Prediction 52: A New Wave of Terrorism Unfolding

P52 Posted 11-1 Reads:  In the coming months a new wave of terrorism unfolds both foiled and successful.

As one example; on a global stage they will kidnap both demanding and killing hostages. Brace yourself world the rats and their sinister acts are back in action. Original Post:

The Facts: On 11-20 Reuters Reported – “Four men with ties to Southern California have been arrested and charged with plotting to kill Americans overseas by joining up with al Qaeda to engage in “violent jihad” or Islamic holy war, the FBI said on Monday.” Quoted News:

A foiled plot of terrorism.

Prediction 55: Brazil Flooding

In Brazil and on the north-east part of South America there will be a massive storm that will create very deep flooding, extensive destruction, mudslides, and raging waters. This unfolds in the first half of December.

Notes from the other side:

  • I saw a man trying to get from one side of the land to another in a jungle like terrain, only his head was visible as he crossed the flooded area.
  • Ornaments of green and red were coming out of the boxes making this late November or the month of December.
  • Latin America where the star sits? Brazil perhaps?

In other news we are diligently working on 2013, we are also working on several answers to many of your questions; cyber attacks, earthquakes, and their view of the Presidents next four years. I have been bursting at the seams waiting to actually share some very exciting positive changes that unfold in 2013 but they have asked me to wait till the new cycle of predictions start so expect to see them in January.

Summary of Prediction 21 Oil Rig Destroyed

Prediction 21 “Oil Rig Destroyed” posted May 12th reads:  In the south the very dangerous unkept oil rig will be destroyed. The company is grossly to blame. The voice of the people demand this should be the last time,  around July. Original Post:

The Facts: ABC News Reported Nov 16th Oil Rig Explosion Fire in Gulf Coast;  “An oil and gas rig off the coast of Louisiana was hit by an explosion and fire this morning, leaving crew members missing. The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed that a Black Elk Energy Co. oil and natural gas platform had some sort of explosion occur in the gulf, sending plumes of black smoke into the sky over the water.” Quoted News:–abc-news-topstories.html

The July timing is wrong nor is there any clear connection to Australia. We might have jumped the gun on previous summaries.

PHOTO: The US Coast Guard confirms that a rig explosion occurred in West Cote Blanche in the Gulf of Mexico, Nov. 16, 2012.

Prediction 54: Dark Times For The United States

I saw from the sky a massive explosion, a bellowing fire and smoke cloud racing up. Then they said “Dark times for the United States are returning. We are about to turn the corner”. It’s another addition or sequel to previous predictions. Turning the corner is a familiar line that we are talking about less than a months time, perhaps two at the latest. If prediction 17 the annihilation of a bridge unfolds it could imply the anniversary as a reference to the coming holidays I thought I would lay all of the previous predictions to view, these predictions might be separate situations or the same. I implore you if you have it in your means to bring awareness to this and perhaps foil the outcome please do so;

Summary of P51 “Peace is Dead in Israel”

Prediction 51 Posted Oct 30th reads: The destructive impact of multiple bombs unfold. Bellows of smoke and destruction. Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu no longer holds on to peace. Peace is dead. Original Post and notes:

The Facts: GAZA, Nov 14 (Reuters) – “Israel launched a major offensive  against Palestinian militants in Gaza on Wednesday, killing the  military commander of Hamas in an air strike and threatening an  invasion of the enclave that the Islamist group vowed would  “open the gates of hell”.”
(Peace is dead) “The onslaught shattered hopes that a truce mediated on  Tuesday by Egypt could pull the two sides back from the brink of  war after five days of escalating Palestinian rocket attacks and  Israeli strikes at militant targets.” Quoted News:

“The destructive impact of multiple bombs unfold. Bellows of smoke and destruction.” P51

Prediction 53: Somalia Terrorist

Individuals in or around Somalia will replicate something similar to Al Qaeda. War is crafted in a sinister way directed towards the United States.

Perhaps related to prediction 8

Summary P2: Panic Attack / US Politics

Prediction 37 posted 9/4 reads: Within the Politics of today there is panic,.. attacks. The political arena’s mounting upheavals.  Massive amounts of money are put into the television and thrown away. Original Post:

The first part of this prediction was in regards to the Romney Gaffe to his 47% remark and the panic that insued. Its the last part that is unfolding today. On 11/8 the Bloombergs headline reads:  Rove Biggest Super-PAC Loser, Trump Says Waste of Money “The Republican strategist created the model for outside money groups that raised and spent more than $1 billion on the Nov. 6 elections — many of which saw almost no return for their money.” Quoted News:

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