Світовий прогноз: майбутнє Путіна 

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13 thoughts on “Світовий прогноз: майбутнє Путіна 

      1. Eric, what do you mean by the first part mentioning Baltic friends? Which countries? And who will be bombed? Do you mean Baltic friends like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia? I have relatives living there, could be great, if you could clarify, it could save lives. Thank you

            1. Its intent. Its a plan. How often does your plans come perfectly together. So the prediction lacks structure. It was the intent of ISIS to bomb airplanes. But that doesn’t mean it happens. Intent is usually how a prediction starts. Latvia is for whatever reason the main target?? IDK? What is your history with Putin? I mean ours is displayed for everyone to see. Why would Latvia be a target?

              1. Latvia has been occupied by Russia various times through history. Latvia is a NATO member but there are very very many russian people who live in Latvia that support Putin because of the Russian propoganda TV channels. Many Latvia russians are brainwashed and the older generation still wishes back the USSR. Society is very polarised in Latvia between latvians and russians.

  1. March astrologically will be the roughest, but if we can get through this without the worst case scenario we shall be fine.

    Ultimately need to get every person worldwide to protest peacefully and pray their heart out, we need to get every country on this planet on the same page and yes even China and we will all come out of this better for it.

    1. I have seen your name on this sight before and have been impressed with your writings. But, watching you and listening to your work gives me chills. Very impressed. Stay safe and. .prayers for all of us.

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