Notes on 11-12-14

I had a visual of a highway completely cracked and broken up. (separate message)

I had a visual of the US flag hanging on a refrigerator.
I had a visual of a man who looked scared on the run. There was a sense he was being followed and the US officials were searching for him. He wobbled as if his leg was injured.

Eric’s Comments: This could go two ways one is that it’s a US rescue operation. Or more likely it is another man hunt on US soil. We will be asking for details, but this does tie into previous predictions about a shooting.
Thanks to everyone who commented on their reading experience it was very heart felt to read all the wonderful outcomes from Spirits predictions. I am extremely grateful for all that was said.
I know the predictions have slowed down, we already ran into some kinks with the new process that we are sorting out which is an unfortunate set back. But in no way will this trend last the predictions will be back in full motion.


36 thoughts on “Notes on 11-12-14

  1. Eric, did the flag on the refrigerator have to do with the man? Or where they separate visions?
    I ask because I was given a vision of something during thanksgiving at one of the parades. I seen people wearing turkey hats walking in big crowds in the streets so assumed the thanksgiving day parades. A building falls and definitely in a city. Building falls away from the crowd luckily saving lots.
    Maybe a connection with the thanksgiving being a harvesting holiday we store food in the refrigerator. I want to place this in the attack on America category but I’m not completely sure so I fall short of saying that but if it is its the date was picked for a reason.
    Thought I’d share. I’m in the northeast so I immediately thought NYC. But I’m sure it could be anywhere. Not sure on what year either. Was shown 14 but could be 14 years from now or 2014.
    I will definitely be contacting you soon about a reading. Maybe first of the year I will set something up with you after the holiday’s.

    • Hi Michelle and Eric, I was just viewing a woman’s YouTube video last night about a vision ( or maybe a dream) which is eerily similar to Michelle’s vision. I will have to find the link and attach it here, but wanted to write before I forgot to – this other woman talks of a vivid dream she had a few years ago. She recently posted another video on YouTube recently because an image in her devastatingly vivid dream was now happening for real in NYC Times Square. Long story short, she had this horrible view of a nuclear attack in NYC and there was this large white balloon man in the center of the dream’s content. Well, she now shows in her 2nd Youtube video an image of this large white ballon man in Times Square that was in her dream two years ago. Anyway, she sounds credible in her screencast on YouTube and she hypothesizes that perhaps this balloon will be in the Thanksgiving Day 0arade in NYC this year. Eric’s white refrigerator image and the large white balloon man is similar imagery, and both Michelle and this other woman ( her name was Nia or Nina or Narnia – something similar to that) saw NYC I’ve their dream visions. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is huge! Let’s pray that everyone is wrong. The connections here are too close to ignore, and so I thought I would describe this other woman’s dream here. Eric, your site gets much viewership, so I thought maybe we could help authorities divert such a catastrophe.

      • Thanks Lia. I had googled it previously and found it. Was checking out some of her other stuff also. She really gets involved but I see where she’s going with her thoughts mostly. I found it very interesting. Let’s hope the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade goes off without a hitch.
        Thanks Again.

      • Hi Jules, I hadn’t viewed her other predictions. Yes, she gets intense w/ dates, etc. Not sure I follow all she says. it does concern me, though, that she has had other pre-cog dreams about other natural disasters. Frankly, I hope that she is very wrong. We don’t want her NYC prediction to happen.

      • Can you share with us the sum of this NY prediction for the group. I will check out her work either way, but it would be nice to see how accurate she is.

