World Predictions Glossary

This Glossary helps navigate all the different symbols and riddles the spirits use in their world predictions. These symbols have been used several times in various predictions, and their meaning seems consistently the same.

Always look for the puns in the predictions, as they use them a lot,  for example: A zipper closing, could represent a need to ‘zip it’ or be quiet. Scrambled eggs could mean one prediction that has become scrambled with another prediction.

Who is Spirit?: When you hear me use the word ‘Spirit’, I am referring to the entire group of Spirits/Souls that create these world predictions. Every Spirit involved has their own role; starting with gathering these events from different regions of the world, to protecting the group from danger, to communicating the information to me. At the center of this group is an ancient divine Spirit we refer to as the Conductor.

O : The O is a message that a prediction is about to happen, it is their way of verifying that the event on the horizon is what they predicted. They use the O as a reference to describe what they predicted coming full circle. Normally the event takes place two to three days later.

Aluminium : Aluminium foil, is a reference to a ‘foiled’ event,  for instance a ‘foiled attack’.

Ambassador: The Ambassador is used to represent Jesus Christ or the Christian faith or any affiliation to Christianity. There are a handful of distant predictions that discuss a messianic figure who helps the world in the future they call the Ambassador, which they acknowledge as his return. Even though those messages are set in the future they use the same reference to describe current events.

Bees: Busy Bees have been used to describe the plotting and workings of terrorist groups around the world.

Baby Bibbers: Babby Bibbers are used to describe the US Congress or other poor government leadership. They are called baby bibbers because they act like bratty little toddlers who make huge bib like messes.

Boiling Pot: A boiling pot is reference to a Volcano about to erupt.

Burners: Burners represent a fire. The size of the burner in the message reflects the scope of the damaged area. In two predictions burners were used to describe a bomb.

Crack, Cracker, Crushed Clay Plate: Each visual represent the amount of destruction that is done to a specific location that is used in both earthquakes and Hurricanes. In a few predictions it has been used to describe sink holes or large land damage.  A crack representing small damage. A Cracker is something larger and usually represents heavy damage and casualties. A crushed clay plate represents unspeakable destruction, it has only been used twice, the Tsunami in Japan and the Typhoon Haiyan.

Conductor: The Conductor oversees my spiritual work and the massive group of spirits that create these world predictions. Also known as Macabe, the Conductor is Angelic and considered to be extremely ancient. In several images he has been portrayed as a Chinese Guardian Lion.

Darkness or a Dark Figure: The Darkness is a reference to evil, malicious, or sinister. It usually means that a dark spiritual force is behind the horrible acts committed.

Father or Creator: A message about God.

Fire: Represents destruction, or the act of destruction, it does not require a fire, it has been used to describe a bombing or horrible tornado in the past.

Flags: The motion of a flag represents different national emotions. Flag flying in the wind represents pride, success and justifiable actions. A flag drooping down represents a sad or tragic moment. A flag on the ground could amplify the amount of tragedy or be seen as a loss of a great leader. Sometimes they will show a person wearing a flag, this does not represent the pride of the person but is simplifying the location of the prediction.

Great Prophet: The great prophet is a reference to the Prophet Muhammad or the Islamic faith and any ties to that faith.

“Great”: Usually when they refer to a ‘great’ leader it does not mean iconic, but more of a nobel, honest, righteous, or humble leader or person. It could also be someone political who is well known.

Hanging: A hanged individual represents suicide.

Lightning: Represents acts by a spiritual force, miracles, or acts of God.

Marked Date: To mark a date means that one of the predictions on this site should happen in or around that marked date. It’s another way to verify their prediction has happened.

Minutes: To say in ’15 minutes’ means 15 days. Seconds are hours, hours are months and days are years. In the past they always used days to describe years, from their it became a trend. Usually they use minutes to countdown to a prediction.

Moon: The moon represent a prediction. What’s around it in the message also reflects how the prediction will unfold. For instance a large bright moon could represent a major event predicted. The idea behind the moon is that the Sun reflects its light on the moon. As their predictions reflect the reality of a future event.

Numbers: The number 7 by itself is a message that they are talking about a date or timeframe. Some key points that we know of, when using 7 it means a specific date; 723 would represent the 23rd. In using 30 it means a month; 303 would mean March.  There are several numeric messages that I am still trying to understand.  When they say “key number” it represents another meaning altogether.

Prince: The Prince is a reference to the Buddhist faith because it represents Prince Siddhartha.

