Summary of Prediction 14 (Part 2)

Prediction 14 New Bailout posted April 12 Reads:  Spain will need a bailout from other nations as its economic woes are worse than expected.  Historically it will seem similar to Greece.   Original Post:

This prediction unfolded June 9th as Spain officially asked for a bank bailout from Europe. It is the last part of this prediction that has now come to pass. “Historically it will seem similar to Greece.” As you will read below the two countries bailouts seem to be mirroring each other as violent protests erupt in both Spain and Greece on the same day over both the new austerity measures facilitated by their bailouts.

Reuters reported on September 26th “Anti-cuts protests erupt on streets of Athens and Madrid. ATHENS/MADRID (Reuters) – Demonstrators have clashed with police on the streets of Athens and Madrid in an upsurge of popular anger at new austerity measures being imposed on two of the euro zone’s most vulnerable economies.” Quoted by:–sector.html

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