one’s sexuality from the judgmental wolves of society.

    Who are the people most likely to catch AIDS now? Women.

    1. *A major cause of AIDS was the need to hide one’s sexuality from the judgmental wolves of society. When hiding, one may take risks one may not take if one is able to live openly as those not judged harshly by society.

    2. It also spread because it was massively mishandled by everyone, from blood banks giving bad blood to the government not even acknowledging it was an issue.

  5. Hi Eric. If I recall right you’ve said in the past that you have read/studied?? Nostradamus Quatraines. Can you tell me if this could possibly align with one that he had about a plague of the blood/blood plague/pandemic or something like that? I can’t remember which one it was but do recall there being one or more. I just wondered if the Spirits words brought anything to mind for you on that? Also could this possibly be a deliberate act of terrorism by this one man in Argentina?
    On the Florida and Philipine storms, I wonder if they could happen both around the same time but oceans apart.
    Thank You for asking the Spirits for answers to their followers questions. You are All much appreciated! Prayers and Blessings.

    1. No its just a virus, no terror attack. As for Nostradamus I would have to say no. However important, it was a fear driven nightmare, this would pass like all other nightmares.

  6. Hi Eric, Can you tell me how you know “24 hours” equals 2 years. I do know Spirits numbers are very important, unfortunately I don’t understand their meanings. (I’m new to your site)

    1. Welcome to our growing community. Take a look at the world prediction glossary. They call minutes-days and hours-months, it was a mistake they made long ago, but once they set a symbol in play it becomes apart of their language putting it in stone. One of the take aways with this site is once a symbol is shown that’s what it means all the time, it can never change. So a spider always represents a sinister terror like act, it can never represent anything else. By doing this all of you can interpret the work on your own and share your opinions by matching the symbol accordingly. So the fat massive spider holding ‘humanity’ in ‘Notes 5-8-14’ accurately describes the rise of ISIS before it became such a problem, while in Notes 9-21-13, the spider will crawl on 9-28 describes the unspeakable killings of Boko Haram. Recently spiders were used to describe the killings or ‘cutting’ (as they said) in Israel, but the message always represents the same. I hope that helps explain it.

      1. Hey Eric, I just noticed while looking through the glossary you made a typo in the “Minutes” definition. Sentence: In the past they always used days to describe years, from their it became a trend. Just a simple their vs. [there] vs. they’re. Just letting you know since people will like to use it against your credibility.

      1. Hi Eric,
        A spider’s web can hold many victims and while being stuck in the web- knowing everything that is going on (being terrified). Just a thought..

        1. Perhaps, I am starting to think the look might have key points. ISIS spider was massive, fat, deadly, but why so fat? Why is the spider in Israel brown? That is what we should be looking at, they are messages, but what?

  7. jon blue thank you so much for your post. a whole generation, was wiped out in the 80s, those who went thru this period of time, or who lost partners, never recovered from this. the younger men coming of age, at this time, took years to recover, and to try to be themselves. some never did, but, choose to live single lives, because they could not handle what so many people went thru, the president at the time, and most of the populatation, was filled with fear, and choose to do nothing, until the many victims and their families, finally found their voice, this beautiful moment, changed all of society, for the better………. for the souls, on their last lifetime, on earth, most choose this to balance out their male and female energies, which all of us have. most people, can not even imagine being gay, and how alone, one feels,…thank GOD, for todays society. the victims f the past, taught everyone, about love, and acceptance. earth life is all about cycles…….everyone, has their finally due date, when it is time to go home, so have everyone enjoy the moment, or years… do good, learn everyday, and always do, what gives your heart happiness and joy! eric, in 2028,or so, a virus will excape from a scientist lab, and cause much damage, BUT the biggest loss of life, will be the weather changes…….please, keep informing people, not to live in fear, humans can change, some of the really bad moments, but, GOD, teaches us, that our greatest growth, as people, always happen, during worst times, I hope, this post, may have helped others, to see a bigger picture, than what just effects us, at the moment. thank you eric! for all you do.

  8. Hi Eric,
    Maybe the ISIS spider is so fat, because it IS full if hate, ignorance and blood, the blood of all those they kill, including their own. The Muslim world is very large.
    The Brown Spider… Well, doesn’t Israel and the Palestinian solders both wear brown/beige uniforms? At least that was my first thought when I read your question. Also, all the dirt/sand in those tunnels? Maybe?
    Right now I am worried about Ferguson and Obama and what the heck is going on…. I am a little scared for our immediate future. I think maybe I should take a break from all the political blogs…. They’re making my head hurt…

    1. Both Argentina and China are new. Spirits have been placed there to report back to us and you can expect us to start predicting more from that area. If you actually go back to the first year of predicting we don’t have one single prediction about either location, now it is a focus, just as Brazil was last year.

    1. They have a prediction already that points to a major threat to the Philippines. “Predictions on 10-25-14” These predictions where seen as more vital and for that reason named predictions instead of ‘notes’. Lets hope its not as bad as they say.

    2. With respect to “what is changing spirits”…buffalo in a dream has specific meaning for women, a woman killing a buffalo means an ambitious enterprise, enforcing will. It was black which means money, dominant power.

      Eric, The meaning of archery is not in your glossary, what does this mean to you?. Beam of light could mean extreme change or sudden change. Heather

      1. I honestly don’t know. But they have a tendency to talk in a language like ‘Eric you missed your target’, ‘Yes it will hit the center’ so you can see how a bow and arrow relates to the predictions, but its not entirely clear. I only put items in the Glossary if I know with certainty what it represents.

  9. Eric,SWC, rise of epidemic starting?
    11 hrs · ago
    RSOE EDIS Event Report – An outbreak of hemorrhagic fever syndrome has spread across a northern region of South Sudan. Since the start of the low-intensity outbreak in late December 2015, 51 cases, including 10 deaths, have been recorded. As of now, the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend any restriction of travel and trade to the affected area. But the underlying cause of the outbreak is still unknown. The symptoms of the disease are similar to that of Ebola: unexplained bleeding, fever, fatigue, headache and vomiting. Like most hemorrhagic fevers, the disease can be fatal in severe cases that lead to …
    Biological Hazard – South Sudan
    [Nationwide], Multiple areas, South Sudan
    EDIS CODE: BH-20160607-53625-SSD

  10. Eric, SWC,
    Pneumatic Plague… Madagascar 🇲🇬

    Oct. 7 (UPI) — The World Health Organization issued a warning about a worrisome outbreak of plague on the African island of Madagascar that has caused 200 infections and 33 deaths since September.

    The outbreak of plague is an annual occurrence in Madagascar, which normally reports about 400 cases per year, usually in the remote island highlands. What makes this outbreak different, according to the WHO, is that many of the infected live in more densely populated towns and the capital Antananarivo. Also, the infections reported are pneumatic plague, which is transmitted by air, making it much more difficult to control.

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