Prediction 37 Panic Attack / U.S. Politics

Within the Politics of today there is panic,.. attacks. The political arena’s mounting upheavals.  Massive amounts of money are put into the television and thrown away.

Notes from the other side:  Many of you have asked how I come to predict events in the future. They are provided by a small group of spirits that communicate to me.  At times its a visual symbolic message, or skrying, or a voice that I hear. Then, like a puzzle I put it together to give you the predictions you read. To clarify the process here are the notes of what they said for this prediction.

  1. A scene of political cars arriving, people waving U.S. flags and the crowd cheering as their leader arrives. The first message provided is the base, subject, and foundation of the prediction. In this case the scene could be the upcoming DNC, some other political event or is simply referring to politics in general.
  2. The words “Panic Attack” in big bold letters. I find the words and wording doesn’t always fit and could be symbolic. Example: An attack that would create panic.
  3. A visual of a small TV, and a man putting money into it as if it were a bank ATM. “Putting money into TV ads”
  4. A visual of trash being thrown in a trash container.  “Thown away”

I would encourage you to provide any feedback. Some think its a great idea to show exactly what the spirits have to say while others say it’s just too long of a read. ‘Comment’ what you think of this new way of presenting the prediction. We are going to try this for the Month of September and either continue to write it with ‘Notes’ or return to the original way.


Unfolding – Prediction 26 “Droughts of 2012”

An update on Prediction 26 which continues to unfortunately unfold.

Posted June 9th, Prediction 26 “Droughts of 2012”  reads: The summer of 2012 will have several droughts. Even though such things may be yearly repetitious, this year starvation and death will run grossly rampant especially in poverty-stricken nations like those nations in Africa.

On August 30th BBC News Headline reads “Food prices jump will hit poor, World Bank warns. Global food prices have leapt by 10% in the month of July, raising fears of soaring prices for the planet’s poorest, the World Bank has warned. The bank said that a US heatwave and drought in parts of Eastern Europe were partly to blame for the rising costs.  The price of key grains such as corn, wheat and soybean saw the most dramatic increases, described by the World Bank president as “historic”. The bank warned countries importing grains will be particularly vulnerable.”

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Missed Prediction: Tsunami

Another missed prediction, we did not get the details in time, and it was a struggle for me to understand where this would unfold.

Posted July 31, 2012:  “What’s Coming”  – Tsunami or under water earthquake we need to ensure the details . Here is the foundations or base of the coming predictions that we are working on.

AP Reported on August 27 2012: Strong earthquake hits off El Salvador coast. “A tsunami warning was put into effect for Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico after the quake struck at 10:37 p.m. Sunday. The warning was later rescinded.David Walsh, an oceanographer with the Pacific Tsunami Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, said a minor, 10-centimeter (3.94-inche) tsunami was registered off Acajutla, El Salvador.”

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Prediction 36: Gas Spike

1. In the U.S., even though it’s already high,  gas prices go through the roof.  The National Oil Reserve might become an option.

2. It will be a sad day for Baseball.

We are working hard to create a new type of prediction. “Whats coming Next” are short to the point predictions that should unfold in a matter of weeks. We will continue to mix these predictions with the old school ones that have a tendency to unfold in 3 to 6 months, sometimes even a year. Sorry for the confusion, give me some time to fine tune this new type of prediction and with time focus more and more on the news of now. We will  be pushing away from those predictions that extend longer then a year away.

Summary of Prediction 35: 21st Century Robin Hood

Prediction 35 “21st Century Robin Hood” (Posted August 14) reads: They will hack into accounts and steal from the filthy rich, who have reputations for greed and self-serving attitudes and give the money to the un-entitled, and those desperately in need of help. Though criminals of the 21st century, they will be seen as heroes dubbed under the banner of “Robin Hood”. Unclear on a timeframe. It is expected this will have international implications.

RT News Headline (August 17th) reads: Austerity-era ‘Robin Hood’: Spanish mayor masterminds robberies to feed the poor. 

“A Spanish mayor has become a cult hero in the austerity-gripped country after orchestrating several thefts at local supermarkets, giving the stolen food to the poor. ­The mayor proudly said he is ready to face prosecution, branding the poverty in Spain “a disgrace.” During the thefts, Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, mayor of the southern town of Marinaleda, was reportedly seen outside the shop shouting encouragement. Trolleys laden with staple items like pasta and oil were stolen by labor unionists intending to pass on the goods to struggling families in the area.” Quoted by RT

My Comments: It’s an interesting read, and I enjoyed predicting this unique prediction which is a far cry from the horror I usually predict. What is clearly missing is the money theft, whether by hacking or outright theft,  its possible the theft of finances is the next escalation or perhaps an unrelated copycat of these Robin Hood tactics. Either way I am a huge fan of Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo the Robin Hood of the 21st Century.

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Summary of Prediction 30

Prediction 30 (Posted July 9th, 2012) reads: In July there will be a raging fire that will burn through Texas.

July and August have some of the worst fires. In August 14 western states have been affected and this prediction doesn’t cover the massive scope of the situation. Texas is just one of the fourteen. Prediction 26 ‘Drought of 2012’ is also unfolding. With the 2012 drought and the expected food price spike, its likely to become a massive issue for those who cannot afford food.

Wildfire Smoke Map, 2:12 p.m. MT, August 14, 2012

Map showing the distribution of smoke from wildfires, at 2:12 p.m. MT, August 14, 2012.

Original Post – Prediction 30 Texas Fire:

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Prediction 35: 21st Century Robin Hood

They will hack into accounts and steal from the filthy rich, who have reputations for greed and self-serving attitudes and give the money to the un-entitled, and those desperately in need of help. Though criminals of the 21st century, they will be seen as heroes dubbed under the banner of “Robin Hood”.

Unclear on a timeframe. It is expected this will have international implications.

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