Amplifying Your Connection to Spirit

I wanted to share with you this awesome conversation I had with Spirit. The conversation was based on how to improve your already existing connection to the spiritual realm whether your clairvoyant, empathic, a healer, or an astrologer, how can you create a stronger more powerful connection to the flow of information. To my surprise it wasn’t about soul-searching exercises, or a missing piece to your already existing practice but instead it was all about character. If you’re looking to improve and amplify your ties to Spirit the key is representing them in all faucets of life.

1. Truth, Integrity, Honesty; It is our truth you seek, being the truth, surrounding yourself with truth is required.
2. Humility. Humanity might see humility as secondary but we see it as sacred.
3. Others will always come first. These gifts of knowledge are for others, and rarely about yourself.
Adhere to these required characters and more power and truth will come in droves, blessings poured down on you, fall short of them and we will begin to slowly step away. For those of you looking to take your practice to the next level remember this isn’t just about providing a message but representing them in all forms.

On another topic, personal readings, I need to dispel some misunderstandings. Yes in case you did not know my day job is providing personal readings for all those interested, several fans of this site have mentioned a fear or nervousness in getting readings from me since I am such a messenger of doom and gloom. So I wanted to take this moment to clarify that even though the same Spirits telling me about the next horrifying natural disaster are also predicting the next love of your life, its two very different circumstances. Here on this site I am determined to bring awareness to the absolute worse nightmares facing humanity with the hopes to change its outcome. Personal readings on the other hand are focused on predicting your future and providing spiritual advice, its information set to guide and help you through life, in a positive constructive way. If you had a personal reading from us please share your experience with everyone visiting ‘World Predictions’ in the comment section of this post. Sharing you experience is the best source of what one could expect.


23 thoughts on “Amplifying Your Connection to Spirit

  1. Hi Everybody,
    I had a wonderful reading with Eric. All the messenger were uplifting, nothing was frightening. It was a fun experience. You can ask Eric anything, he is very nice to talk to. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Everyone, I too had a reading (via email) with Eric. Eric was very pleasant to work with. The reading I received was mixed as far as good and bad. But I didn’t find that to be negative, I felt it was more accurate (not sure about your lives, but mine isn’t roses all of the time ). One of the ‘positives’ in the reading came true within a week or so of the reading. I would certainly recommend Eric for a personal reading.

  3. Interesting insight from spirit about the sacredness of “humility.” My deceased father-in-law was one of the most humble persons I knew and he indeed has a special ‘something’ that made everyone feel okay, even though life was throwing curve balls. Humility is important!

  4. Don’t fear the reading…or the reader! 🙂 I have had two readings with Eric and they were wonderful and positive in nature. Eric has quite kind and sincere during the readings and sensitive to my questions. The first reading was so accurate that when a work situation arose recently I booked a second reading for 30 minutes seeking clarity about the work situation.

  5. What a beautiful message Spirit had to share, Eric! These are very important cornerstones indeed, and, I could not help but to imagine what humanity would look like today if all were to adhere to them and perhaps more importantly, value them. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt insight. Blessings.

  6. I felt grateful for my personal reading. I received information I needed to know. I also received answers to specific questions about work, romance and other matters. No gloom and doom. Just straight forward responses that left me with a way forward. Thanks!!!

  7. Hello everyone, I had a reading with Eric over two months and it was great. In fact, three of the things he told me have already happened.

  8. thank you so much eric, for sharing the message from spirit, honest, truth, compassion, humility, are all so important! but, the glue, that holds everything together, is always love……….love is always the key, to GOD. thank you so much, for all you do in helping others. a lot of us are improving ourselves, but you are a good teacher, weather you see this or not, a lot, of humans, can get messages, from spirit, but, you have the patience, to work with others, to help them grow… thank you, for allowing me, to put my two cents worth, took me years, to finally start, to have a voice, of my own……

    • Thanks Allen, your absolutely right, I asked them once what was needed to improve this world, to make it better for all of us to live on and they said one word ‘love’.

