The Hematite Sphere

I forgot to add, about a month later, Spirit finally explained cleansing procedure, better late than never.

Some of you have voiced concerned we have moved away from our objective, I assure you we have not. The new World Predictions are coming, the information is being gathered and cultivated. I will continue to write my World Predictions on this site. I do plan a podcast version of the new World Predictions, however redundant that is, but the Podcast has one purpose and that is they want to share everything and it is just too much to type. My hands don’t type that fast. This podcast is going to be my biography, my spiritual biography, and all the spiritual truths in between. Then we have to start sharing all their fables. So much. But, the core of our work, the predictions, will be written, and continue to be the central theme of all our work. Even though it’s temporarily on a hiatus as we rebuild the structure and system that creates our work.

7 responses to “The Hematite Sphere”

  1. fishhookfarms Avatar

    Love the story, but I have question? Did freezing it cleanse the negativity, or did you find another way?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No it did not. It sits in a bed of different flowers and plants specifically mugwort, the later seer was correct, to clear it is to return it to its natural surroundings, in this case with what it would have been surrounded with if we didn’t use it. Not sure why mugwort would be there though? It works. Always about serving “Flow”.

  2. David Avatar

    Very interesting Eric, the tools we all use in our work and jobs every day are amazing . Some simple others difficult, I believe they say Nostradamus used a bowl of water.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yep, that was his scrying tool. I would have loved to know what herbs he put in the water just so I could test it myself, curious.

  3. Shandy Avatar

    Hi Eric! Have you seen this article yet? I wonder if he is “The Military One” the spirits have mentioned?

  4. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I love your sense of humor in these podcasts! The hematite sphere in the freezer, pulling the lever…. 😄
    Oh the stories you could tell. Someday you should write that book. 😉

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I actually like doing it this way. It’s going to allow for layers, first I talk about Eric’s experiences, then my souls, then my overall spiritual history. When we get to the stories of Teteal, then the stories get very interesting. Very layered.

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