Prediction 13: The Massive Flood

In April, perhaps around the 12th,  the water will flood the area on a massive scale. There are large mountains sitting in the background. Time is in no ones favor.  Several rescue workers are sent to aid in the disaster.

The 12th is an estimate, they also used the number 22. They made it clear that this would happen in April. We have struggled on a location for this prediction, I was given the impression that several locations might be affected. The only clue provided was an association to the emblem of England with stars, unfortunately there are several countries that fall under that kind of flag. They also mentioned an earthquake. I don’t care to guess but with the timing next to nill and the mention of an earthquake this might be a tsunami which would explain the difficulty on a focused location.


Prediction 12: The U.S. Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court will uphold the individual mandate provision for health care. Accolades will go out to President Obama from supporters and the media.

This prediction is only a reflection of the Supreme Court Decision, its unclear to me what comes next for Obama’s health care bill. I am sure the fight in Washington DC will continue.

Expected Time Frame: June of 2012

Prediction 11: Brink of War

Israel is about to take another swipe at Iran and Ahmadinejad.  In turn Iran will strike back with a car bomb in Israel that will kill and injure a handful of the innocent. Fear looms as both countries seem to be edging to all out war and annihilation, the upheaval mounts and overflows. War and annihilation do not happen, cooler days prevail.  With the upheaval Iran will come across as victorious.

This being a fluid situation that happens over a larger period of time I have excluded any specific timing.

Expected Time Frame: 2012

Summation of Prediction 9

Prediction 9 has happened. There was a 7.4 earthquake with no reported deaths in Mexico on March 20th 2012.

Prediction 9 reads: “In Baja California Mexico there will be a measurably high earthquake between the 20th and 23rd.  From past experience they usually use the words destructive, or damaging, the fact they are using  ”measurably high”  implies that it’s not an overwhelmingly destructive earthquake but one of caution.”

This prediction isn’t without its mishaps. Even though it took place in Mexico it was predicted on the north coastal area of Mexico (Baja California) the earthquake actually  took place on the southern coastal area of Mexico (Acapulco) and spread all the way towards Mexico City. I will continue to focus on accuracy in location.

Expected Time Frame: Spring of 2012, around the 20th-23rd.

Actual Time Frame: The earthquake took place March 20th 2012

Here is what a MSNBC reported on the earthquake.

Prediction 10: Medical Breakthrough

In the decade of 2050 there will be a medical breakthrough in brain chemistry and memory. Because of this great medical advance ailments and diseases dealing with memory loss begin to fade.

I always look forward to sharing positive news among all the horrors I predict, we are working hard towards sharing other positive events on the horizon. My ultimate goal still stands in changing the horrors of tomorrow through awareness though.

Expected time frame: Around 2050, that decade.

Prediction 9: Earthquake in Baja California

In Baja California Mexico there will be a measurably high earthquake between the 20th and 23rd.

From past experience they usually use the words destructive, or damaging, the fact they are using  “measurably high”  implies that it’s not an overwhelmingly destructive earthquake but one of caution.

Expected Time Frame: Spring of 2012, around the 20th-23rd

Prediction 8: Part 1, The New Dark Leader

Like Hitler, Bin Laden, and Gaddafi a monster of a leader will come out of Somalia who will stain the world with massive violence, death and suffering.

There isn’t a clear time frame, but its safe to say this leader will be next in the historical timeline of the worst kind of leader humanity has to offer. Even with so many upheavals in Africa they are also predicting a continue of  horrific situations that will draw the eyes and actions of the rest of the world.

Expected Time Frame: Unknown.

With your help tomorrow's tragedies can be altered through awareness

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