Brisbane Australia Flood

This prediction has happened. Prayers for the people of Australia. The Tsunami message was a bit confusing, in previous predictions they kept talking about a Tsunami, I questioned are they related? But the Tsunami was the Tonga Volcano, unrelated to this event but close enough to cause confusion. This event is so tragic and in need of prayer for all those in Brisbane. Take note ’California earthquake’. The Predictions 5-16-18

Written big and bold. This presents the 18th, 19th, which mirrors the Tsunami?? Or are they talking about another prediction? Spirit keeps going back and forth from the Tsunami prediction and the California earthquake. Tsunami?

I had a visual of a marked spot in the middle of the Ocean. You could see central Australia to the left. “This is really bad.. the damage beyond extensive.”

Spirit wrote the word AU

When? “In about 4 weeks”

“Eric we need to focus on what’s coming now.”

Spirit showed a date 23. (Is that the Tsunami or another message?)

This is the Tsunami they keep bringing up. This most likely has ties to this old prediction that never happened:

Prediction: Australia Flood I had a visual of an entire city under a layer of water, trees brought down, houses damaged, raging water pushing away everything in its path.

“Australia.. Brisbane hit hard”

“Brisbane.. 18

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  1. Hi Eric and all. Been off air for a few days because of this weather. I’m north of Brisbane and we were the first to cop the torrential down pour. 200ml in one hour just north east of here. As it moved south, it intensified like a slow moving cyclone drawing water out of the ocean and lobbing it onto the land. Anyway I’ll make this short because internet is still patchy here. Power too was out till this morning.

    This is another link to the flooding about three hours drive south east of me: Gympie and the Sunshine Coast.
    Oh and I’m ok. I live on a sloping block and the river of water moved quickly down into the creek and way from my house.

    Thanks Eric for your kind thoughts and care.

    1. One thing for sure. It was great that Eric’s tsunami was wrong or you guys wouldn’t necessarily be here *Chuckle*.
      But on the receiving end, it sure looks like a tsunami. And a rolling one.

  2. It’s afternoon here and I’ve got my satellite reception back. The storm just continued slowly down the cost, drawing water from the sea and feeding into towns, dams, Brisbane city and down towards the NSW border. They’ll cop it tomorrow I’m guessing.
    This is the latest, and a great coverage, except Jim Pie, as he pronounced it, is (hard G)im(py =ee).
    I’ve had a bit of rain up this way but it’s slowly clearing, so hopefully the roads to my nearest shops should be open later this week. Pete

    1. Sorry, they are listed on the side of this particular video, but I can’t find a link for them without having to give you this. Pete

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