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Notes on 5-14-15

A revolution is beginning and it is a thing of beauty. The corruption of the government no longer acceptable. The gap between rich and poor now a subject to change.

I had a vision of the previous walk on wall street with people sitting in multiple groups, relaxed, some were reading books while others danced and played.

I had a vision of a new group, they marched down wall street like an armada, resolute to one agenda, one precise goal to achieve, they all faced the same direction and their march was in unison, and wall street trembled with fear, as the army of ordinary people grew.

I had a vision of IVs full of blood, then they became empty, squeezed to the last drop.

I had a visual of Gaza burning, the evil hebrew is to blame. A great tinderbox ignites.

The horror of Nepal is not over, when the rain comes so does the mudslides.

Many of you have pointed the connection between the horrible train accident and Notes on 1-10-15 but in the prediction it talks about an insane man, or angry man. I have not heard any ties to a person with mental issues. Please pray for the people in that horrible accident.

It’s also looking like a busy day 3 different predictions have unfolded. Secret Service firing, deposed President Pierre Nkurunziza, and perhaps ties with the flooding in New Zealand. We will post later today, I don’t want to flood your emails.  

Notes on 5-12-15

“Foiled! A major attack will be foiled.” — Spirits Voice
I had a visual of a person unraveling a large roll of aluminum ‘foil’, as if implying the magnitude of the situation.

It was implied to either be a situation in the US or involve the US.

“Turkey.. corruption unveiled.. fallout.. fallout.. protest and upheaval follows” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of the Mexican flag, then I saw a pig farm with a great number of crowded pigs. “The pigs will be poison.” — Spirits Voice

Could they be implying the swine flu or just a massive pork contamination?

In the coming days I am dead set on getting the details of this massive flood coming. In the new vision I saw everything under water with the exception of the roof of houses. In the previous prediction they mentioned Australia

Also, I should mentioned we had a neighborhood blackout over here, but without any ties to the east. This puts in question our previous blackout prediction.

Notes on 5-5-15

“Close to the end of the month.. blackout, blackout.. in the east” — Spirits Voice

“An outbreak occurs all at once, plumbing is to blame.”

“China.. prison.. the death toll rising.”

“Eric we need to discuss.. the gas planet (Saturn?).. GOP.. Turkey”

Eric’s Comments: Congratulations to Carolyn Malone who accurately predicted the name of the new princess of Kate and William. You can see her prediction on Turkey Protest Turns Violent under the comment section.

I know we covered this before,  just a reminder:

Comments: I love how much our community has grown, wow how times have changed. I enjoy reading all of your comments, the back and forth that you guys have created and most of all your dedication to point out when you believe a prediction has happened. Some of you have asked why your comments have been erased but in truth I have to approve the majority of  all comments, when we just had a few messages approving it was simple, but now with our massive community it takes much longer for me to read and approve all the comments. There are only two instances were I erase comments, first if your trying to sell a product or your services, it has become common for other psychics to publicize their services, unfortunately if I allow this I believe we will lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish. The second reason would be too many obscenities.

Please also remember this site has fans from all over the world, the community of fans have grown in such massive droves, from Pakistan, the Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Malaysia, and South Africa just to name a few. With that said, please respect the beliefs and religions of other people. We are here to help the world, change the future and we are not interested in excluding anyone, this is a gift for all, and I can only hope that you are willing to be apart of that.

Recently I had to erase an entire thread that was bashing a specific religion, and I don’t want to be that guy who regulates your comments. Keep in mind I represent a spiritual force that does not differentiate between Muslim and Christian, black or white, Asian or American. Spirit wants very much to serve all humanity and I will continue to not only represent their word but state of mind.

Turkey Protest Turns Violent

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 4-1-15  I had a visual of a large group of people holding red and white flags. The group seemed to be a gathering. Then the visual switched to a bloody scene of people laying on the ground, it seemed chaotic.

Notes on 4-27-15  Subjects Eric Turkey, GOP

The Facts: Police violently clash with communist supporters in Turkey

Russian Progress Spacecraft

This prediction is starting to happen.

Notes on 2-24-15   I had a visual of outer-space. Then they showed a spacecraft a drift.
Either Spirit is implying a lost spacecraft or perhaps a crisis where astronauts are stuck.

Perhaps this prediction too:

Notes on 4-23-15   I had this visual of a horrible crash site. It looked like a space craft but could have been an airplane as well.

Notes on 4-27-15

I had a visual of Spirit holding a gun, then holding 3 bullets. “3 , 3, 3”
“Evacuate the children.”
Subjects Eric Turkey, GOP,
It sounds like 3 people will be shot.  Spirit seems to be starting several new predictions at once. We have a lot to cover.

Here are links to donate for the earthquake disaster relief. Please help where you can. Please make a difference in someone’s life.




Nepal Earthquake

This incomplete prediction has happened, we failed to bring the location into focus, its also unclear what 30 represents.  So very tragic, please pray for the victims and their families.

Notes on 4-23-15   I had a visual of  a large crack across a large land mass.

Notes on 2-24-15   A visual of crackers, a message of a destructive earthquake.

Notes on 4-11-15   Large earthquake?: I had a vision of the word earthquake, then there where crackers everywhere implying massive damage. “30” We are determined to figure out the location, something more clearer then just the word ‘Brita’.

Notes on 4-5-15   E A R T H Q U A K E spelled out in a visual

The facts: KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — A powerful earthquake struck Nepal Saturday, killing at least 926 people across a swath of four countries as the violently shaking earth collapsed houses, leveled centuries-old temples and triggered avalanches on Mt. Everest. It was the worst tremor to hit the poor South Asian nation in over 80 years.