Truth: Gods Justice

This Truth is a whopper. Part One of Three
I look at all things Spiritual, and find myself comparing societies beliefs to what I see in the Spiritual realm. There are moments that I find, especially in Religion, that are mirror images of Spirituality. Some of them so utterly exact. Then there are some that aren’t. This is one of those. Open your mind to a very different possible form of Justice. Gods Justice.

16 thoughts on “Truth: Gods Justice

  1. Off topic but the flooding going on in Germany, turkey, and Asia seems to go along with many of your predictions.

    I have enjoyed the podcast and truths but just wondering if we have any new world predictions coming up? There seems to be a lot of tragedies taking place around the globe currently; especially related to weather.

    1. We have August set for a return to all things “Predictions” my hope is to do it a bit earlier. We will have to see. The podcast below explains all things.

    2. I know your saying weather, but I can say their immediate concern is some type of terror attack coming. I can here bees buzzing. Darkness organizing. The whopper storms will also continue in August.

      1. A potential terror attack sounds concerning. Please let us know once you get any details about it.

      2. Is this the multi-country terrorist attack(s) prediction? Think there was a terrorist attack prediction for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The upcoming NZ terrorist attack could be part of this multi-country attack or unrelated.

    1. I was rich in multiple lifetimes, I don’t consider myself arrogant. I do hope that wasn’t what you got from the story. Also their all filthy rich at the end of the story

  2. Hey Eric,
    The more I seem to learn about different spiritual teachings the more I seem to find common ground in them. Your Truth section seems to be very similar to the teachings in Hinduism.

    I was recently reading Autobiography of a Yogi and in one chapter, the Yogis Master comes back from the dead materialising into this world and explains about the afterlife to his desciple. I don’t know if you find reading about these subject interesting but you if you,I have given you a link if you wish to read. How accurate are the teachings there?

  3. Justice isn’t what it seems. If you do wrong you are not condemned for eternity. You are put in a situation to make life better for everyone. If you do nothing you reap nothing. If you do right you continue to do right for everyone. Bad to good as darkness to light .

  4. What happens to individuals that committed dark acts on a massive scale (though very rare as they are)? What kind of next life are these individuals given usually or do those souls go through a different process?

  5. This is not on the same subject as the post, but I wanted to post it anyway. You know how you predicted that Brett Kavanaugh will step down after 3 years? Well, it looks like it might be coming true now.

  6. Eric any new predictions about the weather? Peak of Atlantic hurricane season is around the corner and it’s been quiet, but weather been crazy all around the world with fires, storms and floods. Please keep us updated on the weather and hurricanes. Thanks. 🙏

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