  9. (sincerity). Truth, Integrity, Honesty.Mind body soul.being the truth(thought and words turned into ACTION.)surrounding yourself with truth is required.(be with like minded souls and discard the rest)
    Humility- elevating another’s person soul who have lost their path.By your thought, ACTIONS and example. foot print in the of knowledge are for others( has been hidden secretly and covered up by certain religious organizations) Many seers give advice for FREE who talk with the angels above and should be supported thru various donations. You can talk with arch angel michael,gabriel,metatron,gaia,mother mary, any time if your mind body and soul is alligned.
    OTHERS WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST. learn that lesson first then you can move forward.Only thru helping others can you become an ARCH ANGEL.

  10. Eric did a reading with my daughter previously this summer via the phone and she loved it. She had recorded it and let me listen to it later and I can tell you that Eric is very professional. It didn’t feel negative at all, just very insightful and reassuring. Some of what he told her has already happened, specifically as he stated, though she couldn’t imagine it at the time, and more is unfolding still. My daughter was so impressed that she referred her colleague to Eric’s site also for a reading. I have yet to do my own reading with Eric but know I will soon in the near future, as I’m sure Spirits know I could use one. LOL.
    Alas…Thank You so much Eric for the above message from Spirits on how we may become closer in our connection to the Spiritual realm. It reminds me of a song I recently heard on the radio that said, “speak life, speak love in all things”, and thought how simple, and how wonderful that would be if only more people would take the time to do that each day. Now imagine the whole world living Spirits message above…Blessings to All

  11. Such a great read to open today! Thank you Eric!!! Also love each of your comments on here. Anthony and Allen, I connected with your comments the most (though all of them were just connected together). It is about Love. That is what it is all about. We stray from it sometimes by accident because the world can be frustrating be it our jobs, or our families or friends. But when we step back and realize we should just love and drop the judgement, we are happier and they are happier. I am going to sleep well tonight, Eric and gang after reading all of this. 😀 Peace and Namaste!

  12. I had a wonderful email reading from Eric & the Spirits! Although there were negative warnings for me to look out for, my reading was 80% positive and has been 100% accurate thus far…everything has happened minus the negative warnings (as I have been cautious to avoid what I was told too…fingers crossed) I plan on having another reading very soon and recommend Eric to many people! I wouldnt think twice about what they have to offer! Simply amazing and a true blessing.

  13. Thank you so much, for the work you do and I truly appreciate it! I would like to have a reading in the near future and I’m really looking forward to it. I feel as this is a confirmation that I need to do this. I started having dreams and visions February of this year, a night before I saw for the first time Jesus Christ in my dream and was saved by him. I know there’s a message in them, but unfortunately I don’t understand most of them. Would Spirit be able to answer some questions I have about them?

  14. I had a reading with Eric early in the year. I was nervous about it too but it was helpful, fun and insightful. Some small examples of accuracy:
    The spirits said I would be expecting soon and that they saw a more feminine vibe. I am now pregnant and due with a little girl (number two). He also said that day that my toddler was so upset because of pain in her mouth but it would pass. I was thinking “that’s weird she’s not fussy”. Literally after the phone call when she woke up from her nap she was crying and very fussy for the next 24 – 48 hrs hours until I noticed she broke her first year molars.
    We also talked about career paths and other specific questions I asked about family members and situations. My skeptic husband asked what he said about him and his eyes got all wide and said “I hadn’t even told you but that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now with this work situation…”
    Honestly it was a great experience and I would recommend it highly!

  15. I had a personal reading from Eric at the beginning of 2014. I’ve been following his blog for a couple of years. I live in Canada so had to do my reading via email. The reading has been very accurate so far. Eric had mentioned I needed to keep documents up because of water damage. I was puzzled by this message as I had just had a small flood in my basement 2 months prior, I thought perhaps he was picking up on the past flood… But oh my…he was correct, I was vacuuming my basement one day and noticed bubbles in the paint, and as predicted the pipe from my outside tap had a pin hole in it and destroyed part of the interior wall. I’m so glad Eric made me aware enough to watch and notice this early as it could have caused extensive damage. Fortunately I found it quick. He predicted someone would lose their footing and have an injury, that too happened just days after the reading. He predicted other events and was able to discuss and hone in on how some past events had affected me personally. His messages were full of truth. I would highly recommend Eric’s “personal” readings.
    Thanks Eric, last but not least Thanks Spirit.


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