Notes on 10-8-14

In regards to VongFong the Typhoon headed towards Japan.

I had a visual I was in the past and a massive sea monster smashed Japans shoreline with its massive fin. The damage was horrific and nothing could stop its unspeakable damage from becoming a reality.

The vision jumped to ‘now’ and a large sea creature swam by Japan and moved on, waves crashed by the shoreline.

Eric’s Comments: I hope there right, they seem to imply damage but for the most part the storm passes by. However its unclear what the first sea creature represents, giving me a doubt.

I was sick for several days but now I am back, I do plan to get back in step with Ebola being at the top of the list in regards to questions.


14 thoughts on “Notes on 10-8-14

  1. Stay well – thanks for the predictions – also what do you see with ISIS. I think in two years their gone.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better now. My interpretation of past and present is that they saw the storm differently in their first prediction and in their most recent prediction they don’t see it as being so bad. Let’s hope so.

  3. Glad you are better, I was wondering where you were with your predictions. My interpretation is of the past to be perhaps the March 11 Tsunami? And this storm which is currently a Super Typhoon will brush their coast having lost much of its punch in the cooler north pacific water. Looking forward to your predictions on the current Ebola epidemic in North America, Europe and other countries. Will they be able to stop it and at what point do we consider that maybe they do not have a handle on its transmission at all as we are made to believe??

  4. I am wondering if the first prediction has been lessened by our prayers and the storm has been reduced to do less damage, As I understand it, that is the purpose of what you share. Perhaps this indicates some success.

  5. In regaurds to eboli. The cure has been sucessfull here in the us on white skin. only. seems odd we can cure us and not african american people. .and if we have the cure why havent we helped africa

    ….that is just not right

  6. Hey Eric glad to see your back and well missed your predictions I really hope you get some good news to the ebola outbreak around the world as it is very terrifying

    Hi Eric. So glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the message from Spirit. I let me son know he shouldn’t fret to much over it. He had a wt_ on his Facebook page. I just realized though the Super Typhoon that’s coming into Japan is “VongFong”, not “FongWong”. (Can’t imagine how that mix up happened. LOL 🙂 I also see on this link that there is a cyclone “Hudhud” they are keeping a close eye on in the Bay of Bengal heading for India which the say could increase rapidly. Didn’t you have a previous prediction for that area?

    • I did, and I feel that might become an actual threat of serious proportion. I will post it soon and leave it open to interpretation. I will have to fix that name. I copied and pasted so someone else in the news has it off too.

  8. Hi Eric, glad you are back and feeling better! I read in an article that while VongFong is a cat-5 now, it may diminish by the time it gets to Japan – that scenario would match your vision, in my opinion. At any rate, It is good to have you back. I am starting to get addicted to checking this website and miss you when you are gone, LOL!


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