Red & Blue: These colors describe either the Republican or Democratic parties of the United States. Blue has also been used to describe Police.

Scorpion: A representation of an individual that is violently unstable. There intent is not sinister like the spider but based on madness.

Smoke: Smoke represents destruction or the level of destruction, it does not require a fire, for instance a heavy smoke was used to describe the chemical attacks in Syria.

Spider: The spider is used to describe the worst type of violent sinister act. It has been used to describe both terror attacks and school shootings.

Sun: The Sun represents the actual event they predicted. The sun and the moon are used to describe the cycle of their prediction from the moment it was predicted to the actual real event unfolding which is seen as the sun.

Tide: A Tide or writing the word Tide describes a flooding caused by a Hurricane or Typhoon, in the instances it was used the storms were very large.

Whopper: A reference to something very very large.

Wolf: A cold calculated cruel individual, it has been used to describe gangsters and the cartel but also vicious white collar crimes.

31 thoughts on “World Predictions Glossary

  1. For newbies like me, would it be too much to ask if you could place the link from your site beside the meaning? For example Embassadors, Burners etc.

    1. We can’t put it in the glossary as there would be too many. However from here on out any time we use say ‘Spider’ at the bottom of the new prediction we will remind you to go to the glossary for a reference.

  2. Eric. Thanks for this information. As always I’m humbled by your generosity in spreading the word so bravely and with such truth. Be blessed. Much love.

  3. I find it interesting that recently, scientists have found fine clay at the faultline responsible for the japan tsunami. Its the clay that caused the plates to slip

  4. 90% of the time when I drop something ( a glass, money, a bottle, a pack of cigarettes, a piece of paper, a coin, etc. ) it falls standing up. I’m trying to understand what it means, it defies gravity and it’s driving me crazy since it happens way too often. Any comments.

  5. I have something to add. They were right. Edgar cayce and nostrodamus were right about the alien invasion. The us, along with ships from Russia, the UK, China, Japan entered the hollow earth and attacked them. Most people think the earth is not hollow. Well, it is. This attack took place in late December 2012. They found the entrance in Antarctica. As for now, we have won. They may be back.50 years from now when they finally fucking admit it just remember, you heard it here first.

  6. The next big wars will be with these nations. Not necessarily in this order. Venezuela, Cuba, and China. Obviously the war with China will be nuclear. Amazingly, the us is untouched by a single nuke. Apparently the middle shield works. Sadly, China is devastated by nukes.then, a very long period of peace followed by this mabus character. His axis of power will be India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. I know, that doesn’t sound very threatening in our time. But this is at least 50 years in the future, maybe more. In that day and age these nations will be very wealthy, and powerful. They nuke Rome, take over most of Europe. Only part of France and the UK is able to resist. Finally, they are driven out of Europe, and defeated.

  7. I have seen some strange but amazing things. In the next 5 or ten years there will be a massive earthquake in Egypt. As a result the hind quarter of the sphinx will fall away revealing a door. That leads to a tunnel going under the sphinx, leading to a chamber under, and in front of it. There are metallic books in the chamber left by the true guardians of the sky, the atlantians. These books contain the true history of the world. The most amazing thing is. The first thing the two scientists will see when they open the door is a plaque with the date the door will be opened, and the names of the two scientists who open it. This proves once and for all, psychic ability is possible. And yes, that was their intention lol. This ability to see the future is the reason people thought king posiedon was a god . also, in the writings is a second date. Telling the scientists when a massive thunderstorm will hit Egypt. Lightening will strike a few stones, they roll down the side of the pyramid and hit the ground. They crack open like an egg, revealing metallic books. That contain amazing technology, described in graphic detail. And also pin points the location of the lost city of Atlantis. Posiedon knew of its destruction before he ever built the city. That’s why he built ballasts under it, like a submarine. Which gave the city its unique shape. Useing the bread crumb trail of info. They find it, turn on the pumps, it rises up out of the ice. They use tug boats to drag the city north, just north of the equator. Years of study of the city by scientists. After which, believe it or not, because its in international waters, and belongs to no country, they are able to turn it into a resort. Complete with a floating amusement park. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Most of the atlantians headed the warning of posiedon, and evacuated before the destruction. We know them today as Cherokee Indians. Atlantians were originally from Gaul. We call it France. Lol.

