Summary of Prediction 30

Prediction 30 (Posted July 9th, 2012) reads: In July there will be a raging fire that will burn through Texas.

July and August have some of the worst fires. In August 14 western states have been affected and this prediction doesn’t cover the massive scope of the situation. Texas is just one of the fourteen. Prediction 26 ‘Drought of 2012’ is also unfolding. With the 2012 drought and the expected food price spike, its likely to become a massive issue for those who cannot afford food.

Wildfire Smoke Map, 2:12 p.m. MT, August 14, 2012

Map showing the distribution of smoke from wildfires, at 2:12 p.m. MT, August 14, 2012.

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Prediction 35: 21st Century Robin Hood

They will hack into accounts and steal from the filthy rich, who have reputations for greed and self-serving attitudes and give the money to the un-entitled, and those desperately in need of help. Though criminals of the 21st century, they will be seen as heroes dubbed under the banner of “Robin Hood”.

Unclear on a timeframe. It is expected this will have international implications.

Prediction 33: Syria, Al Assad’s Reign Begins to Unravel

Bashar Al Assad will continue to slaughter both the rebels and innocent civilians. Because of his cruel workings more and more Syrians join the rebel side. The inner circle of Al Assad crumbles to pieces. The Brutus’s to Caesar are on the rise.


Missed Prediction: Wisconsin Temple Shooting – Hero

Under the post,  “Whats Coming”: Someone shot, Someone a hero

News Day Reported:  Satwant Singh Kaleka, officers hailed as heroes “His community under attack, Sikh Temple of Wisconsin president Satwant Singh Kaleka fought back with all his strength and a simple butter knife, trying to stab a murderous gunman before taking two fatal gunshots to the leg.”

A missed prediction in regards to the tragic Wisconsin temple shooting. A total of three heroes. But I did not complete the details in time. Given my ability to complete this, it would have been an honor to pay homage to Satwant Singh Kalekas unconditional virtue and righteousness in such a horrific tragic event.





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Prediction 31: The Storm

A Storm is Coming

A dark storm is coming over the Capitol, over the White House, and the United States as a whole.

Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack

In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed.  All around the anniversary. –25–      Posted originally on 4-28

They are in fact talking about the same situation presented completely differently. Its timeframe continues to be hazy but now they present it as just around the corner.  If you have it in your means to facilitate change I encourage you to do so.

With your help tomorrow's tragedies can be altered through awareness

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