      • Hi Eric, I’m not sure if this woman I reference to is legit or not – I have my doubts given the content of some of her other visions/dreams. She says she’s an average person who has precog dreams and visions of events like Hurricane Sandy, Japanese tsunami on 3-11 ( she posted on YouTube prior to events) so perhaps that’s what made me think she has something w/ the big white balloon man. In Dec, 2012, she posted that she had a vision of a nuclear event in NYC and that she “saw” in this vision an image of Jesus crying in NYC where the Statue of Liberty should be. I guess that she saw this big white balloon man in NYC that had been the cause of this nuclear event that Jesus was crying about ( this is my interp – not her exact words here). She says at the time of this vision she was not particularly religious but had been praying for assistance with her own life challenges when these dreams/ visions began. Anyway, because the white balloon man was so odd to her back in 2012. She really got upset when she saw this huge white balloon man in Times Square go up as part of the theatre movie opening of Big Hero 6, the Disney movie. Being a precog myself, I will admit that when the symbols from my disaster dreams appear, it freaks me out, too – I understand how that feels. So anyway, she unfortunately feels like a nuclear event in NYC is imminent because this character balloon is now standing in Times Square. Of course, we have no way of knowing if she is right at this point. Hope she is wrong. Eric’s vision or message of the white refrigerator with the US flag and Jules’ vision and interp of the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC coincided with this other woman’s visions and warnings, so that is why I saw a pattern. Again, I know nothing of her posts other than this warning. Hopefully, she just has an active imagination, albeit rather negative. Just thought I would put it out there in the event she is the real deal and NYC security can pay close attention to the parade ( which I am sure they do anyway). Big Hero Six’s main character is this white hero, so maybe the balloon man has special powers or something – I do not know that story line. Enough for now. Hope this is taken as my responding to Eric’s request for a summation.

      • Thanks a lot. I will check it out. When it comes to my the like minded I always start with the history of what they accomplished. I am not picking up anything that disasters here in the US. But maybe she knows something I don’t. They talk about chemical warfare in the Middle east / Turkey area, and an attack in the North East US but that was shown as Boston, but nothing Nuclear.

      • I hope that you are right Eric. Yes, In hindsight, I probably should’ve checked her history – unlike me not to – perhaps because her vision struck some chord with me. It’s encouraging that you don’t see anything like that. Thanks.

    • Oops – 2 things. I should have said “Michelle” instead of Jules in my summation- it was her vision of the NYC parade. Also, the woman’s vision of the balloon man was not told as the “cause” of the nuclear event in NYC. She describes a canister falling from the sky. The white balloon man was a strong image present in her vision that baffled her, so when it was erected in NYC’s Time Square recently for the movie opening, it caused her to post the warning onto YouTube.

      • I’m just reading this now sorry I didn’t get back to you lia. I will look at the video now and see how close our visions are. The thanksgiving day parade has gone and went with no problems so that’s great news.
        I have actually been getting a lot about toys and a comet issue lately. Two separate issues completely.
        It would be really cool if I could identify my visions with someone because I as much of us don’t get the full picture at the time. I’ll go watch it now. Thank you Lia;)

      • I just watched two the candy bomb sticks out because like I was just saying about the toys it was scary how similar my visions are to her description. vision is a square attached to the toys. And that they blow up. I am in session three of 6 right now and haven’t completed the vision completely I’m waiting on all of them to make sense out of them. Very creepy. Thank you for guiding me to her as I found eric too…things might make more sense to me soon.

      • I wonder if the refrigerator could just be representing the cold, as in the winter, and the US flag the United States. Did bring to mind the visual of you in the freezer also.

      • Hmmm interesting thought. Haven’t there been predictions in the past of “on ice” or what was thought of as a possible “on ice”?

      • I see what you mean. Brings to mind the airline flight reservations I just put on the fridge tonight. Something coming up, a reminder? Could the Spirits be saying to us, remember it’s still coming up? Or the Spirits are saying the terrorist still have an upcoming planned target in the US? Are you able to get any more info on it from Spirits Eric?

      • I, like Jules, thought of the image of you in the freezer. Hmmm…maybe? Great minds think alike? 🙂

  2. Keep in mind, that area isn’t equipped to handle earthquakes. However, there was a little damage reported with this one. Also, there is different ground composition that CA. The frequencies and tremors reverberate much farther than the ones in CA. For example, the New Madrid quake rang church bells in Boston. But, when huge quakes hit in CA, those vibrations barely traveled as far as KS. Most claimed to not even feel it (even though I thought I did at one point, but very barely).

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