  8. There will be a revolution in Cuba, the us will send troops to help the revolutionarys. And they will succeed. Venezuela starts war with us. Us wins. Saudi prince abducted by terrorists. Ransom paid, they kill him anyway. North Korea nukes LA. Us nukes north Korea. Starts war with China. Russia sides with US. China gets nuked. As a result Chinese people rebel against their gov. And win their freedom.

  9. In ancient times. Atlantis did exist. Were more technologically advanced than us. Neburu existed. Had ties with Atlantis. Gold exchanged for technology.they had base on and inside mars.
    Another planet existed, mars orbited this planet of giants. They had colony on mars. Wanted to exploit people of earth, and enslave them. Started launching nukes at earth to force Atlantis to allow it. Atlantis hits mars with 2 hydrogen bombs. This is the reason mars represents war to every tribe and nation on earth. Atlantis sends 2 hydrogen bombs down a volcano deep inside planet of giants, to the center of that world. And destroyed it completely. This planet is now known as the astroid belt. There is a remnant of that world left. An actual death star, designed to look like a moon still in orbit around Saturn. This death star was not finished. So it still has obvious geometric shape instead of natural shape. Pole shifted suddenly on earth. Atlantis was near equator before shift. Its now Antarctica. Greenland was lemuria, also closer to equator before shift. Still native life on mars. Not part of colony of giants, but natives. Humans, about the size of a barbie doll.

    1. Atlantis also left a automatic defense system in place to protect future generations. Its in Siberia. It caused the Siberian explosion in early 1900s. When it shot down alien vessel. The vessel was full of antimatter, which caused huge explosion. This system is still operational today. It takes shots at UFOs all the time. Capable of hitting targets in orbit.

  10. I guess you could call this post diction, but still unknown to the world. Stonehinge. Yes, it is aligned to the stars. But if you are going to put forth that much effort to build something, it makes sense for it to have more than one use. Especially if you wanted to keep one use a secret.
    If you take a bottle opener 3000 years into the future, their scientists would never figure out what the hek it was. In order to understand what the hek stonehinge is, you have to look at it with ancient eyes. As a person who is pretty long in the tooth spiritually speaking, I can tell you. That’s a vault. There is one way to open it. If you screw it up, the stones fall, the thieves are killed. If you use ground penetrating radar in the center of it, you will find gold under the structure. Bet me.

  11. As with most of my predictions, its several in one. And no mysterious bs language. Because I want people to understand exactly what I mean. So you may be able to change some of it. Earths crust moves. Sometimes as a whole, sometimes just two or more techtonic plates. Sometimes slowly, sometimes in an instant. This is happening currently. This is why the western coast of Antarctica is melting, while the eastern coast is building new ice. In short, Antarctica is moving. Also, Russia is moving. This starts slow, but will excellerate. It reveals the long lost city of Atlantis. But its hard for Russia at first. Entire towns wiped off the map by sudden mud slides. And disappearing highways due to mudslides. Eventually, its a good thing for Russia. The warmer climate makes it possible to grow more food.
    Actor John Travolta commits suicide. Shut gun in his mouth.
    Would someone get that man some help please?

  12. What does Number 7 39 mean ? If 7 represents talking about a date, 39 represents based on the above interpretation of numbers : 3rd Sept ? Why would Spirits say ‘now’ but quote 7 39 ??

  13. Please help me out a little here. I know you are telling is what the spirits tell you. I have been following you for a while now and have a lot of respect and appreciation for you and the spirits for what you do and are trying to do. I read the spirits have a lot of respect for the Great Prophet Muhammad. So I take that as how they feel about the Islamic religion and they refer to Jesus Christ as the Ambassador I take as they feel he plays his role but isnt what the Holy Bible teaches us. This is how I am taking what the spirits are saying. Yet they also say that Jesus Christ will return later. Am I understanding this correctly? I am not knocking any religion or judging them. I am just going over different prophecies and how they refer to different religious leaders.

    1. The ‘Ambassador’ title is not one the Spirits created, it’s a part of the prediction, a title we give him in this future time which is about 125 to 150 years away. Similar to Jesus being called the Nazarene or the Galilean, titles given by man. The Spirits actually refer to this future Messiah as their King, at first I thought it was just them giving him stature but now I believe they literally mean he is a king in the heavens who will come to earth. They have never claimed he was Jesus, however what the Spirits predict and what the Bible predicts about Christ return are very, very similar. So even though they have not said it I do believe this future messiah to be Jesus reborn. I hope that answers your question. Their are however some differences between their predictions and the prophets of old, but the similarities cannot be ignored.

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