Kavanaugh Investigation

This very old prediction has come back. In 2018 we predicted that in three years, Kavanaugh would be in the news with lies and unfortunately it has arrived. More than that 7 is looking like July and 8 is August. I also have noticed that Kavanaugh seems to be attached to an earthquake in Italy. This has happened before. When they predicted Biden would be President, they added the troubling weather in the gulf which unfolded.  WORLD PREDICTIONS: NOVEMBER 3RD
In other news: I know the podcast is dominating my work, but make no mistake, World Predictions are coming. That will always sit center stage here. I am sorry for the delays but we are working on them. Final deadline is August. We are extremely hopeful to start a bit before our final deadline.
The old prediction:

Prediction: Italy Earthquake Prediction 9-27-18

Another message given: “Kavanaugh caught in a lie”

“Earthquake.. Italy.. very soon..destructive..severe.. 19..20”

Spirit wrote 3 then 0. Are they saying the 30th or 3rd?

I had a visual of 3 with a circle around it. “Kavanaugh steps down.”

Normally when 3 is circled its years?? Or maybe 3 means something else.

I had a visual of the number 7, then it shifted to zero. “Times up”.

Then they showed 8 o clock..

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    1. It’s moving in a slightly different position, let me share my bio with you, then open the door to death, and then show you heaven, hell, … Teteal, The ciphers, the ancient ones, then discuss the universe and complete the layers with our Creator. Everything I know from one layer to another, the Spirits now want this journey to reflect my position but also ensure to hold it’s only one mans opinion. The truths will unfold specifically in the podcast. I will carry them over but they will be layered in between all the chronicles of my experiences.

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